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posted Aug 25, 2011 14:08:21 by MrSaturday
Hi there. I guess I'll kick off then? Mr Saturday from Ireland here, heard about the show from garagehammer, liking it so far (I can now hear Jen in episode 3, she sounded faar awwwaayy in E1 and E2) nice format and it's great to have a show focus a little more on the hobby end of things. Doesn't hurt that ye are great painters either.

So, looking forward to more...
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Greg2thePerson said Aug 25, 2011 14:33:56
Hello, Mr. Saturday, it's great to have you on the forum! I believe I recognize you from the Vampire forum. I go by "Werecat Youth" on that site.

It's a relief to hear that Jen is coming in clearly in the third episode. We've put a lot of work into getting the sound right. :-)

I had a look at your blog and I'm really impressed with the Fimir work you're doing. That is some top-notch sculpting! Do you have any words of advice or tricks for working with greenstuff?
The slightly less beautiful host.
MrSaturday said Aug 25, 2011 14:54:26
Indeed, I've been creeping around Carpe Noctem for some time now.

Thanks on the sculpting. I'm still learning pretty much every time I pick up a sculpting tool, but I'm improving with every model now. Such tricks as I have I am happy to share.

Always keep your tools wet. Green stuff is a bugger when it gets sticky, and will adhere to tools something rotten.
Work in layers. I usually build up an area of one texture, say smooth flesh, let it cure, then work on hair, clothing etc. It builds up complex areas without inadvertently destroying that chain mail you spent half an hour on by sticking your thumb in it. I often stick the model on a cork so I don't have to handle it at all.
Invest in good tools. I use a wax carving tools and rubber-tipped sculpting tools. The rubber tools are unbelievably handy.

Your text to link here...

Reference. It's always good to have reference to hand. it's good to have a good idea of what you want to achieve too, a sketch is a great help.

I'm sure there's a ton more, but it's all I can summon right now!
frostytaz said Apr 09, 2012 13:15:24
Hya Mr. Saturday - fellow Irishman here; Carlow-based. Just wanted to say hi and compliment you on your blogspot - really am a fan of Fimir too - my first intro to GW was when my folks bought myself and the brother the Heroquest boardgame. The Fimir was always my fav. model, and I could never figure why GW would drop it so quickly for later gaming! It seemed unique enough from other models and races to have a good run of its own! Still, it is great to see your work with them, and keeping the Gaelige running as a themed name! Fair play! I'm only new to actual Warhammer gaming, having been a painter first and foremost for some time - have to travel to Dublin for my nearest local game and that'll get expensive and time-consuming soon, so if you happen to know of any clubs in the south-east, i'd be much obliged!
Cheers and take it easy, Shane
MrSaturday said Apr 09, 2012 18:37:30
Hey Frostytaz, nice to make your acquaintance sir!

I'm actually originally from the South-East, and there are some clubs that way. In fact, I was gaming at one of the game shops in Wicklow a couple of weeks ago, the Hobby Shack with The Last Chancers club, excellent fellows all. You can read about that here.

There's also Wargaming Ireland, and they have a list of clubs including the North Wexford Gamers, so you should get be able to get a game in without heading all the way to Dublin!
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frostytaz said Apr 14, 2012 09:20:17
Thanks a million, Sat! Had a go trying to email Wargaming Ireland, but no reply on their email (it isn't a personal one, so chances are it isn't checked too frequently)- but I really do appreciate the link up with them! The night in Wicklow looked like great craic altogether! Nice write-up on it too!
ok - thanks again, and talk soon!
PS - loved the shirts!
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