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Jen's TK etc

posted Oct 15, 2011 00:40:05 by JenPerson
I figured it was about time to post some actual finished miniatures on our website. Here's a look at my Necropolis Knights:

The lighting isn't the best, but you get the idea. I gave some of the model a bone look and some a gold tone. I also painted all of the dags individually so that they might look like fancy rocks or gems. Each knight takes a really long time to paint, so you can imagine why I'm taking a break from them!
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TheCrankyLawyer said Oct 15, 2011 00:49:51
"Cranky as I wanna be"
aka Crazy Atticus

Always up for a game at Dirigo Hobbies in Yarmouth, Maine ... where Bruce's Burritos is next to Dirigo Hobbies.

P.S. It's all Topher's fault!!!!!

P.P.S. !!! Upgrade the formus .... please!!! ARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!!
noah.nathanson said Oct 15, 2011 17:28:03
Holy crap, that really looks amazing!
Peyton said Oct 16, 2011 03:47:13
Man I love those Dags! Got to paint some checks to go with them! Checks and Dags! That unit's going to look sweet on the tabletop! How many are you running again, four?
MichaelJordal said Dec 21, 2011 14:56:27
He looks super cool!
JenPerson said Jan 08, 2012 13:54:45
Greg snapped some pics of my necrotect, so I figured I should share them:

The model itself is just painted ok, but I am pretty proud of the whip that I painted like a coral snake.

Any suggestions?
redmanphill said Jan 10, 2012 21:35:50
The tone of the whip is in stark contrast with the rest of the model. Maybe a thin wash of devlan mud to bring it down a little?
JenPerson said Jan 10, 2012 23:56:05
Yeah, you're probably right, redmanphill. The contrast is one of the things I like about the model nonetheless.
JenPerson said Jan 25, 2012 02:08:54
I am currently in an assembling frenzy trying to get my new army idea off the ground. I've been going back and forth between assembling chariots, light horsemen, and this screaming skull catapult:

Well, actually, Greg put the finecast grudge thrower together for me. Still, I've been adding the bits, covering the runes, and sculpting some more TK appropriate paraphernalia. I also made this little chest out of plasticard and popsicle sticks. My thought was, where do they keep the flaming skulls before they launch them? So I figured I could make some kind of skull storage container.

I've got to add more bits to the catapult itself, but so far, how does it look?
noah.nathanson said Jan 25, 2012 04:19:32
It looks awesome! I love the flaming skulls box, maybe you could add a sign reading "Flaming Skull Box" :o).
MichaelJordal said Jan 25, 2012 16:54:48
I like the skull storage container. I think the thrower still looks fairly dwarfy though.
Gargobot said Jan 26, 2012 01:48:22
To be fair it also looks considerably TK-ish. Jen's King was a little smarter than the rest and invested in something more sturdy than a catapult built out of bones. :p
Looks great so far! Are you going to remove/put something over the remaining 6(?) dwarfish runes?
JenPerson said Jan 26, 2012 23:17:21
Noah, that icon that I glued to it roughly translates to "flaming skulls box" in ancient Khemrian.

MichaelJordal, while I agree that the catapult looks dwarfy, I think you'll be surprised what a carefully chosen color scheme can do for it. I had my reservations about it when Greg first suggested the catapult as an option, but now I can really picture it.

And yes, Gargabot, I am still in the process of covering up the runes and skullifying the catapult :-P I've green-stuffed some rather pathetic looking attempts at skulls over a couple of the runes. I figure if I keep trying it, I might get better at it by the last one.

I'll try to remember to get a pic up after I finish covering up the runes.
JenPerson said Jan 28, 2012 13:34:26
Here's a close look at my ushabti unit filler for the skeleton archers:

Sadly, his bow is snapped off at the moment. Hopefully I can get Greg to fix it soon. I painted him to roughly match the ushabti I made when I first started the tomb kings. Otherwise, I think I would've gone Adeptus Battlegrey or Charadon Granite for the skin area rather than Fenris Grey. What do you think?
Echunia said Jan 29, 2012 01:04:20
I don't know, I really like the skin tone in combination with the blue "plateing"? (can't think of a good word for it) The muted metals go well with the bright blue! I would however make the bases brighter or add some dead grass or smthn, to spice it up. I really like the muted feel of the miniatures, feels like they actually are old!

Didn't I see your SSC finished in one of the videos? Anyway, really neat conversion! I would never have thought that the grudge thrower fit so well with the TKs!
JenPerson said Jan 30, 2012 11:26:14
Hi Echunia, thanks for the input! There actually is dead grass on the base now; I've added it since this picture was taken, so great minds think alike :-)

You saw my other catapult in one of the videos. I made that one from an orc and goblin rock lobber. It has a much more "scrapped together" look than the pristine grudge thrower. I'm going to root around and see if I can find a pic of just that catapult.
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