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Anyone else playing Dungeon Run?

posted Nov 18, 2011 14:51:52 by MichaelJordal
Anyone else pick it up yet?

I have now played it 4 times including the demo I had back at Gen Con 4 player, 6 player, 2 player and 3 player.

2 player was a bit bland, but has been a blast with every other number and can be played solo as well, so I might give that a shot this weekend.

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Big_Green_Fist said Dec 18, 2011 06:09:04
Sorry this is so long after the initial post Michael, it's been a while since I've perused this section. I haven't played this yet, but I've tried a game of Descent and my girlfriend and I recently picked up a similar style game called Super Dungeon Explore. I find I really like the genre and would enjoy hearing more about Plaid Hat's take on it. They make a card game called Summoner Wars that I've played a couple times that's fairly enjoyable.

Descent was very detailed and I could see it being a lot of fun if I set aside 4-5 hours with a few friends who also had the time/attention spam for it. It can take a while to unfold and it isn't easy to sit down to it and just play (I ended up playing by taking over for a player who had to leave and being asked to fill in.

Super Dungeon Explore is much more simple and even people newer to the dungeon crawl concept/board games seem to pick up the gist of it fairly quickly. I have only played the role of the Consul (the one playing against the party) thus far, but the game seems solid. The minis are cool and even if one doesnt enjoy the anime style, it would be hard to say that Sodapop didn't nail the art style. If its supported with expansions I can see us getting lots of mileage out of this game.

How would you compare Dungeon Run?
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MichaelJordal said Dec 18, 2011 16:16:10
I am very familiar with Descent, but have not played Super Dungeon Explore yet.

Dungeon Run is a lot simpler than Descent and unlike both of the aforementioned games, everyone is a player with no overlord. The board has it's own AI. Also, the players are not really on a team. There will be times when it behooves them to help each other, but the boss will drop a summoning stone and each player is trying to grab that and get out of the dungeon with it for themselves.

So if your group doesn't like backstabbing and jerk moves, it might not be well suited for you, but if they do it is a great time.
AdamHarrison said Dec 26, 2011 21:56:30
Played Dungeon Run back at Con as one of the first demo's they ran. It's more of a board game version of Munchkin (once the stone is found that is). I enjoyed it very much, good combination of co-op and every man for them selves with quick easy game play.
Played Desenct once and it was pretty much D&D in a board game format, if you are a heavy role play gamer like myself it's worth the time and money for it. I do think the Wizards of the coast games are a lighter way of way of getting the experience, quicker and easyer to play as well.
Played a lot of summoner wars over the last two gen con's (it's one of our go to games for the trip). Great game, fast, easy to learn, and with all the expantion armies it's got a great re-play aspet to it.
Haven't tried Super Dungeon Explorer yet, took a good long look at it at con but never got around to picking it up for a try. Looks like it has an anime' or even a Mario look/style to it. I'd very much like to hear everyone's take on it if they've tried it out.
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