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TerranScapes Painting Station

posted Dec 22, 2011 16:07:04 by terranscapes
Just a pic of where I like to paint. The racks for the paints are cosco spice racks with the second one raised up on 4.5" of foam to sit higher than the first. Good lighting is also a must. Not shown, is the 8' florescent that spans the whole bench. :)

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Greg2thePerson said Dec 23, 2011 01:07:19
So, what are the spotlights and where did you get them?
The slightly less beautiful host.
terranscapes said Dec 23, 2011 11:56:33
The track lights are a set I picked up at home depot. Originals are 50w halogens and it came with three. You can other lights to it however, so I have added two led as well.
MichaelJordal said Jan 05, 2012 15:56:11
I am jealous of all your light.
terranscapes said Jan 05, 2012 17:54:48
I am finding I need more light as I get older. :)

Not a terribly expensive set up and really worth it.
Greg2thePerson said Jan 06, 2012 02:31:04
I just noticed the beer and the e-cig in the picture... classic.
The slightly less beautiful host.
JenPerson said Jan 06, 2012 11:55:19
Yes Greg, his station is very well-stocked, indeed! ;-)

Where did you pull the electricity for the light track? Did you just use an extension cord, or do the track lights come with a long cord?
terranscapes said Jan 06, 2012 13:55:31
Actually I just cut the end off an extension cord and wired it to the lights. Not UL certified, but works well enough.

Only thing missing in the photo is a cat sleeping on the bench. They love the warmth of the lights this time of year. ;) The yellow cup (center) is actually their satellite water station. It gets a lot of use.
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JenPerson said Jan 08, 2012 13:41:11
Haha love that the cats enjoy it! We have forced air heat, so Mercury just waits for the sound of the furnace kicking in, then props himself directly in front of the vent. I bet he's warmer in the winter than the summer!

As for the wiring, my electrical experience stops at changing light bulbs. Therefore, I'd have to defer to the experts for such a project :-/

Oh, and do you find that you do most of your work sitting down or standing? Do you have a bench there or something?
terranscapes said Jan 08, 2012 17:36:50
I have a stool. I have to stick my legs under the bench on a shelf, but I like to sit cross legged so its fine for me.

As for wiring, your probably going the best route. I know just enough about electricity to really hurt myself. ;)
redmanphill said Jan 10, 2012 21:33:07
Looks nice and neat... the beer is an excellent touch. Hmmm I might go and have one myself.
terranscapes said Jan 11, 2012 11:53:46
A beer and an ecig are a must for painting.
terranscapes said Jan 19, 2012 12:28:44
I thought I would post a more typical picture of what the painting station looks like in use.

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