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Stauderpowers Chaos

posted Jan 06, 2012 06:51:54 by stauderpower
Hey guys love the podcast and thought id share my army. Im in the home stretch and almost done so tell me what you guys think. thx and great cast!

first up my warriors with swords+shields and halberds+shields

My chaos puppies

I have 3 chariots, heres the only one i have painted right now

Next up is my stega shrine, really happy with this one both painting and conversion

Now my scratch-built wip hellcannons

My chosen are are fully converted and are being painted currently. I have a tourny coming so i gotta get them painted fast.

Now for some characters. heres my sorceror, bsb, chaos lord, and disc lord/exalted

finally my primed lords/exalteds on juggers. i really wanna get these guys painted and on the table!

so tell me what you guys think.
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Greg2thePerson said Jan 06, 2012 11:23:40
Wow, your army is coming along nicely!

I like the mottled yellow/green color you've used on all of the armor throughout the army. It contrasts well with the metal and gives your force a strong, unified look. Mind sharing how you achieved this color?

Excellent conversion work, as well. My favorite unit from both a modelling and painting perspective has to be the Stegadon War Shrine. The horns on the Stegadon look fantastic!

I have a few suggestions you may want to look into. First, the few areas that you have painted red appear too bright. On the Chaos Sorcerer in particular it is distracting. Perhaps touch those areas up with Devlan Mud.

Second, I'd recommend some free-hand work on the banners and the body of the Chariot. Chaos is great for free-hand designs because any sort of runic symbol, ranging from simple to complex, looks great. I think painting them in a glowing blue sort of color would really make them stand out and look impressive.

Keep us posted on your progress! Also, what does your list look like?
The slightly less beautiful host.
JenPerson said Jan 06, 2012 11:52:27
Looks great! I really like the theme you've chosen. It's unique and effective.

That's a TK chariot body, right? If you make more, you could probably slap on some bits to add interest and distinguish between them.

What color primer do you use? I wonder if they make one the same color as your armor. That would be a great time saver!
stauderpower said Jan 06, 2012 15:12:02
hey guys thx for the comments! the models are primed white, then the armor recipe is kommando khaki, then bleached bone with scorched brown for shadeing. its not a realistic look but its simple and it pops so i like it. im deffinately gonna go with some freehand but i havnt decided on what to put yet, once i figure it out ima go back and paint it on. and on the red, i wanted a really bright spot color just to catch the eye but i agree with the sorceror, ima have to wash it up later. i have a tourny coming up so ill post up my list a little later. thx for the comments and again great show!
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JenPerson said Jan 08, 2012 13:45:38
Considering the wonderful strong base color of khommando khaki, I bet you could save time by using an air brush to apply that stage. Sure, it gets on the other areas as well, but it's a light enough color that it doesn't affect the application of future dark colors. I could be wrong, but I imagine it takes quite a bit of time and several applications of thin paint to get the smooth finish to the color the way that you have done. Khommando khaki is already a thin color, so it would work well with a bit of water or medium in an air brush.
stauderpower said Mar 23, 2012 13:05:30
i just finished a mini im going to enter into a local painting competition. I have no delusions of winning i just wanted to support the local competition so i tok a couple hors and painted up the new chaos sorceror. Its not in the scheme of my army now but i just wanted to paint a mini up totally different from what ive been doing recently. In the pictures its very hard to see the transition on the cloak from a deep purple to a powder blue, but whatever. Im very happy with the mini and think it turned out awesome, so tell me what you guys think.

CalebEdwards said Mar 23, 2012 15:05:28
looks good. Also, is the picture of the chocolates there to inspire you?

On a serious note, how do you get the even colour on the flat armour surfaces? I struggle with that often.
stauderpower said Mar 23, 2012 15:36:50
hahah nothing makes me want to paint like a nice piece of chocolate! But on the armor question, i use very thin layers of paint so that brushstrokes and the color underneath doesnt show through. It takes me about 3 to 4 layers to get the color where i want it, it just depends on how thick your paint is. Also a little trick to get a flat look and cover up brush strokes is to make a glaze out of the exact color your using so in this case bleached bone, and just go over the surface. Doing this once or twice i find really helps blend the colors and covers up a lot of little hard to fix imperfections.
CalebEdwards said Mar 23, 2012 15:43:45
Ah, so the cure for my laziness is not being lazy. That's not what I wanted to hear :D.
stauderpower said Mar 23, 2012 15:56:52
hahah well you could probly get away with just the glaze, if you could try it next time and let me know how it works, it would alow me to not spend so much time building up layers! :)
noah.nathanson said Mar 25, 2012 14:19:02
Love the color scheme, it's really great. The characters are great as well!
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