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Teachers ARE Gamers too

posted Jan 22, 2012 23:16:13 by KevinSpear
So after two weeks of hearing about this CT based podcast from Madmojo, I've finally been "dragged" onto this forum! I'm roughly 9 years into this obsession... err hobby... and enjoy all aspects of it (modeling, painting, and gaming). Being a first year teacher, my time is limited, but I definitely look forward to listening in and hopefully getting to meet/game with members of this great community! My primary army is Empire but I also have significant ventures in Bretonnians, Dark Elves, and Skaven.
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Greg2thePerson said Jan 23, 2012 01:25:15
Hey, Kevin, it's great to have another CT gamer join the Painting Tabled community. We need to plan a gaming day soon!

Jen and I are second year teachers, so we understand just how limited/valuable free time truly is. Where and what do you teach?
The slightly less beautiful host.
KevinSpear said Jan 24, 2012 00:27:27
I'm a middle school social studies teacher in Bridgeport. Go inner-city teaching!

Saw your terrorgheist on the forums and must say its absolutely beautiful... as much as an undead, dragon-sized bat can be that is!
noah.nathanson said Jan 24, 2012 00:44:56
Hey Kevin, good to get some more people on this end of the state! I'm up in Trumbull. Do you play games anywhere locally? I've heard that new store down in Norwalk is planning on doing fantasy more regularly in the store soon.
KevinSpear said Jan 24, 2012 01:05:58
I've only just relatively recently moved to Western CT (I live in Shelton specifically) and teaching has really left me strapped for time/drive to explore the gaming community. But in my earlier days, I use to frequent Clockwork Orange; playing a few leagues and tournaments in its tiny confines. I will have to try out this Norwalk store soon. I'm always up for a game if you're interested! I'd like to beat in another Beastmen player other than Madmojo ;)
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