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Guest painters

posted Jan 26, 2012 21:42:41 by Waaagh_Cast
Pointhammered did this for a bit and I thought it was interesting. Use Skype and record shows with other people from around the US. I'm sure you could grab a couple podcasters as guests pretty easily along with anyone else you know that isn't from your area.
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JenPerson said Jan 26, 2012 23:17:59
Does that mean you are volunteering yourself? :-D
Greg2thePerson said Jan 26, 2012 23:20:53
This is a great idea! Now, to think of a suitable name for the segment...

P.S. Welcome to the forum, Joe! I'll have you know that I drank my coffee out of a Waaaghcast mug this morning. :-)
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The slightly less beautiful host.
Waaagh_Cast said Jan 27, 2012 00:06:38
@Jen - If its something you'd like me to do at some point down the road sure.

@Greg - Well thank you, that makes me feel good. Its nice to know people remember me. Not that I'm gone entirely but much less out there than I was.

As far as a segment name... Perhaps instead of Painting Tabled it could be Painting Telephoned. Cheesy and not my greatest work, but it was a quick thought. LOL!

The Waaagh Cast! - A Warhammer Fantasy Blog / Podcast
noah.nathanson said Jan 28, 2012 00:13:22
I think it sounds like a fun idea!
Echunia said Jan 29, 2012 14:46:31
Why restrict it to just the US?


No hidden agenda, I pwomise
MichaelJordal said Feb 01, 2012 15:48:43
Yeah, definitely a cool idea!
Waaagh_Cast said Mar 13, 2012 01:41:42
.... ;p
just waiting...
for a chance... lol! not that i miss podcasting or anything
The Waaagh Cast! - A Warhammer Fantasy Blog / Podcast
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