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Introducing me!

posted Jan 26, 2012 21:43:54 by gregatron08
Hi all!

My names Greg (good strong podcasting name that, ladies love a man called greg, all the best people are called greg and other such self and Greg flattery)

Quick intro, late-mid 20's and desperatly clinging onto the mid, from Essex UK but moving to NJ/PA USA in May.

Play Dark Elves in fantasy and have about 4k army now, recently picked up a new VC army as it was what i wanted to play when i got back into the hobby in march but my local GW manager suggested i hold out.

Stumbled accross you guys after an ad on Ohiohammer and love the cast so far! I'll post a pic up later this eve but i have been listening to a few of the back catalogue and using it to push me through painting a unit of 40 skellies.... nearly there! :D

Love the show Greg and Jen! Hope to get envolved in the forums and maybe later i'll show off my hexwraith mounts as i am particularly proud of the wet blending job on them.

Wow that was a short intro turned long

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gregatron08 said Jan 27, 2012 00:26:27
Oooh while i listen to it, message to Jen

Im listening to ep 5 and you're saying how you ran out of hand weapon arms.

Now i know it was back in september but: if you need more skeleton arms with hand weapons i have around 40 from my VC skellies spare you can have, let me know :)
Greg2thePerson said Jan 27, 2012 01:10:42
Welcome to the community! It's always good to have another Greg on board. Looking forward to seeing some pictures of your Vampire Counts.

Where exactly are you moving to in the States? Perhaps we'll be seeing you at a GT? :-)
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The slightly less beautiful host.
gregatron08 said Jan 27, 2012 01:23:16
Well heres the first pics just in here for the fun of it

Some blending work im proud of. I have 10 of these now all of similar quality (I'm not a great painter so i have to try and take pride in something that I think looks good :) )

And here's what i painted whilst listening to, i think, 5 back episodes of the show in one sitting

40 Skellies + Unit filler + Grave Stones

The unit filler...

Sorry they're all over exposed..... bit fatigued so camera work was shoddy lol.

Moving out to the US this may when i marry my fiance, she's from south NJ but still has a year of college left in northern PA (Dallas) so not sure where we will wind up come summer 2013 but will probs be somewhere tristate or there abouts.

Certainly would like to catch you guys at a GT. I'll be the guy everyone thinks flew over especially for the event... at every event. lol

(also i won't be correcting people, the accent gets me fuss haha)

Thanks for the welcome :)

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