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Echunia's TK and various commissions

posted Jan 27, 2012 15:47:28 by Echunia
Hey! I thought I would contribute to this forum by posting the army I'm working on right now. Atm I'm also doing a commissioned army for warmachine, so we'll have a bit of a mixed log!

So I'll just start off with my centrepiece... The warsphinx!

Don't really know where the image cap is on this forum but I'll just carry on, I love pics!

My Tomb Guard, it's taken is sunlight so it looks all weird :D. I'll take a new one later, that one just looks kinda weird and it's old. Ahh found one without shields but in normal light!

A wip skeleton unit that I'm never going to use ;)

A bad pic of my SSC, had to use flash for this one, and that's just not good.

My 3 first chariots, more on the way! Planning on running 2 * 4.

My 30 first archers, another 30 is in the works ;)

These are all pictures of varying quality, they are taken in different time periods. I've improved a lot at taking pictures, discovering manual focus and so on. My complete works in a more chronological order can be found on warseer, but I'll be posting my stuff here.

I'll leave you with the test model for my current commission work, the rest of the unit is getting done tonight!

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Echunia said Jan 27, 2012 23:53:15
Ok, so the night is over... Finished the unit and a unit filler!

Also, this forum makes all pics very small :<. Anyway!

So a better pic of the Tomb Guard as promised:

And with brand new unitfiller!

I also took a close up on my standard because pics get so small.

I also realised I haven't shown the casket yet!

Next up is probably some jacks, here's the magnitude of the commission:

Greg2thePerson said Jan 28, 2012 02:01:26
Wow, these Tomb Kings are looking really good! Stellar job on the free hand, strong highlighting, and interesting unit fillers. I look forward to seeing more!
The slightly less beautiful host.
noah.nathanson said Jan 28, 2012 02:03:27
Wow, I like it all, but I really really like the casket
Echunia said Jan 28, 2012 10:24:32
Thank you! I fell in love with strong highlights after painting my first piece of warpstone :D. Thanks for compliments on the freehand, but I must admit that I struggle to do elaborate designs such as faces and so on. Small lines thou, ain't nothing but a thang.

Thanks! I'll get some close ups as the pic just got a bit to small imo.
Echunia said Jan 28, 2012 11:49:03
Ok so while I was procrastinating going to the grocery store I took even more pics, joy :P.

And the whole lot:

I'm going to a tournament in Mars, so I've got a bit to do, as well as the commission. I'm planning on taking the following:

Tomb King
Liche high priest
Liche priest
2 * 19 Archers
4 * 2 chariots
5 * 2 horse archers
34 Tomb guards with hwp/shield
2400 pts

It's a heavily comped event using the Swedish "comp table" scoring armies based on what's in them. Any way so the to do list is some archers and some chariots as well as about 10 archers, 3 characters. You might have noticed that I only have 6 shields painted on my TG, well that means that there's only 18 left /cry.
JenPerson said Jan 28, 2012 13:23:10
Despite the fact that I have looked at your army several times, but haven't responded yet because I couldn't find the words to properly convey my envy. So here goes my attempt:

Your army is friggin' amazing! I love the freehand on the banner and shields. It really looks like it's glowing! Your gems are perfect. Your theme is unified and attractive. Your sand looks great too. What colors have you been using on it? I find it challenging to make a convincing looking sand without it looking too bland. Basically, my army is jealous of your army.

Best of luck in the tournament. I'm eager to hear how it goes! Around here, that army would more than likely get eaten alive if I tried to field it. I bet the comp system plays into that a lot though, huh? Plus you're familiar with how to play the list, so I bet it will go well.
Echunia said Jan 29, 2012 00:52:31
Wow... Well let me tell you that I had to read that reply a few times before I knew what to say. There's no blushing emoticons so I'll just type: *embarrassed face*. Thank you so much!

The sand?! Hehe I've been really unsure on it, it's a bit... Yellow? Gives me more confidence to know that some one approves! :D Anyway, it's super simple: Black spray -> scorch brown (thin) -> snakebite leather (thin) -> Tausept ochre (Heavy wet/dry brush) -> Iyaden darksun (slightly lighter but still heavy wet/dry brush), really no finesse at all, I just slap that paint on there. I also agree that it's really hard to not make it look bland, when I view my sphinx base from the top it looks boring. I've been thinking about adding some flock to them but can't make the leap. I saw this guy do AMAZING bases (imo) on warseer, you can find his log here: Maglok's warseer log It's on page 8, I ask him and he gives a guide on how to do it on the same page!

The gems, it's been so long since I did those. Feels like I've lost a bit of confidence in that. You'll notice a suspicious absence of gems on the casket liche. ;-) But I'm gonna try to get back into it.

Yeah if anyone is interested the comp table can be found here: Comp table The actual pdf is in English so you'll be able to use it. It's basically a system where you start with 300 points, then every unit scores a rating that you deduct from your total. When you're done you divide your total by 10 and get your score. It scores armies on a scale of 0-20 where: 0-5 is a hard army, 5-10 is a good army, 10-15 is an ok army and 15-20 is a fluffbunny army. This event I'm going to allow lists with a comp score of 10-17, so it's pretty restrictive.

I can tell you that my list scores 10.0 comp so it's among the harder list going to this tournament. I don't know if I totally agree with that but hey, I haven't been yet.

It looks kinda wonky but it works all right. The basic premise is to centre the TG and use the chariot units to threaten flanks and funnel people into the TG. This list puts out around 60 shots a turn which is boosted to 120 with smiting which I will 5 or 6 dicing every turn as it's the best spell in the lore. So it deals with enemy chaff that way. The horsemen are in to deny charging by angling in front of units on the turn that the TG go in and kill one of the opponents units. The sphinx is in because it took me so long to paint him :D. The level 2 priest is just there to guarantee that I get smiting because the whole list crumbles if I don't.

I'll let you know how I fare, but it's a ways off still! Hopefully it will intrigue you enough and my enticement to come on the show in my intro post will not go on deaf ears :P.
JenPerson said Jan 30, 2012 12:12:29
I'm definitely going to put my list into the scale and see where it falls...that's going to be hilarious I bet, considering my army is usually one of the softer ones at tournaments!

I can't believe that army scores a 10. Honestly, I love the build, and I wish that more tournaments around here could include such stipulations. Yes, it is a complex system, and no doubt has its flaws. If it prevents me from having to face a unit of 27 chaos knights with the mark of tzeench, then I'm happy!

How did you paint the marble on the warsphynx? I was never too impressed with the GW marble examples. I thought they looked a bit like a lightning storm. Yours "pops" more or something. How did you decide where to make the lines?
Echunia said Jan 30, 2012 16:11:49
Hehe, it often scores units very harshly when they get over a certain size. Good units like Necro knights score high as well.

Yeah that's why we decided to go to this event instead of a no comp event like the Swedish championship event.

Well, it's actually based of the GW sphinx. It looked really lightningy when I was painting it but when I stuck the howdah on and painted all the gold it wasn't as noticeable. Here take a look at the WIP shots:

I added some more veining after this to try and lessen the lightning bolt feel.

The formula is really simple yet time consuming:
Basically it's centred around my favourite colour hawk turquoise! :D
It's done over black primer. There's two or three full layers before I go into the edge highlighting on the raised areas.
So 1 full layer covering everything that's black with just a smidge of hawk turquoise in it. Then two layers that leaves some recesses with more turquoise in it. Then I work my way up to hawk turquoise in on the edges. Then I start mixing white in it, maybe after 1 or 2 addition of white it's time for the veining. Then more white until it pops!
I think I might have done 9-10 levels in total, just do as many as you feel are necessary. I used the GW warsphinx for reference on veining but felt it was quite poor. Or rather my imitation of it was quite poor so I just did them at random but tried to make them kinda follow the same general direction.

I'll leave you with a WIP of 10 horse archers ;-)

noah.nathanson said Jan 30, 2012 22:34:34
Okay, gotta ask about the colors! How are you doing the green and the gold? Love them.
Echunia said Jan 31, 2012 08:48:36
It varies from model to model. The gold on the TG and archers is pretty simple and so is the green. But on the sphinx and the casket there's a bit more work.

So the RnF versions go like this:

Black primer->scorched brown undercoat (thin, I cover all my models entirely with this, except the sphinx ofc)->tin bitz coat (thin)->dwarf bronze coat (don't worry if it doesn't cover smooth and so on the next step will fix all your problems)->miracle cream (devlan mud)->dwarf bronze (highlight)

Black primer->scorched brown undercoat->Snot green->devlan mud->snot green (layering)->50/50 snot green / scorpion green (highlight)->scorpion green (highlight)

The sphinx and casket version:

All the previous steps->50/50 dwarf bronze/shining gold (highlight)->shining gold (highlight). The sphinx might have gotten some 50/50 shining gold / burnished gold but I don't think so.

Basically the same just start adding some white and go to the extreme edges, wasn't done on the casket.

And this is how the horse archers looked after approximately one episode:

[Last edited Jan 31, 2012 08:49:03]
JenPerson said Jan 31, 2012 12:14:43
I just love the light horsemen in this edition, don't you? :-)
It's funny, I used to undercoat a lot of my TK stuff with Calthan Brown, but decided it was too much work. Also, I have a tendency to chunk on paint, and as you've pointed out, thin is the way to go. About how long will it take you to paint that unit of archers?
Echunia said Jan 31, 2012 17:00:49
I really do, I'm a bit of a jerk when I play. Not in the sense that I'm not being nice and talkative but in the sense that I just love messing up peoples plans. Blocking a charge with chaff is just the best feeling. Making that big frenzy warrior unit that costs 600 pts do nothing is amazing! :D

Yeah, once you get used to using thin paint it's actually quite easy to paint. You also save a lot of paint and sometimes time. But to contradict my point, when I dry/wet brush I just slap gops of thick paint on. I can take a close up on those if you want but my bone is not smooth :P. I decided to paint them this way because I had just finished lots of skaven which I washed all over with devlan. So I didn't feel like washing, I wanted to drybrush again! Well in retrospect that was a stupidest idea I've ever had (in warhammer, <,< >,>). I shoud've just sprayed them white, coat with devlan or the other brown one, maybe one highlight and BAM! Done bone that's smooth. But instead I'm stuck with my 2 coat layers + 3 layers of drybrush that takes a surprising amount of time. :P

I like coating in brown thou, as it's a good basis for the main colours of my TK.

As for how much time? Well that's entirely up to my better half and how much she will let me paint. If I had to estimate I would hope to finish them in 3 more days. Tomorrow is a 5 hour laundry marathon >.< so little will be achieved. But the models are mostly bone so it won't be to hard.
Echunia said Feb 02, 2012 18:46:19
Ok, so during the two last days I came this far:

I'll hopefully finish tonight.

I also listened to your freehand episode and thought I'd post some of my stuff

Echunia said Feb 02, 2012 21:48:42
Ok so paint session over! They're done, 3 days as predicted : D.

Now I have:
16 TG shields with freehand /wrists
10 Archers
4 Chariots
2 Characters

But I really need to get back to some commission work now!
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