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My VC blog. (picture heavy)

posted Jan 27, 2012 13:06:32 by gregatron08
Hi all

So i am afraid i have jumped on the VC band wagon of late, i wanted a vc army when i returned to the hobby back in may but my local GW manager suggested i hold out a while.

Just gonna bung a few photos in here i guess, give you a "Done so far" kinda thing. Let me know if you would like WIP pics.

Here's the to do list which i will update as i do it (this will be useful to me)

Build and Paint Mortis Engine - COMPLETED
35x Grave Guard - COMPLETED
Vamp Lord (izzy conversion)
Vampire on Horse
Vampire on Foot
Count Mannfred
Mortis Engine - Done
Coven Throne - Done
6 x Vargheists
2 Corpse Carts
5x Blood Knights
70 x Skeletons - 50 Done
150 Zombies - 100 Painted
20 x Dire Wolves
50 x Ghouls
3 x Bat Swarms
2 x Cairn Wraiths
3 x Tomb Banshee - 1 Done
1 x Varghulf
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gregatron08 said Jan 27, 2012 13:18:28
Heres whats done so far:

The unit of 40 skellies i painted up (with a unit filler and some tomb stones) whilst listening to 5 back episodes of the painting tabled all in one session. By the end i felt like one of the unit.

A closer up and horrendously over exposed picture of the unit filler.

A super blurry pic of my custom skellie banner pole. Horrah for left overs from the giant kit.

The painting scheme i am particularly proud of that i have applied to my 10 Hex Wraith mounts. I don't consider myself a particularly amazing painter and so i am quite proud of my grasp of wet blending.

and lastly:

My forge world wight king BSB. Greg i can sympathise on the banner. Its amazing but the tattered effect just makes it so hard to work out what it actually is.

So that's my (almost) completed models. Just need to do the shields and basing for the skellies and they're done (oh and the arms/heads coming out of the ground on the tomb stones)

So todays project: Mortis Engine, bring it on!
noah.nathanson said Jan 27, 2012 22:56:16
Looking great! I'd love to see a shot of the hexwraith mount without the flash, the blending looks nice but it's hard to see with the flash. Oh, I really love the unit filler in the skele block! Keep it coming!
gregatron08 said Jan 27, 2012 23:34:31
Hey noah, for some reason im having trouble getting a macro pic light enough without the flash, here is one taken further back with the flash still on, bit easier to see though it does seem to make the blending a little more obvious

Thanks for the feedback!
noah.nathanson said Jan 27, 2012 23:37:01
Thanks man, that looks great!
gregatron08 said Jan 28, 2012 00:54:22
Thanks Noah!

So my camera battery died on me and i cant find the power plug so cruddy cell phone pic incoming

Have the mortis engine built into sections for painting, got the basecoat wash and 1st highlight on the spirit host and banshees. Also painted up the stone section on the throne and artefact plinth.

Will hopefully charge up the camera tomorrow, im planning on completing the whole thing tomorrow sans basing.
Greg2thePerson said Jan 28, 2012 02:07:24
Woah, that model (Mortis Engine) is such a BEAST!

I love the work on the cloth of the Skeletal Steed. Very smooth transition.

40 Skeletons and 5 episodes of Painting Tabled in one sitting? You, sir, are a madmen. :-)
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The slightly less beautiful host.
gregatron08 said Jan 28, 2012 02:58:30
Thanks greg!

Yeah its looking AMAZING so far i cant wait to get it all put together at the end!!

Thanks ver muh, it actually looks better than that for some reason a camera makes the brush work more visible, perhaps one day i can show you at a GT ;)

Ha yeah, i think i must have been a bit mad at the start, i sure was at the end. Bit of retail therapy today cured me though haha. Tomorrow i buy an isabella for my lord :)

Stay tuned as i finish the coven throne tomorrow and possibly base coat some vargheists.
gregatron08 said Jan 29, 2012 22:29:17
Hey all!

So yesterday i managed to finish the mortis engine and today i found the charger for my camera battery (hurrah!)

Sadly my hobby time today is quite restricted so i have been building zombies. 60 down around 60 to go.

So here we are, pics time!

Rule 32: Enjoy the little things

The mortis engine in all its glory

The book and the keeper (i especially liked the skull cup detail on the right and am super proud of my work on the book)

The solution to the "How will i transport it" problem. 3" pluck foam from battlefoam. Also by the looks of things i will be able to fit a coven throne and my corpse carts in there as well as a few tall bits like standard bearers etc.

It is worth noting that the kit includes a front gate that is supposed to be on the bone enclosure but i loves the artifact and spent so much time painting it that i really didn't want to cover it up so i left it off. Only problem with this is it makes it a little tougher to attach one of the banshees as you have to find another anchor point. But it worked out ok.

And finally, tonights hobby:
Rule 20: It’s a marathon, not a sprint, unless it’s a sprint, then sprint

Zombie building time!

See if you can spot the references i am going to pepper my future VC updates with ;)
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noah.nathanson said Jan 30, 2012 01:16:24
I really like the green of the necro, stands out nicely against the rest of the model. I see about 5 bases for all those zombie bits, that's going to be some crazy work there!
Echunia said Jan 30, 2012 07:08:57
Zombieland references, yay! :D

The blend on the hexwraith looks fantastic! Hows the rest of the unit coming along? Nice mortis engine, are you planning on the coven as well? O.o

Also that pile of unassembled zombies gives me nightmares! Hope you can make the horde even larger with some unit fillers!
gregatron08 said Jan 30, 2012 22:50:13
Thanks noah! I was pleased with the green myself, makes the chap quite distinct as he is the only green wearer in the entire army.

Ahhh yeah the bases were having magnets set in them hence so few

Echunia, you win a cookie for getting the references!

It is a nightmare it really is, have a few 40x40 bases i am making mini unit fillers with but im trying to keep that bunched together horde look so not soo much space ;)

ok so here's todays update:

Tomorrow i have a game booked at my local GW and was hoping on having the VC ready to play (if not painted) so that means, at this point in the night, i have to build another 23 zombies + spares for invocation, get my vampire lord undercoated and stuck to her scenic base (which i have to paint, at least in the fiddly bits) and finidh my corpse cart.

Think i will get the zombies built then do the corpse cart then possibly use a stand in vamp. Anyways heres todays pic

Rule 1: Cardio

That seems pertinent to this particular endeavour.

A zombie horde SEEMED a good idea....

Also if anyone is interested i am going for a 100 man (zombie) unit which is constructed of 4 boxes of zombies, 2 boxes of flagellents, miscelaneous empire crewmen, 20 empire state troops and other bits n bobs i found in my bits box. This keeps them all looking a little different, i was concerned about obvious repetition on such a large horde.

Also i have a plan for the zombie in stocks..... Wait and see that one ;)
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gregatron08 said Jan 31, 2012 02:44:22
Last photo bfore bed

noah.nathanson said Jan 31, 2012 02:46:56
That's quite a handful of zombies! How you going to transport all of them? I recommend using something other than a plastic bag (poor past choice on my part with skeletons)
Echunia said Jan 31, 2012 07:40:25
WOW! THat hordes looks SO COOL :D, no you just gotta paint it all ;-)
JenPerson said Jan 31, 2012 12:18:10
Wow...that's the way I imagine zombies: a giant horde. Honestly, I'd throw in a couple unit fillers. It'll give you some diversity in what you're painting and some focal points within the giant unit. Maybe a 40mm diorama of some zombies overwhelming an empire soldier or some such thing. Then you can use some of the zombies you replaced as extra for raising.
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