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Suggestions on how to make foggy bases?

posted Jan 27, 2012 22:44:16 by gregatron08
Hey guys

This post is pretty much what it says on the tin.

I'm considering making my hex wraiths (and maybe mortis engine's) bases all foggy and thereal looking but am a little turned off by the look of the "Just glue some cotton wool on" technique that seems to be used usually.

Does anyone have any tips on other methods of achieving this look at all?
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noah.nathanson said Jan 27, 2012 22:58:47
I haven't used it but Vallejo does a "thicker" water effects (I think.) It is a gel that can be shaped and molded. Maybe mixing it with some Charadon Granite or possibly a wash could give a foggy effect. I haven't tried anything like this so take it with a tablespoon of salt!
gregatron08 said Jan 27, 2012 23:01:44
ooooh that sounds good it might work, ill have a google i dont expect its too expensive, thanks for the tip

also a tabespoon of salt? i'll try that ;P
noah.nathanson said Jan 27, 2012 23:12:41
Yeah, I got some off the warstore, it's this one:
gregatron08 said Jan 27, 2012 23:18:59
Brilliant thanks for the tip noah! :)
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