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1000 pts of Lizards

posted Feb 07, 2012 14:42:33 by MichaelJordal
Scar Veteran
Armor of Destiny
Great Weapon

Skink Priest
Dispel Scroll
Opal Amulet

Skinks x10

Saurus Warriors with Spears x 23
Standard Bearer

Chameleon Skinks x 6

Chameleon Skinks x 6

Salamander Hunting Pack x2

Salamander Hunting Pack x1
Extra Handler
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8 replies
Greg2thePerson said Feb 10, 2012 11:05:12
Is this list for Adepticon?

Here are my thoughts. The shooting phase looks nice. However, you only have the single block of Saurus in terms of combat power. A wise opponent will never engage that unit and slowly pick off your missile troops.

I would actually recommend dropping the Saurus and filling out your core with Skinks (of any variety you enjoy). Then I would make room in the special slot for a nicely sized unit of Cold One Cavalry, perhaps with Huanchi's Blessed Totem. Upgrade your Scar-Veteran to a BSB on Cold One and now you've got a solid combat unit to mop up whatever your shooting phase can't. You may have to sacrifice some of the Chameleons and Salamanders to squeeze the points, but I think it would give you a lot more tactical flexibility on the table top.
The slightly less beautiful host.
MichaelJordal said Feb 10, 2012 14:37:42
Actually it is the list I ran at Adepticon last year:) It did really well for me and got me the close but award (3rd place overall). I am probably going to run it again at Da Snotling 1000 in a couple of weeks.

Avoiding the Saurus will be easy, but that is where all of my points are, so they will have a hard time winning the game if they do that and some scenarios will make that a bad strategy I am sure.

My missile units are fairly numerous and mostly fairly hard to pick off. They can march and still shoot so pretty much always get out of a charge arc. Magic missiles can be rough on them, but ballistic shooting usually isn't very good.

This edition I think that regular skinks are not quite as good and I pretty much just have them as a bunker for my priest.

I have played around with Cold One Cavalry a bit in 8th, but they are very expensive and are a lot less solid than a chunky block of foot sloggers. I think I would have a hard time finding the points for them in a 1000 pt. game. I am playing in a 2400 this summer that I might try to make room for them in.

One other thing is if I make my Scar Vet a BSB my skink priest will have to be my general, which is a problem with his LD 6 and the fact that there is a decent chance he will be dead before the end of the game.
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Cdlp said Apr 11, 2012 10:45:19
3xSalamanders, that's some filth right there :P Personally I've always favoured my scar vets. on cold ones and when I'm using a GW I tend to build him with the Dragon Helm, Venom of the Firefly Frog and Amulet of Itzl. I appreciated that armour of destiny makes me alot tankier but at the moment I can't see any real magical attacks and with the new VC book out ethereal units are alot more common.

That's just my person preference though, but I do think the list would benefit from having the Scar Vet. on Cold one, I just love the extra mobility and armour it gives them.

Also I'm assuming your running your skink priest as level 2? I've not tried a lvl 2 at 1000points myself, I just tend to accept that my army is going to suck in the magic phase. At 1K I've found myself competing with Grey seers and lvl 4 N. Goblin shamans and it's almost not worth trying to cast :P
MichaelJordal said Apr 11, 2012 13:18:21
Yeah, the 3 salamanders helped me win a few games at Da Snotling, but at 1000 pts I don't think there are any other options that would have cut down the horde of blood letters or khorne warriors I had to face. Not too mention all the skaven that fit into 1000 pts, but they were pretty much worthless vs the ogre player I played at table 1 in the last round:)

Da Snotling 1000 was just after the new VC book, so there was only one army there with ethereal. His hexwraiths could have caused me problems. I would have been hoping for a good spell or combat res them. Luckily I didn't have to face them:) My goal was really to make that block or saurus with my general really hard to get points off of and it worked really well. I only lost my general against the skaven and I only lost the saurus block against the mournfang.

I really didn't want to put him on a cold one as I didn't want to give a general with a cannon 250 pts on turn 1:)

Nope, the skink priest is just a level 1. He is just their to hold a scroll to prevent those nasty grey seers from 13thing my units off the board:)
KevinSpear said Apr 12, 2012 17:22:00
I have to agree with Michael. Although the bonus to armour, mobility, and making your unit immune to fear is nice, you run a huge risk now with artillery picking them off really early in games. I'd keep the Vet on foot. As he is now, he's a value pick for what he can do to most non-characters.

The list is very strong overall and is definitely inline with taking on the current style of play tournament goers use. I'd love to give it a go against them at some point in the future.

My only suggestion is somehow fitting in a bsb. I know I'm a Bret player at heart and my rolls are worse than most (so I definitely need re-rolls), but bsb's are game winners. Is there anyway you could cut some corners to fit in a basic skink chief with a bsb? You could hide him just behind the saurus block and, if youre feeling risky, counter charge him into anything that hits your block.
MichaelJordal said Apr 12, 2012 17:47:23
I did think over the bsb option a lot, but couldn't settle on anything I liked. If I would do anything it would be an old blood general and scar vet BSB. Luckily with coldblooded the lack of a bsb at 1000 pts isn't very noticeable.
Cdlp said Apr 13, 2012 10:39:36
Personally I've never had too many problems with my Scar Vet. being sniped, maybe it's just luck in my place but even vs. lists with double Warplightning Cannon and Grey seer he's lived to see combat. Though now that you explain your thought process behind him I can see why you run him the way you do, I can see it being a very strong combonation.

As a fellow lizard player I'll agree with not needing a BSB, atleast not as much as other armies do, though I've always found 1K to be the weekest bracket for Lizards, that said I've mostly played Skaven at this points value and between grey seers and Hell Pits, we just don't stand up well.

The primary reason the 3 salamanders stuck out to me was that here in the UK they are also always comped at 0-2, so much so that I only own 2 because of this :P

Congrats on your placing in "Da Snotling" sounds like you ripped it up and as always with lizards, you could have come 1st but it just wasn't part of the Old one's plan.
MichaelJordal said Apr 13, 2012 13:12:38
Yeah, it it wasn't for the advent of mornfang the Old Ones would have been pleased:)
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