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Kevin's Starter HE Army (First Task - Lord on Griffon)

posted Feb 08, 2012 23:31:19 by KevinSpear
Hello All! As a way to keep myself motivated on a single project, I've decided to start this painter's blog. In CT, its rare to find others who share the fun that is Warhammer gaming and rarer still to find those who actually enjoy painting! Truth-be-told, in the nearing decade long (gag!) connection that I've held with this hobby, I have never once completed a full, 2000 point army. That is about to change, ladies and gentleman! For I've come up with a new plan of attack the likes of which I've never attempted; unit-by-unit painting. Normally, I collect and convert my entire army before I ever start taking on any serious painting. I've come to realize that it has been this method that has held me back! The enormity of the painting task creates too large of a mental block to overcome. Therefore, I intend only to buy/convert/build a single unit at a time and will move to the next unit only AFTER I've finished the previous one. That's the game plan... let's see if i can pull it off.

February 8, 2012
My first unit is really a character on a mount (cheating already, maybe?). It's the High Elf Lord on Griffon from the Island of Blood set. I've had this guy lying about for a while now and he really is the model that made me want to paint up a whole host of high elves. As such, I wanted to give him a great paint job! I used photos from the most recent edition of White Dwarf for tips on how to paint this model. I especially enjoy how the gold armour came out and think I'll be applying that to all characters (and possibly unit champs) to distinguish them from their peers. I used an old paint brush as a stand as I find the GW clear plastic ones too fragile. As for the base, I'm undecided... I'd like some sort of details that depict an autumn setting but will deal with that later.

Obviously, he is not finished. Tonight I'll be completing the wings and maybe make some finishing touches on the armour. I won't touch the face until I go out and buy some better detail brushes. I've bashed all my current ones to bits!

I'd love to hear your comments, questions, and suggestions on my work. Hope you enjoy!

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Greg2thePerson said Feb 09, 2012 00:33:55
Hey, Kevin, glad you're starting a blog!

This is the method I originally used to paint my Vampire Counts army up to 2500 points. I found it to be a very rewarding and motivating system. Of course, now that the new book is out I purchased way too many models and am starting to feel overwhelmed. :-)

I think the gold came out really well! Did you mix some Mithril Silver in for the final highlight?

The color choices on the model are spot on. I'd recommend drybrushing a highlight onto the wings and then using a wash to shade them evenly.
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Madmojo15 said Feb 09, 2012 00:57:12
As a person who has seen and played against a lot of Kevin's stuff even I'm pretty psyched to see what he can do when fully motivated.
MichaelJordal said Feb 09, 2012 16:24:48
Great work. I converted one of those guys for my Empire army and had a ton of fun painting it.
KevinSpear said Feb 14, 2012 22:51:47
February 14 - Happy Valentines Day! Just giving a mini-update and picture to keep the motivation up. I've made steady (albeit slow) progress. The wings have taken forever! But, with their completion, I've finally started detailing the armour and skin. The skin is a little light but acceptable. I washed down the enchanted blue and armour with asurman. It gives the recesses a great depth. I will finish up this first step in the project within a couple of days

Next Task: Swordmasters x 10

Possible Task: Spearmen x 16
Archers x 10
Bolt Thrower w/ crew

As always, comments and suggestions appreciated!
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noah.nathanson said Feb 15, 2012 00:30:23
Love the feathers and the talons!
Peyton said Feb 15, 2012 00:48:49
Yo that's a beastie Griffon! Looks pretty good from here, the feathers especially! How's he doing in games?
StephanHaver said Feb 15, 2012 03:29:35
Looks great! Keep it up and you will have an outstanding army to place on the table. I really like the griffons claws, those talons look sharp and deadly.
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Greg2thePerson said Feb 15, 2012 11:09:18
The feathers really "pop" - looks awesome! I like the off-white feathers the best.
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