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Hi, from Northern Illinois!

posted Feb 21, 2012 00:00:47 by tophersinister
Hi folks, I'm Christopher Barnette (aka "Topher"). I've been playing Warhammer Fantasy since '94, and two years ago, I started a podcast with my good friend David, "Garagehammer". It's been a long time coming, but I finally got a chance to listen to Painting Tabled, and love it. REALLY well done, guys. Looking forward to meeting both of you at BiTS.
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Greg2thePerson said Feb 21, 2012 00:09:47
Hey, Christopher! We're honored to have you join us on the forum. :-)

How is preparation for BiTS going for you? Have you decided on an army list? You probably have a ton of new toys to paint!
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tophersinister said Feb 21, 2012 00:37:50
I've got a TON to paint. At the moment, I'm working on some hobgoblin conversions that came together from goblin heads and plague monk bodies. I'm SOOooOOOOoo bad at speed painting, and it's taking everything I've got to not spend too much time on each and every hobbo, when there will likely be a unit of forty to chew through. I'm going with the Chaos Dwarfs from the Tamurkhan book for my army - I really love my new list, and it's a great deal of fun to play.

After those, I've yet to decide on the gear choices for my "Infernal Guard" (the new name for Chaos Dwarf core units), but it will likely be a large unit of maybe 30 with hand weapons and shields. Towards this end, I've been cleaning up and gluing my Mantic Abyssal Dwarfs.

You're going with the VC, right? Now that you've got a shiny new book, have you had to completely start over with your list?
Greg2thePerson said Feb 21, 2012 00:49:31
Yes, I will be taking my Vampire Counts. The most difficult thing for me has been trying to fit in all of the new options, yet still hold on to the units I used in the old book. It looks like I'll be dropping my Grave Guard out of the list in order to field a nice chunky unit of Crypt Horrors. Also, I'd love to field a Coven Throne, but I don't quite see how I can fit it. Spending over 200 points on a mount for one character really limits the other characters you can take!
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tophersinister said Feb 21, 2012 16:18:04
So you're sold on the Crypt Horrors? There seems to be a debate over which to take, these or the Vargheists. Were I to take VC, I might go the direction you're taking. Have you had much practice with them? The way I see it, the poisoned attacks are the key element of what makes them work. Coven Throne: yeah, it seems that they include a lot of big-ticket items in the newer books, but they're just out of reach, like putting a level 4 wizard on a dragon.
Greg2thePerson said Feb 21, 2012 17:07:29
The biggest seller for me with the Crypt Horrors is that I think the models look nicer than the Vargheists. The cone heads just don't do it for me. :-) I think they are both solid units, though. I've played a few games with a unit of 8x Crypt Horrors. In one game they were laid to waste by the Pit of Shades (I2 is rough). In the second game they took multiple charges to the face early on and staved everything off until the very end of the game. They are SUPER resilient! T5 and a 5+ Regeneration is tough, but it's really the ability to heal them that makes them so strong. 1 + the wizard level per casting of Invocation, PLUS they can benefit from the Lore Attribute.
The slightly less beautiful host.
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