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Greetings from the Frozen North!

posted Feb 23, 2012 00:15:34 by SheepLord
I started listening to Painting Tabled a few weeks ago after hearing it mentioned on Garagehammer (I think). I am enjoying it, “Rich fare…Heady stuff.”

I started painting Warhammer mini's since before I could shave, then took a hiatus for college, bouncing between states for jobs. Then 6 years ago I moved back to my home state, dragging my bride-to-be with me, and got the Warhammer itch again and I started to collect and paint Skaven. Little did my b-t-b know that she married a latent Warhammer geek!

I have since expanded to other armies, and I have even played a few games! Though my miniature hobby time has taken a hit after there was a miniature addition to our family. So far my wife has not let me dip my daughter to bring out the detail.

I hope to post some of my painting work on a semi-regular basis to give myself a deadline of sorts to actually produce some results.
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Greg2thePerson said Feb 23, 2012 02:11:29
Hello, Sheeplord, and welcome to the Painting Tabled community!

When working on such an important piece as your daughter, it's best to use more advanced techniques than a simple dip. If you perfect your blending skills I'm sure your wife will let you have a go.

Where exactly is the Frozen North? Somewhere near Troll Country?
The slightly less beautiful host.
SheepLord said Feb 23, 2012 02:34:49
I am a little worried as to how to approach all of those broad flat surfaces... though I do have an airbrush that is just sitting around waiting for a project. Lets see how rosy I can get those cheeks!

Frozen North aka Vermont... would that make Canada, New York, or New Hampshire Troll Country? Though this year has been shockingly snow-light and warm. I have not had the need to strap a snow shovel to my daughter and then dangle a cookie in front of her to plow the driveway... though right now her favorite thing is miso soup. Its hard to dangle soup.
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