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Da Snotling 1000 Report

posted Feb 27, 2012 17:22:18 by MichaelJordal
Da Snotling 1000 was a lot of fun. I brought a lizard list that I think is pretty tough at the 1000 pt level and I am pretty comfortable running as I took it to Adepticon and got Close But in the Its How You Use it Tourney last year.

Scar Veteran
Armor of Destiny
Great Weapon

Skink Priest
Dispel Scroll
Opal Amulet

Skinks x10

Saurus Warriors with Spears x 23
Standard Bearer

Chameleon Skinks x 6

Chameleon Skinks x 6

Salamander Hunting Pack x2

Salamander Hunting Pack x1
Extra Handler

First round I drew Jerrod Horstman's Warriors of Chaos. He had:
Tzeentch lvl 2 on disc
Big block of Khorne Warriors with halberds
Khorne Chariot

I got to choose sides this game which really gave me an advantage as there was a river on this board that was closer and even in to the one deployment zone. This gave me a couple of turns to whittle down the Khorne warriors.

His first turn he hit me hard with a Gateway and took off about a rank of Saurus. My first turn I got a wound on his Tzeentch sorcerer with a Thunderbolt and got a wound on his warshrine with chamos, while the salamanders and other group of chamos took off some warriors. It was kind of an odd deal where he was saving more of my -3 AS wounds with 6s than he was my S3 blowpipe shots with his 3+ AS.

Second round he failed to cast Gateway, and he prevented my thunderbolt. I got some more warriors killed and a wound on his Chariot, but didn't get Thunderbolt off. I did charge his dogs away from me as well.

Third round he took out a unit of Skinks with his chariot and warshirne then I dispelled Gateway. I was able to finally finish off his general with a Thunderbolt. Now that I didn't have to fear gateway I backed of my saurus and kept whittling down his warriors.

On the fourth round he faced his chariot and warshrine at me and tried to positioned his dogs to take out chamos. I whittled his warriors some more and tried to prepare my saurus for the charge as well get some more wounds on his chariot and warshrine.

Fifth round he got everything into combat but his warriors and I ended up killing his warhshrine and chariot in combat and shot up the rest of his warriors, but didn't get his dogs.

I ended up winning this game by like 800pts.

Second round I played Ryan Tuttle's Skaven. His list was something like this:
Chieftan BSB
Lvl 2 Warlock
Warp Lighting Cannon
6 Plague Censor Bearers
Two big blocks of Clanrats
1 big block of Slaves
1 little unit of giant rats

I win first turn and move some chamos up right away to shoot at the WLC. He was smart and kept it well protected though so it was a suicide mission for my chamos. They ended up doing only one wound though. My one salamander hit his rat pack and got rid of most of them then my chamos on the other side finished off what was left. He then charged my chamos with his plague censor bearers and killed a couple of his own guys and 3 of my chamos and then he killed the rest of my chamos and overran into the forest.

I moved my saurus up to the edge of the forest and continued my flaming and shooting. He advanced on me and his shooting did nothing.

More flaming and poison shots. Took out more rats and he ended up taking out my Priest this round. I thought I had him out of sight, but he thought his wizard could see him, so he Warp Lightninged him. I was within 3 inches my my Saurus unit, so I was still hopeful that I would be ok, but he ended up getting 5 hits and I only got one successful look out sir and he got 3 wounds through, so even my opal amulet couldn't save me.

Eventually my chamos took out his Warp Lighting Cannon and he lost the rest of his censers on my spear wall. I took out his slaves and one unit of clanrats that had his bsb and warlock. He did get my general as I flubbed AS and WS:( On the last turn I figured I was up on pts, but had the chance to possibly charge his other unit of clanrats with his warlord, but it would have put me in the forest. I think in hindsight I should have went for it as big wins were important in this tourney, but I took the safe victory and one by 100+ pts.

Round 3 I drew a name that instills fear in the hearts of men. I got Jeff Shiltgen and his demons. He had something like this:
Lvl 2 Herald with Shadow Loremaster
Big block of Bloodletters
4 Screamers
two units of Flamers

I was back on the map with the river and got choice again so I decided to execute the same plan that won me the game against Horstmann's WoC.

In the middle of this table was an idol of Khorne that didn't really come into play in my last game, but was huge this game. I won't go into a lot of detail this game as it was basically like round one where I used my chaff to whittle away his units as they came across the river. His fleshounds were fast and across quickly. I got a couple of wounds with flaming and poison attacks, then he charged my skinks that did a couple more wounds on their way in. So by the time we were in combat he was down to 2, he ended up only killing one skink and then my skinks that were frenzied proceeded to kill off a hound. Next round he kills one more skink and then I kill another hound.

We finally get into some combats with my Spears and his bloodletters, but they are down to about 6 models. He takes some shots at my general hoping for a killing blow to get the pts from him and the bonus 100. His flamers also charge my two salamander hunting pack where they hack each other up. At then of the game I have all of his units off the board and just lost my skink units.

A 700+ win.

So my reward for all these wins was to face the point leader Ted Femrit on table one in the last round. I played Ted at Waaagh Paca and he was a fun opponent, but he runs some rock hard Ogres. Our game at Paca ended in a draw, but that was thanks to the scenario. In point he had decimated me:) This game he was running.

Lvl2 Butcher
5 Ironguts
2 units of 3 Mournfang

My list is not built for ogres. The salamanders can't do much with such big bases and Mournfang our a problem at all point levels, but at this size game I really didn't have much I could do against them. I figured i would send out my chaff and hope that I could whittle some stuff down so that my spears could get me some cleanup pts.

I will mostly hit the highlights and lowlights of this game as there was a lot of dead space in between.

Got him to charge my chamos in the forest with his iron blaster as he tried to grapeshot them first and found that was worthless. He failed his dangerous terrain test though and his chariot broke to bits.

I got his butcher down to 2 wounds twice, but couldn't take the man down.

There was a comet on the table that got up to 6 markers. When if it would have blown one turn earlier I could have probably taken out a unit of Mournfang, but as it happened I just got his Ironguts, but 2d6+6 hits at s10 should have been enough to wipe them out. Unfortunately I only got 14 hits total and ended up rolling like 5 1s out of that:(

Finally one unit of Mournfang got into my spears and started decimating them. When my Scar-vet hit with his GW I would get 3 or 4 wounds each time, but he would roll his 6s by 6s and save all but one each time. If it weren't for his awesome saves I would have either broke them or had them killed to a man before his other Mournfang arrived and took me off the table.

At the end of the game I had killed a lot of stuff, but the only point I got were from the iron blaster and I think he had all of my points but one salamander. So I lost by like 700.

Whit his overwhelming victory over me Ted sealed up winning the tourney and knocked me down to 4th. It was a great tourney tough and I had a ton of fun. Chad hooked us up with some yummy brats and beans for lunch and Jordan and I stopped by a really good Chinese restaurant for supper on our way out of town. I will definitely try to make it back again next year if I can.

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4 replies
Greg2thePerson said Feb 27, 2012 22:33:25
Nice reports, thanks for sharing! Congratulations on your strong finish. That Ogre list is brutal! Many opponents really struggle against the Mournfang Cavalry in 2000+ points, so I imagine they were even more of a nuisance in 1000 points.
The slightly less beautiful host.
MichaelJordal said Feb 27, 2012 23:27:35
Yeah, it is crazy that they can have 2 units of 3 in only 1000 pts!!! Rhellion has 3 units of 4 in his 2000 pt list. That is going to be a tough nut to crack.
JonathanVanase said Feb 27, 2012 23:39:01
I have a really hard time thinking about 1000 points. Hard to tell what is "effective" to my simple mind. Actually, all Unplugged Gamers must have that issue, last places finishes at NEWC at all!!! Last, and 2nd to last. Go us.

I think the ISSUE with 1000 points is that most armies that just Rock, Paper, Scissors. It's why I shy away from that point size except in doubles. I feel like some armies have a threshold point to be effective, where they just can't compete because of pricey troop choices. High Elves are a great example.
MichaelJordal said Feb 28, 2012 00:22:48
It is definitely a different environment, just like 3000 or 4000 is quite a bit different than 2000. I think High Elves can be good at 1000 pts too. I know there was a guy rolling pretty well with them at Da Snotling 1000, and I remember at least one placing pretty high at Adepticon last year. I think it is mostly about the general and being able to find what works at that point level.
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