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Painting Brets...Have idea want feedback

posted Mar 01, 2012 05:10:00 by jake_hutton
Hi everyone, in one of the much earlier shows Greg and Jen had mentioned that Brettonian armies (when painted the way gw portrays them), often don't look as good on the table top. This is because compared to other armies which have color schemes many brets have just so many colors its overwhelming. While at first I disagreed I looked at several pictures and I have been swayed. So now I am searching for a better way to paint them.

I don't want to do with just a normal color scheme as that is out of the army concept (and I don't want to be just another crusade force).

After reading the Knights of Brettonia black library books though I got an idea. In the fluff the regiments of knights are drawn from the country where the mustering happens, as well as neighboring countries depending on the problem. But when the army gathers together naturally the knights tended to fight in regiments based on where they were from, except in the case of like 100 man lances which I won't have to worry about. Thinking about this in my head, one it made more sense why would you fight with a stranger when a whole host of people from your area were around. Two it seemed like a solution to the color vomit problem bret armies can have.

So essentially for my knights of the realm, errant knights, and peg knights each regiment would represent a specific region. That would mean though their patterns, symbols, and sometimes exact colors differed slightly each regiment would still look overall like the belonged together. So what I am thinking is say if I base my first regiment off of Mousillon, then I would paint that regiment heavily with black and yellow as that is their color, some knights may have splashes of a third color on some models to maintain the individualistic look with out an overwhelming palette. The next unit say from a neighboring region would feature that regions colors, say red and blue, but again a third color may be splashed. Basically each regiment would be like this (minus the grail knights and questing knights who make sense to be a mix). Each regiment though very different, if separated I think would look better of the table top, because it might not look like a completely cohesive force (bret armies really shouldn't), but at least each unit would really stand out.

Any thoughts on this comments?
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Greg2thePerson said Mar 01, 2012 12:18:47
That sounds like an excellent idea to me!

I think it would be good to have one or more colors that are consistent across each unit. Perhaps that could be the color of the horses, the way you paint the metals, or a color you use on details. This would help to make the army look cohesive without sacrificing the individual nature of each unit.
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MichaelJordal said Mar 01, 2012 15:50:56
I think that could work. I personally don't mind the color vomit when it is done well.
jake_hutton said Mar 01, 2012 17:03:16
I was thinking a unifying color would really help. Thanks for the tip (once I get done some malifaux stuff I may begin painting some brets and posting pics)

Michael I agree it may be able to be done right, but also from a fluff/ theme perspective I think dividing units by area could give some cool back story. Like why are the Knights from the South all the way in a northern region.
Echunia said Mar 04, 2012 10:03:26
This sounds like an excellent idea! The problem I feel that bret armies often run into is that the highlights don't show. Because of the nature of the smooth barding, it's really easy to get caught up in a really nice smooth blend. But when you put the miniature down and step away all that hard work won't show at all. It's really hard to combat this in my opinion but the tip I would give is to not be afraid to have some contrast on the miniature. It might not look as nice close up but it will show when you play with it.

As realisticly you won't have more that 2 or 3 lances, which provinces will you choose for them?
KevinSpear said Mar 04, 2012 17:08:11
Personally, I am a big fan of the vast color combinations you find from the GW showcase army purely BECAUSE it is overwhelming. In my mind, I see bretonnian culture emphasizing individual honor through a shown of arms. A knight would do his best then to visually make himself known by some ostentatious color scheme that differentiates himself from his peers while fighting some epic monster. The result being an army, even if locally marshaled, looking over-the-top in its appearance. At least this is what I'm trying to do with mine!

If you are looking into some more color coordination, however, maybe think about focusing on a single family or house from a single dukedom? This could give you a load of reasons to paint a more standardized army while picking out details that will individualize your units. Maybe have your Knights Errants use a solid color schemes while Knights of the Realm have Quartered ones? You could even continue this idea further with your Questing or Grail knights which could have a checked pattern? Maybe every Bowmen has a hood that matches the color of your family/house? Or your men-at-arms have shields that individually match the device of their knight?

Honestly, the more I think about this idea, the more I want to do it with my own army! Hmm... time to make some decisions!
jake_hutton said Mar 04, 2012 23:33:43
yeah your second point is similar to what I will do, but rather I still want the vast color combination, I just want it spread out so it can be taken in easier. I agree there is something to be said for the show case army, but the more I think about it from a fluff perspective the more I think that most regiments would only have knights from similar areas (perhaps two realms). The big color coordinating units will be the Questing Knights and Grail Knights.
SheepLord said Mar 05, 2012 03:06:27
I was thinking of approaching my Brets (probably late 2015) in a similar way.
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