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SheepLord's Hordes (Update: Screaming Magnets)

posted Mar 05, 2012 03:49:36 by SheepLord
After an evening of baking, preparing taxes, and researching local elections, I am making myself to finally put up the first in a hopefully long series of posts concerning my painting efforts.

I recently rushed to get several miniatures done for a painting contest at Arisia (a convention) back in January. I finished some miniatures that had been hanging around in that perpetually almost finished state for a while (I started Lord Skrolk 6 years ago). Unfortunately in the rush to get out of the door, I forgot to bring them. *sigh* But at least they are now done.

Here is the previously mentioned Lord Skrolk. I dithered for years about what to paint onto his book. The contest finally made me pull the trigger. While painting him I had trouble defining where the flesh of his snout changes to bone. It didn't help that the nose might have gotten banged a bit by the model falling forward.

Link to large photo

This warrior priest gave me trouble with the flesh tones on his head. I tried to punch the highlight, but I had to pull it back after it started to look like Nosferatu. Something about the bald head and the nose.

Link to large photo

This light wizard sat base coated for several months while I dithered. Finally I just decided to work on him one evening and 2 hours later he was more or less done. This just started to click. I wanted to experiment with using different tones of white to help define his inner robes from his outer. Hence the inner robes have blue grey shading while the outer robe is cream. I was happy how the metallics came out. Nothing fancy, but the silver highlights on the gold seem to work and I even got the highlights on the blade of the kris to look semi-natural.

Link to large photo

What I am working on now is the previous version of the scream bell. I had long put off doing it out of a sense of "I don't want to screw it up!" but if not now, when? Right? And its pretty likely that most army lists I will put together next time I play a game will include it. One thing I wanted to do is pin the heck out of it and to try to make the grey seer removable. I am not a fan of the model that came with it so by having it removable I could drop in a different seer (Thanquol for instance), also I can represent him being shot off the top. To make that happen I drilled a hole in the top platform of the bell and in the base of the seer and green stuffed magnets into them.

Link to large photo

I am also working on a death wizard as part of my plans to have a wizard for each of the 8 lores to be available for my Empire army. I plan on playing around with different tones of black to define the inner and outer robes, much like I did for the light wizard.

And I bought this off the sale table since I figured that at some point I would want to run a character on the flying carpet. I don't think I could fit a doombull on it, though both myself and the store manager both had the brief idea of having one carpet for each foot... but that would be silly (and the idea of a flying man-cow wasn't silly to start with?).

Link to large photo
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Greg2thePerson said Mar 05, 2012 11:24:37
Excellent stuff! I really like the Light Wizard. The different shades of white work well and add interest to the model in spite of the limited color palette. Also, I'm excited to see what you do with the flying carpet!
The slightly less beautiful host.
MichaelJordal said Mar 05, 2012 15:13:08
The light wizard looks real good. I love that feeling when things are just clicking and every stroke of the brush just seems perfect!
noah.nathanson said Mar 06, 2012 03:11:58
Going to add to the group on how much I LOVE the light wizard. Keep up the great worK!
SheepLord said Mar 06, 2012 23:38:36
Re: Greg2thePerson It might be a while before I do the carpet, but I believe I will drill in magnets underneath to allow me to swap in any non-Doombull character I might want to try since I magnetize my bases. I have a feeling that trying to get a nice looking pattern on it will be a real pain.

Re: MichaelJordal Yes, its a great feeling and it only seems to kick in after painting for a few hours. Which is unfortunate since most of my painting these days is an hour here and there after baby goes to sleep and before I go to bed to have enough sleep before 5AM wake up.

Re: noah.nathanson Thank you!
MrSaturday said Mar 09, 2012 14:26:13
The warrior priest is groovetastic. He looks like he's quite, quite mad.
SheepLord said Mar 10, 2012 04:33:20
Lest people think I diapered, here is an update from my painting desk.

A week ago I got some base coats on the death wizard. Previously I played around with different tones of white for the light wizard, I think I will try that again and play with different tones of black. Here the outer robe is a dark green and the inner robe a dark purple. Later on I coated the whole model with a black wash to knock everything down but those photos came out poorly so here is just the base coat.

I have been putting off doing the screaming bell for years (as you can tell since this is the metal version), but I have decided to start doing some of the high profile projects since otherwise I will just have an army of rank and file. So first is all the parts primed with brown rustoleom primer something I am trying out with the skaven since they are largely brown anyways. And second is after I have splashed on base coat over most of it. My plan is to give the whole thing a wash and then start picking out details. Also, I experimented with splashing some thinned down turquoise paint on the copper-ish sections to simulate some corrosion. So far I think it looks pretty good for something mopped on very quickly. Also, I played around with many different types of metallics to and different wood weatherings in order to give it a ramshackle appearance. We shall see what it looks like at the end.

And I also spent some precious hobby time this week organizing my paints. I took them out of the case they came in and lined them up in the drawer of my desk for easier access. Hopefully I will still be able to keep the baby out of them!

Re: MrSaturday You would be quite quite mad as well if all the other warrior priests asked if your name was Vlad or if you sparkled in the sunlight. ;) I think with the next priest I do I might try to give some 4 o'clock shadow to the scalp to give the impression of a shaved head rather than chemotherapy.
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SheepLord said Mar 15, 2012 02:16:52
A while back I bought the start of a Captasus of Ebay. It was a outrider mounted on a Bret pegasus body. I had been musing with a new way to base flying monsters since I don't like the look of the spindly clear plastic rods GW uses. I figured that if I used an acrylic rod that was wider it would not break so easily and also that by being wider it actually doesn't bend the light so tightly and so it actually is more transparent. So I bought some acrylic rods of of Ebay and drilled a larger hole into the belly of the peg. I also decided that if I put the rod in at a slant it would make the model look more dynamic... lend the model a sense of it flying rather than fluttering across the battlefield. I also shaved off the Bret heraldry shields shapes from the caparison.

Modeling work was done and then I let it sit for several months while I dithered about painting schemes. Finally a few months ago I threw some paint on. Then dithered again as to what to do about the tiny shields on the horse. A few weeks ago I made some decisions and pushed the painting through. I also decided to go ahead and magnetize the rider to the horse so that I can use the peg as a mount for a wizard or a differently equipped rider in the future.

I think it came out well enough. Since it was a used model there were a few extra layers of paint that gummed up some of the edges. But, on the table top nobody should see that.

Less talk more pictures!

Greg2thePerson said Mar 15, 2012 10:19:47
Nice Captain! The paint scheme looks solid and the model itself is characterful - I especially enjoy the pistol.
The slightly less beautiful host.
Gargobot said Mar 21, 2012 22:18:35
Ooh nice Captasus! Lots of green and a little red, could pass as a Hochland Captain; is that on purpose? Just wondering cause you haven't posted any state troops yet. The wider acrylic rods are a very good idea, might steal that if I paint another Pegasus some day.

I see you have at least one Series 7 brush, what's your verdict on those? I bought one, and to be fair it's probably the best brush I ever had, but not that much better that it warrants paying several times as much money for it.
SheepLord said Apr 01, 2012 15:41:27
Its Stirland, but the red is a nice accent color and is used a fair bit in Stirland banners and such. I had originally painted the skull white but realized it didn't pop so I painted black as well.

I have been playing around with buying some better brushes after realizing that the brushes I have had for years (many of which came 'thrown in' when I bought used miniatures) were getting really beat up. The Series 7 was recommended by the local store manager (who paints exceedingly well (despite his insistence that Skaven should have black noses like dogs)) and also by Dan Helan if memory serves. It performed very well. I say it has made a minor improvement, but the real gain is speed. It takes less time to make it do what I want than my old brushes. And time is a very valuable commodity to me. I still have other brushes for base coating and very very fine lines/dots (ie eyes), but I find myself using it for most mid to finish work.
MichaelJordal said Apr 02, 2012 15:43:32
I really like the Captasus! Hopefully it is still an option in the new book:) I have been working on my Empire army with renewed vigor too after seeing the Empire previews.
SheepLord said Apr 06, 2012 18:12:29
Re MichaelJordal: I hope he is still an option as well!!! I am still resentful whenever I look over at my unit of Khornegors standing in my display case. Though I suspect that I might one day use those as Khorne warriors in a Warriors of Chaos army.

If legal, I would like to come back one day and make a wizard that I could swap in there for another option.
SheepLord said Apr 06, 2012 18:24:27
While not a post about what I am painting, I thought I would share a recent experiment I did that involves painting. I bought the big case of Vallejo paints when I got back into the hobby 6 years ago. I have begun to suspect that some of the paints are beginning to settle out beyond what a quick shake can take care of. I had one container of red that was particularly bad. So I decided to make use of my dremel and the dremel drill press like attachment (which I has requested for Christmas many years ago but never got around to using since I had to get a replacement part for it).

In short, I set up the dremel and stand on my desk, inserted a piece of copper wire bent at the end to serve as a whisk, popped off the top of the paint and then whisked the heck out of it to homogenize it fully again.

Here are the pictures:

I think the end result is pretty good. Now I just have to spend a night doing all the other paints!

Also, I use to work in various microbial labs, where I was introduced to a 'vortex genie' which is a device to quickly mix up the contents of test tubes. Several years ago I found a similar device by a different manufacturer on Ebay and bought it for the purpose of mixing my paints. In short, you place the paint pot into the rubber cup and the machine then quickly shakes it up. I suspect that if I used this on every paint pot systematically every 3 months or so (perhaps with the help of some ball bearings (would have to be non-rusting) or glass beads) I could have avoided to resorting to the dremel mixer.
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MichaelJordal said Apr 06, 2012 18:26:14
Nice reclamation work!
martindavidhal1 said Apr 06, 2012 19:49:41
you good sir are a mad, genius, super paint doctor and i'm getting my Dremel out!
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