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A few brets I've been working on.

posted Mar 07, 2012 15:57:01 by CalebEdwards

Eventually they'll have black designs on the barding, and probably different bases. But I think they're doing not bad for now. Comments and criticism would be appreciated.
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noah.nathanson said Mar 08, 2012 00:33:49
The army looks GREAT!
Greg2thePerson said Mar 08, 2012 11:26:42
These guys are looking really nice - great job!

I like the color choices - the yellow, black, and green work well together. What are you planning to do for the bases?

My one suggestion would be to make the lightest layer on the green gems (which I think is pure white) a bit thinner. It looks too thick at the moment. Of course, judging by how many of those are on the models - I doubt you want to go back and touch them up. :-)

Fantastic work though - keep us posted on the progress. Are you bringing them to the Colonial?
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CalebEdwards said Mar 08, 2012 12:47:33
Here's a few more pics. I added shields, fixed the "stubble" on the female hero, and painted the bases. I think the shields make it appear a bit more blank from one side (they still have all the detail from the other side :D). I'm bringing them to colonial and to the tourney this weekend. I think they fit the three colour minimum even if they're not where I want them in the end. As for bases, they're going to stay on these "desert" bases for now -- they look like they could fight my TK army. However, long term, they're going to be on bases that look like rocks coming out of the ocean -- my idea is that they're the bret coastguard. My plan is to have the water be slightly greenish to echo the gems. And yeah -- the pure white could be a bit thinner, but I'm not changing it on that many -- there's also a layer that's half goblin green/half white and that might be bleeding into the white on the pics. I think in person it looks a bit better.

CalebEdwards said Mar 09, 2012 12:45:39
And a couple phone pics of a guy i'm still working on:

jake_hutton said Mar 10, 2012 07:13:31
love the way this army looks! What are you using the saint as? I really like the conversion as I think thats a really cool model. Only one little suggestion the yellow on the back part of the hippogryph rider doesn't look as well shaded. Is that the picture? everything looks great!

MichaelJordal said Mar 12, 2012 14:25:59
I think the color scheme is looking really good. Can't wait to see them when they are all done!
CalebEdwards said Mar 12, 2012 14:38:58
Unfortunately, the yellow on the back of the hippogryph rider is not just in the picture. Not entirely sure how to fix it, but will be working on it when I get the chance (currently, I'm trying to fix up my tournament army).
jake_hutton said Mar 13, 2012 05:37:49
Fair enough. It all looks like an awesome army. And is probably really fun to play (I have been eyeing up getting a hippogryph rider myself).
CalebEdwards said Mar 20, 2012 15:10:35
These pics aren't as good by a longshot (taken with my Camera phone), but they show the general idea. This is the army and their (portable) display board which should be much easier to take to Colonial.

I'll add some better pics if I get the chance. The idea is supposed to be that the desert is "spilling out" into the frame of the board (which is leafy green to go with their jewels).
CalebEdwards said Mar 22, 2012 17:20:23
A couple slightly better pics (sorry for the tablecloth)

Greg2thePerson said Mar 22, 2012 21:47:17
Looks great!

I'm just noticing what a small, compact army that is. Three lances, two Trebuchets, and a bunch of Pegasus riders. How has it been performing? Do you miss peasants?
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CalebEdwards said Mar 22, 2012 22:21:38
Well, my first game of colonial will be my first game with this army, and my 4th game with Brets in eighth edition. So I can't answer with a lot of expertise. Unfortunately, i just don't get a lot of time to game (i'm lucky I finished painting the guys).

I did well enough at the tourney, and didn't miss peasants. I think one of the virtues of the army is that it's compact and fast. So hopefully I can choose the positioning and fights I want.

But we'll have to see. :D
CalebEdwards said Mar 23, 2012 04:03:23
So i realized that I just posted slightly larger pics in my last update. Sorry. Here are the pics I meant to post.

CalebEdwards said Apr 09, 2012 15:09:21
Okay, i've made a bit more progress with the army (and introduced a digression). I like the new empire kits, and I have a few empire models lying around, so I figured I'd start an army with the new book. However, because I like the bret models more than the empire knight models, mine are going to be "border princes" with a bit of both worlds. And also, my gryphon model is becoming a rooster-gryph (patent pending).

He's even got horse hooves, and (hopefully) will be posed so that he's just touching down or taking off with only his front left foot on the ground -- assuming my basing skills can live up to it. I also need to find a bret model that fits the saddle. I just got a bunch of questing knights and the older knights, so maybe kit bash with those.

Also, I've been working on the long-term bases for my guys. These desert bases were always a temporary solution and are destined for my ogre-shabti army. My brets (and lots of the empire models too) are going to look like they're running across rocky outcroppings in an ocean/stream/body of water. Here are the first couple (rock-greyification is still tbd)

And thanks to Mike Tiskus for the suggestion to use caulk to make the water! Now I'll have to see if I can use it for a whole display board...
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Greg2thePerson said Apr 09, 2012 21:58:47
I really like the water bases - they are unique and the wave effect came out nice!

Can't wait to see this Rooster-Gryph painted up...
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