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Malagor the Dark Omen vs. my standard level 4

posted Mar 18, 2012 01:31:12 by noah.nathanson
So I'm heading on down to Colonial, looking for a soul to steal.. I'm in a bind, cuz I'm way behind and willing to make a deal...

Okay, but really it's a tourney where special characters are allowed. I'm tempted to take Malagor the Dark Omen just because I never have (really probably not the best option.)

So here's the breakdown, the differences. Both casters would be a level 4.

Standard setup:
Level 4 Death, Fencer's Blades, Earthing Rod, 5+ ward, Ironcurse Icon

Malagor (20 extra points):
Level 4 Death, Fly
"Something Wicked This Way Comes" Enemy units within 6" can't use Generals LD unless he is in the unit
"Unholy Power" Every time he casts a spell he gets a cumulative +1 to cast the next spell
"Icons of Vilification" All friendly units become frenzied on any double as long as they pass their test.

This being the greatest gathering of beastmen outside of the herdstone, I'd like to hear your thoughts!
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Greg2thePerson said Mar 18, 2012 12:11:03
Well... honestly I like your standard level 4 better. He's just way more defensible. The special rules for Malagor are okay, but they aren't anything gamebreaking. If you want to use "Something Wicked This Way Comes" you have to be very close to the opponent with your expensive caster that has WS4, T5, and no saves of any kind!

Instead, I'd consider swapping your Hero-level Bray-Shaman for Slug Tongue. That means you're running two Wizards on Death (not sure you want to do that), but he has good rules for his points cost. Plus, you'll have 5 opportunities to ruin someone's tournament by killing their nice, juicy target before the game starts. EPIC!
The slightly less beautiful host.
noah.nathanson said Mar 18, 2012 13:03:34
Hahahahah I 100% agree on Malagor (also, he has rules that require him to be within 6" of enemies and friends to be effective, not a great combo) but I was hoping somebody would have a great argument!

Yeah, I think Slugtongue would ruin somebodies day, but he's so damn expensive. Really just not worth.

The obvious answer here? Ungrol FOUR-HORN!!!!
Greg2thePerson said Mar 18, 2012 20:55:28
He is the ONLY character who can be put in Ambush... look out!

Actually, I think there's a more obvious, obvious answer. Moonclaw and double Cygor - it will be the crazy Stone Thrower army of DOOM!
The slightly less beautiful host.
noah.nathanson said Mar 19, 2012 00:06:08
Oh no... let's bring out Gorthor the Beastlord! With his AMAZING ability to allow you to field one extra rare choice, who could pass up on that?
DavidLorenTrumbo-Godwin said Mar 21, 2012 12:24:05
I am besieged with sarcasm. You beasties need a better outlook on life. How is this for example; the fact that Malagor has a sweet special rule CALLED something wicked this way comes? Maybe I'm just weird, but its the same reason I got excited when I read my assassin's special rule "A Killer Not A Leader" even though it totally sucks.
Madmojo15 said Mar 26, 2012 00:38:00
I've tried Malagor a few times and not only does his model look awesome, but he can fly. In this game flying turns most things instantly useable. I'd say give him a shot, but be careful what situation he's in. Maybe keep him in a bunker and then fly him out when you want to throw a purple sun down someone's line.
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