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Episode 17

posted Mar 21, 2012 01:49:16 by TomOnibur
The dark elf models are awesome!They're not as spikey as the chaos models, and not as spindly as the Wood elves. The Executioners and Black guard are gorgeous. The WArriors do suck, and so do the witches. But what about the cold one chariot?

Jen's right though, sexist as hell

bow to crossbow conversions are tricksy, because of the way you fire both weapons. You hold a crossbow in front of you, looking forward,
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Greg2thePerson said Mar 21, 2012 19:39:40
The Black Guard are one of the better units in the range, but I'm still not sold. :-)

How do you paint the skin on your Dark Elves? Do you use Shadow Grey as a base coat? If you could explain the process and post a picture to accompany that would be fantastic - I think you do a nice adding contrast to pale skin.
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TomOnibur said Mar 21, 2012 23:50:44
I was thinking about this today, and I use a lot of slaanesh models as stand ins for my models too. The Aspiring champion makes for a good master or dreadlord, and demonettes can be used to spice up the old witch elves and/ or harpies.

I've done a lot of DE skin tones in the seven years I've used them. Most recently I've been using shadow grey as a basecoat, to give them a sickly/ dunmer feel, as well as to help tie the witch elves, and various other extremely sexist female elves into my color scheme.
Greg2thePerson said Mar 22, 2012 00:55:24
Has it really been seven years? Dag, yo!
The slightly less beautiful host.
archenemyredux said Mar 27, 2012 22:19:13
Hey Guys,

Yet another awesome episode as always. The High Elves/Dark Elves model idea is a winner.

Just wondering what sort of software or spread sheets John used for the scoring and round pairings of the tournament?
ScottMorgan said Apr 02, 2012 15:20:15
Hi all - this is Scott. Chris N. told me about your podcast and I wanted to come check it out; once again - great job at the Colonial this year, I really enjoyed seeing your work and talking with you about it.

I had a few ideas I was playing with a few months ago for Dark Elf alternatives as I agree with Greg, I'm not really too fond of the line models - but from my standpoint it's because they're not really dynamic enough or customizable enough. I was doing a lot of work with Dark Eldar / Corsair and bits to get my rank and file the way I wanted it. The project has pretty much stalled as I got the bug to work on a VC list, so I figured I'd share my ideas and see if it helped anyone else who wanted another idea to run with for DE.


These guys are kabalite warriors with some normal DE arms and the back generators clipped and filed down. I've also done some greenstuff capes and used brass rods to extend the spears into pikes.

Test spearman:

He's only a test paint so nowhere near done, but I wanted to get a sense of how these guys looked before building the unit.


I used corsairs and picked up DE warrior repeater crossbow arms on a bits site; really easy conversion and I think they look a lot better and are more fun to paint then the standard DE warriors.

Hope folks get a little inspiration from the shots - dunno if or when I'll get back to these guys but they were definitely fun to mess with.


noah.nathanson said Apr 03, 2012 02:48:34
Wow, those are really cool looking Scott!

So you know Scott before Colonial I was pretty certain that even though my Beastmen don't look that great that I was just happy to have them done and move on to something else. After getting your feedback and advice though I'm going to be picking up a few items (blue glaze and a dark brown liner) and putting the brush back to them beastly muscles. Thanks!

P.S. Great episode guys. There were some interesting looking Dark Elf armies at Colonial
ScottMorgan said Apr 03, 2012 03:39:08
Glad to hear it Noah - the painting and modeling side of the hobby is as enjoyable to me as the gaming; I love to geek about it and if that gets people jazzed to try new things with their own work that makes me feel pretty great. :)

Good luck playing with the liner!
Greg2thePerson said Apr 03, 2012 10:06:27
Hey, Scott,

Glad to see you join up on our forum! The Dark Elf models you converted are leaps and bounds ahead of the old Spearmen - great idea. Jen's also going to pick up some of the Brown Liner and experiment with it on the bone and in between color transitions - we'll post up some pictures as she goes. Thanks again for assisting with the Colonial, it was a fantastic event!
The slightly less beautiful host.
JonathanVanase said Apr 28, 2012 13:03:33
@archenemyredux Generally, I use a spreadsheet. I've found that as the tournaments I've been running get larger and larger, the spreadsheets becomes harder to handle. I've looked at the various software alternatives out there, but none of the pricing schemes excite me. I was really hoping there would be something in the opensource world to solve the problem, but I haven't found one suitable yet. I'm considering starting a project to just write one myself.

Anyway, for now it's a spreadsheet. I just show/hide columns as necessary to break out the rounds and see different calculations of cumulative scores. If you've got the $$ to spend though, Tournament Overlord is what I've seen used by other TO's. Hope that helps!

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