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greetings from up north (northern England)

posted Mar 25, 2012 20:20:52 by martindavidhal1
Hi martin here would like to start out by saying i'm loving the show great mix of content and perspective long may it continue.

i've been playing warhammer for many years, not competitively just down at my local GW and at home with friends and the Mrs. i'm currently painting miniatures for a living with decent success (beats working for the Government)
i enjoy the modelling side to the hobby a little more than the gaming but it's all good.
currently i'm working on a VC army as a gaming club has just opened near where i live so looking forward to getting some games in which i shall post on the forum.

here's a couple of pics of some of the models i've painted this year which i'm quite proud of. happy gaming people

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Greg2thePerson said Mar 25, 2012 23:50:14
Welcome to our community, Martin! Do you have a website for your commission work? How do you like painting as a job?

Thanks for sharing the pictures of your models. They look awesome! My favorite has got to be that Plague Priest. The freehand on the book is phenomenal.
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The slightly less beautiful host.
martindavidhal1 said Mar 26, 2012 08:30:37
Hi Greg no I don't have a website. I have a few regular customers who place orders quite frequently.
Painting is ideal as a job for me I have two children so it makes sense to be at home until they go to school full time. It doesn't pay as much as a standard salary would but nothing beats being your own boss. It can sometimes get a little stale usually half way through a commission but it's still enjoyable.

Thanks for the positive feedback, the priest was something I did in an afternoon about 6 hours work and i did enjoy doing the book. I was trying a slightly different style to what I usually paint so maybe I should carry on using that style lol

Glad to be a part of the forum


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