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Caleb completes Colonial

posted Apr 02, 2012 15:39:51 by CalebEdwards
Alliteration for the win. Here's my report on the games I had at colonial. Comments/suggestions are welcome -- and I'd love to hear the other side of the beastman battle. (And to play again -- I like ALL the beastmen models, including the minos and I think Noah's are pretty well painted).

Quick rundown of games and opponents first, then impressions:

1. Battle Line v. Beastmen. Outcome, 17:7 loss (or something like that)
2. Battle line v. Orcs and Goblins, 17: 7 win for me
3. Dawn Attack (random flanks) v. Brettonians, 18:7 win for me
4. Battle Line v. WoC, 12:10 "tie" against me.
5. Battle Line v. VC, 18:7 loss

59 battle points (i had 60 last year ;D), and 10.6/20 on painting. Last year I was fourth or fifth overall with painting with 15.6, so I think i was still "up" on 1/2-2/3rds of the field with a 10.6 (but don't have the results to confirm that). 7 on sports.

Game One: v. Noah Nathanson with Beastmen. No special rules this game. There were bonuses if you killed your opponent's most expensive unit (including characters) and for killing general. He had a horde of Gors, 6 minos, and a bunch of bestigors with the flaming banner. He had a level 1 on shadow (rolled Mindrazor and kept it), and a level 4 on death. Level one was in the bestigor who had the flaming banner, and the level 4 and general (and bsb) were in the big horde of gor.

My plan was to pile in a couple lances on it, and one of the flying characters and hopefully take it out. If I didn't, his minos could flank me. They had the blackened plate (4+ ward against flaming for the unit) and he'd had enough chaff to line them up across from my flaming unit, so it was shaky. I piled everything in, and managed to fluff enough attacks that he was only testing on a 4 rerollable. Which he made. On his turn, minos went into the flank of the flaming guys and chewed them up (not terribly, but it didn't help!). He also got mindrazor off on the Gors, which ALSO didn't help very much. I think my units broke and were run down, but the general might have escaped. (I'm not sure if it was in his turn or my turn that they broke). But either way, that let him mop up a bunch of points, and take out my trebs -- which failed to hit anything all game. Except once, when I hit the jabberslythe and rolled a 1 to wound.

Changes for future games: I should have been more cautious regarding mindrazor. He actually didn't roll it irresistably, but then I rolled about three 1s and 2s to dispell it (and I'd used my dispell scrolls to block a mindrazor before and a death snipe on the general). I should also think about a plan for someone with more chaff than me. I think I got tied up in terrain, and I should have maybe castled and made him come to me. Oh, and i spent my magic dice on trying to "hex" him (rerolling 6s) instead of augmenting myself to reroll 1s. The rest of the games, I focused on the rerolls 1s much more, and tried to use the hex as a threat to make them save dice.

Things I was right on: S3 gors just bounce off my armor. Of course, after the charge, I mostly bounce off them. He was trying to get me to charge the jabberslythe with my peg knights, but I looked at the 5 s5 attacks (and s3 attacks back for every wound) and decided against it :D. I believe I did use the pegs well to run down chaff. I think they ended up getting most of my points).

Game Two: v. (i'm forgetting his name right now) with Orcs and Goblins. special rules for this game was that there was a random chance of magic being harder to cast (they did it right however, and it was the SAME for both players' turns, unlike Ard Boyz). He had 2 level 1s (Goblin) and a L4 (savage orc). A big bus of big-uns with AHW and Grimgor and his body guard. Also a GIANT bus of night goblins. Other chaff was wolf riders, squig hoppers, two bolt throwers, rock lobba, and a squig herd.

Bonus points were for keeping your general alive, casting more spells than the opponent, and killing all enemy wizards/rune priests. So, my plan was to get my characters in to kill his wizards, and/or smash grimgor. He set up with an orc bus on either end and the long bus of night goblins in the middle. It meant that if i charged either orc bus, he couldn't flank me with the night goblins. Like an idiot though, I mostly forgot about the 3 fanatics in the night goblins. However, I think I actually had a decent plan to avoid them... which didn't survive the dice.

My hero on peg was flanking the grimgor unit, but would have to come within 8 inches of the night goblins as she charged in. he rolled an 8, a 7 and a 3 for his fanatics. Technically, I was 8 inches away, so the 8 guy bounced through me. We argued a bit over the angle that the hero was coming in on, but he was convinced that she would end up sitting on the fanatic that rolled a 7. I wasn't sure how that was the case (I think I would have travelled THROUGH the fanatic, and then finished my charge, with the fanatic doing 1d6 hits and sitting there). However, I was trying to be sporting, so didn't argue too much. That meant 3d6 s5 hits on the hero. So, I have a 4+, 5++ and I get to reroll one armour save. He rolls a LOT on his 3d6 and gets a bunch of wounds through. I then roll poorly on my saves, but do make my reroll. So now it's a question of rolling 4 or 5 dice for ward saves. My hero has three wounds... I roll the dice, and one of them bounces into a die that was on the table from before. I made two other saves and failed two. Now the 2 dice that hit eachother are showing 2 and 6. I think my die is the one showing 6, he thinks it's the 2. Despite being pretty sure mine was the 6, I take her off, and vow to roll my dice AWAY from all other dice in the future.

Otherwise, the game was pretty uneventful. I got a lance into each block of orcs and he made his break tests. Then we started bouncing off eachother -- I didn't want my general to fight grimgor (I just wasn't sure I could HKB him) so I left him killing black orcs, which he was decent at, although his pegasus was TERRIBLE at it. He kept picking AHW with the black orcs, and mostly bouncing off me. I guess it did mean extra attacks, but I would have gone for the higher strength.

The one suprising thing was that he charged his bus of goblins out from between the two orc units and into my bus of knights that was hanging back to pick up a second charge. He managed to net me every time, but I think I eventually won that combat -- I wasn't losing a lot of knights to s3, ws2 attacks. I ground out Grimgor's unit for a couple turns, while his other orc bus broke my sole knight bus (I think the errants) and ran them down (poor leadership test :(). However, he couldn't really do anything with that unit after chasing them down, and I finally managed to break grimgor and run his unit down. I think I also broke the goblins once they were only stubborn on L5. I wasn't able to kill his orc shaman, who was hiding behind a giant terrain piece for most of the game, so only got the 2 bonus points.

Takeaways: I need to be careful around fanatics, and careful about rolling. Otherwise, I think i did okay. Grimgor's unit is suprisingly tough (WS5!) but my guys are also pretty resilient.

Game Three: There was a whole kerfluffle before this game about matchups. I was originally matched up against Peyton's Empire army, then briefly against a WOC army (who I couldn't even find in the hall) and then finally against Mike Sullivan's Brettonians. He had a horde of halberdiers, 5 peg knights, a giant (15 long) bus of KOR, 9ish grail knights, and 2x 5 errant knights. (and a treb). His characters were a duel-y general, a bsb and 2 level 2s -- oh and a guy with the magic weapon that kills my magic weapon.

This one was dawn attack. I ended up with a decent placement (and was happy to be playing brets instead of cannon/cannon/mortar/stank/walter/shadow). More on this when I have the time.

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CalebEdwards said Apr 02, 2012 20:28:24
Okay, starting where I left off: Game three.

I ended up with almost everything in the center. General was off on one flank, but not far, and he could hide behind a terrain piece to avoid being trebbed. He ended up with most of his stuff in the center too, except for the unit of MAAs which were off on a flank. Because it was dawn attack, and I'd won the roll to place first (and we both prayed), I got the first turn. It was very weird going first.

I think my turn was mostly uneventful though -- I moved up slightly, and tried to angle the peg knights so they could go in after the treb (which was in the center of his army) without being countercharged. My trebs missed, and magic was uneventful. On his turn, he moved his five peg knights up to threaten a flank treb, and his errant knights up to screen his two big blocks. (they were 5x1). Here's where I made a colossal blunder which almost cost me the game. The unit of errants was lined up almost exactly with his big column of knights. So... I declare a charge into the side of that column with one unit of peg knights, and 2 charges into the errants. So far so good. Then I think... hmm, he has a character in there, so I declare a charge from my general into the column. Of course, the general then BLOCKS both my units from overrunning into the combat (and I can't position them so one gets through if I maximize. Total and complete lunacy on my part.

I blow away the errants, but my general and pegs whiff their attacks, and I think I lose combat. I pass the break test with the peg knights, but fail the general's on a re-rollable 7 or 8. I'm able to reform one knight block to face the oncoming grail knights while the other is positioned to charge into the long lance. However, my general runs just far enough that if he breaks the knight block that's angled to take the charge, he'll overrun and kill my fleeing general.

On his turn, he declares a charge into my unit that is facing the grail knights (I honestly didn't expect that, i think the flank of my other knights was a juicier target, and I was just setting up for a flank charge IF i held). But, that unit is still going to get blown away, except that on magic, he miscasts and blows up 5 grail knights (leaving the 3 characters and 2 grail knights intact).

So, although I lose combat, I'm steadfast and pass my breaktest. (my bsb is in the unit). My general fails to rally on a L9 rerollable and runs some more. Thankfully, the peg knights passed their non-rerollable break test and hold the big unit in place so that my other lance can charge in on my turn. I also charge in the hero on a peg to the grail knight combat, to try and assassinate his general, she promptly fails all her armour/ward saves and dies. My knights however, manage to kill the rest of the grail knights, and remain stubborn with two ranks. I thank heaven for small favours and it's now his turn.

This is where we probably screwed up however. He keeps his damsel behind the 2 characters that are still in the unit. So he has two characters in the front, and 1 in the back (and nothing else in the unit). He then challenges my BSB with his general. Realizing that it's going to get my BSB killed, I promptly decline (and lose the ward save on the unit). His characters kill about three knights, and I end up with 1 knight, 1 standard bearer and the BSB in the front rank. He says, you're not steadfast any more because you have one rank. I explain that even the first rank counts, at which point he says, but I have three people. And I say, yes, but your people aren't in ranks of three. He wants to move her up and count it, but i said no, since I would have been able to attack her in the combat if he'd done it at the end of the last combat. I pass my L8 rerollable test. In the other big combat, I think I did a bunch of wounds, and he whiffs his, then I run him down. (Just to give the full picture, my other bus of knights was busy chasing down his peg knights, which I had charged and broken. I can't remember whether I eventually chased them off the board or killed them outright, but I did get points for them. I also killed his treb around this time).

In the end, i got the damsel, and he got my bsb. I tried to get the points for the men-at-arms, but they rolled a 3 for their break test. My general rallied (eventually), and it was a big win to me.

Takeaways: I need to be smarter about when and where i declare my charges. That was definitely the theme of the tourney, and I will have to watch for that.
KevinSpear said Apr 02, 2012 21:22:14
Go go, Brets! Way to bring honor to the humans without a revised armybook! What was the army list that you brought?
CalebEdwards said Apr 02, 2012 21:33:21
I'm going to post it at the end, with my planned changes, but essentially, 2x3 peg knights, 2 buses of KOTR, 1 bus of Knights errant, General on Peg with HKB, Hero on Peg with Dueling virtue, L4 heavens, L1 beasts, bsb, and 2 paladins to suck up wounds.
CalebEdwards said Apr 03, 2012 17:54:58
Game Four: This game was battleline with a slightly different twist. Before you moved any troops on your first turn, you rolled a die for every unit, and on a 6, it made it's full move (marching if possible) forward. Then you went on as normal. This had a huge effect on the game. There was also a pond in the middle of the board, which we decided to play as a river (no ranks, no steadfast). I thought it would have a huge impact on the game, but it didn't.

My opponent was Gary No, playing WoC. His general was a L4 shadow, he had a bsb, and a L2 fire (all on foot). He had 3 big (4+ ranks) blocks of warriors -- two with halberds (one with frenzy banner, other with flaming banner), and one with sword and shield. I think sword and shield unit was tzeentch-marked for the extra ward save. He had 2 war shrines, 3 units of dogs, and a hell cannon.

He set his army up to minimize any marching forward -- a unit of dogs out on one flank, and the rest employed to bottle up his troops if they tried to move forward.

I set up somewhat in the middle (there was a big piece of impassible terrain in the middle, so I think i shifted slightly left -- towards the pond -- to get around it.

He put general and bsb in the sword/board warriors, Fire mage with the flaming warriors, and nothing in the halberds. On his turn, he moved his dogs up to stop me from getting a good charge with my stronger units (I had bsb and stubborn mage in one unit). Nothing much else happens. Oh, and he rolled no 6s.

On my turn, I started by seeing what was moving -- I rolled 6s for 1 treb, 1 unit of KOTR, Peg Hero, General, and 1 unit of peg knights. As the dust settled, my heroes and a big bus of knights were just sitting in the middle of the board.

Realizing that I had to make the best of it, I charged the general into the unit with the flaming banner (2+ ward :D), and the hero and kotr bus into the unit with his characters in it. This left their flank exposed to a countercharge from the frenzied warriors. I thought about switching the placement when I charged, but then my knight bus would have been in the pond, losing its ranks. I figured I needed the combat rez if I was going to break him, so had to go for it. The peg knights went into the flank of a warshrine, and hoped that they could overrun into one of the combats. I moved up my other knight units to threaten on the next turn.

Magic did nothing that I can remember (I might have got harmonic convergence off on the unit, but not much else). I did have the best treb shot I would have all game though, taking off 2 ranks from the frenzied warriors.

In combat, the peg knights broke the war shrine, but failed to run it down (short fleeing and charging was the story of the game for my poor fliers). However, this made a huge difference as the shrine's flee move bounced it through all three warriors units so that it was sitting almost directly in front of the frenzied warriors (blocking the charge!). This would prove to be critical as my knights won the combat (peg hero did one wound to his general and took none in return), but he passed his break test on a 4 re-rollable . I think there's about a 30% chance of him passing it.

In the other combat, the general killed the champion (but barely) and held on a 7.

On his turn, he moved the dogs up at an angle to block my other units, rallied the war shrine (but not before it blocked the charge), and set up his frenzied unit so it could charge into my flank on his next turn. I believe his other war shrine charged the peg unit, and they decided to flee off the board after failing a L7 or 8 test. His dogs failed a long charge on the right hand treb. Magic and shooting did nothing much that I can remember (except that the silver mirror failed to put a wound on his general).

In his combat phase, my hero whiffed entirely, and got one wound back in return. I managed to do a single wound back with my knights (and didn't take any in return -- thank you armour saves!), making it a slight loss to me because of the bsb -- i think we were both on 2 or 3 extra ranks). I passed both L8 tests (getting 9-1=8 from the general).

In the other combat, the general killed the L2 and passed a L8 test -- I still couldn't beat his static rez.

Now it was my turn. I charged the 2 other knight buses into the dogs (i didn't have a way to clear them, so needed to get rid of them and hopefully clear my way to the combat. He had angled them well, but I was able to use their length to force a slightly better angle -- essentially, one went in first, and closed the door. The other went into the other dog unit and made contact, but couldn't close the door because of the first combat, forcing him to swing towards me. It wasn't great, but it meant I wasn't at an awful angle.

I also had the choice of whether to place my peg knights to block a charge from the frenzied knights, or ignore them and pile into the side of the big combat. After thinking for a bit, I decided to charge -- if I could break him, I could also move my units out of the way.

In shooting, both trebs failed to hit the hell cannon, and in magic, I got a buff or two off (I had decided by this point that buffing my guys was more important than debuffing his.).

In combat, my hero killed the general, and I did enough wounds to force a snake-eyes (rerollable) test, which he failed. The hero and the knight bus pursued, while the peg knights tested to restrain, and reformed to keep the frenzied warriors from hitting the flank of my bus.

My two knight buses made short work of the dogs, but didn't have anywhere to go after, so reformed.

In the other combat, the general whiffed his attacks (getting one wound through), then took three wounds in return. Of course, these were flaming wounds, so he had a 2+ ward save. I then proceeded to roll 1,1,2. That left me losing combat by 3 or 4, and needing a 5 or 6 to stay (My bsb was close enough for a reroll this time). Of course, the general decided that he'd done his job, and promptly fled... 6 inches! He rolled an 8 to chase me and my general was gone.

Now it's his turn, and I've conveniently cleared out the dogs that would otherwise block his charge. He charges his warrior block into the closest bus (errants) and lines them up so that they will get into the next bus on an overrun (his unit now had +1 st and +1 armour from the war shrines). The dogs fail another charge on the treb, and his frenzied unit plows into the peg knights -- they had to hold because otherwise he could redirect into the knight bus.

Magic and shooting were not memorable, and in combat he broke and ran down the peg unit, and the errant knights. This left his frenzied unit in the middle of the table, and his other unit overruning into my last bus of knights.

On my turn, i decided that discretion was the better part of valour, and marched the free knight bus forward and out of his LOS. The peg hero flew off in a dift' direction to hide. In magic, I got rerolling 1s off on my only unit in combat, and made his unit reroll 6s. Shooting saw a treb hit the hell cannon, then roll a 1 to wound. I realize this wasn't a guarantee of killing the cannon anyways, but it was frustrating in light of later events.

In combat, I actually broke his unit (they had been depleted in combat with the knights errant, so weren't steadfast on their check), but failed to run it down. I thought I was sitting pretty going into turn 6.

Unfortunately, I had not counted on the randomness of dice. He finally plowed the dogs into one treb, and with nothing else to do (and no magic) turned the hellcannon 180 degrees to shoot at my unit that had tried to get out of the way. The scatter dice came up a hit.... and a misfire. At this point i though, I'm saved! I can keep these points and win the game. But nope, he rolls the misfire result that breaks the chains and sends him charging towards my unit. Which prompts a terror test. Which i failed... and ran off the board.

That unit was about 500 points, so it took a good win (I broke his other unit on my turn 6, so got the points for them) and made it a tie. Objectives included breaking units (not killing them in combat), and controlling table quarters. Since I'd just run off the board, he won the table quarters battle, and he won the breaking units battle too -- since I'd destroyed the two dog units, I couldn't count them, and the unit I'd broken twice only counted once. Even then we would have been tied, but his dogs failed to kill the treb outright and instead broke it... so I lost that point too.

While I'm writing though, it occurs to me that we might have done the terror test wrong? Do I really do a terror test if I'm not being "charged" in the charge phase? I assume I wouldn't have gotten a stand and shoot (if it was even possible). Not that it matters much, I still would have bee testing on an 8 steadfast, and was just as likely to fail it then.

After the dust had settled, I was ahead by about 475 points even with the loss of that unit, so it was a super close thing -- if my general had decided not to fail two 2+ saves, or my treb had actually held, it would have been a win for me.

Still, it was a good game of warhammer, even if I was slightly annoyed at my luck. :D
CalebEdwards said Apr 04, 2012 16:19:46
Okay, last game against Josh Hankin with vampire counts. (Who ended up 7th overall). As an aside, Noah, who beat me first game ended up 10th overall, and Gary No, who "tied" me second game ended up 6th. My wins came against the guy who came dead last, and against a guy who came 62nd. That's a bit of a spread :D.

Josh's army had 2 mortis engines (one of which had a bubble of +2 to cast vamp lore), vamp bsb (L1 shadow), strigoi vamp general with red fury and various other things, L4 necro, 2 blocks of ghouls (getting one vamp character each), a block of 25ish zombies (getting the necro), 6 crypt horrors, 2x2 fell bats, 2 spirit hosts, and 5 of the ethereal horse-guys.

This scenario had bonus points keyed to two objectives, which were "center-ish". There was a giant piece of impassible terrain in the center, and the rules put them on my side essentially. So he would have to come to me. Of course, I played like a chump and managed to lose :D.

I deployed my stuff far enough back that he couldn't hit me with the ethereal horsemen in the first turn (after vanguard), and mostly in the opposite corner from his stuff. On his first turn, he marched forward and somewhat to my left. His crypt horrors moved to block the other gap, which meant they were lined up somewhat with my flaming banner knights. Magic did nothing much -- except that his miscast and forgot invocation and (sadly) his magic missile from the Necro.

On my turn, I shuffled my guys towards my right (away from his oncoming ghouls/ethereal horses) and moved up one set of pegs to threaten his left flank, while the other went up the right flank. The Lord also went up the right flank, while the peg hero sat behind the big piece of impassible terrain, looking at the necromancer. My trebs missed, and because I didn't have much else to do, I decided to cast a comet in the middle of all his units.

On his turn, he charged my left-most treb with the ethereal knights (angling to overrun towards my guys), and move everybody else forward. I forgot to roll for the comet in his magic phase, and then we moved on...

On my second turn, I charged the peg hero into the flank of the zombie unit (intending to challenge out the necro, and then just kill zombies for a while). I decided not to charge anything else in, because I didn't think I could make it. However, the Errant knights could make it to the crypt horrors on a 10. At which point, they decided to fail their 6 rerollable test (teaching me to keep my general nearby), and charge in. I thought, meh, I haven't lost yet -- I'll just block myself up a bit when I fail... Except that I made it! So now I have a unit in combat with toughness 5, 4+ regen monsters... I think, "I need to support these guys". So I move my general up so that he'll have a flank charge on the crypt horrors, and can't get charged by anything on Josh's side.

Now its the magic phase. I remember the comet now, b/c I'm practically sitting on top of it (to be fair, it was under his unit tray for a while). We decide to roll to see if it went off in his turn... Nope. Does it go off in mine? Yes. So everything within d6 (11!!!!!) + 2 (markers) is going to get hit. obviously, the peg hero is in trouble, but guess who just moved up to be within 13 inches of the marker... Yup. The general.

I roll for all his units, and can't roll higher than a 7 for any (including a 4 or 5 for one of his mortis engines which resulted in him being 1 wound short of dying!). He rolls an 8 for the peg hero, and a 9 for the general... Who both promptly keel over. Not that I could have expected either of them to live, but still. It immediately put me on the back foot, and took out almost all of my ethereal killing power.

On the other hand, the knights errant actually won combat with the crypt horrors, and got them down to 3 models (maybe 4?). Essentially though, the game was over from there. I didn't want to fight his vamp lord, so kept trying to run away, and couldn't punch through the crypt horrors for a couple turns (however, their s4 attacks weren't doing much to my knights errant). In the end, it came down to two fights -- one was my stubborn block against his bsb ghouls, while the other was his general's ghouls and a mortis engine against two buses of knights. at the bottom of the 6th turn, I won combat by just enough to pop the mortis engine, which now did d6 hits to everything within 12+turn # inches... Which included my unit that was fighting in the other combat, but not his unit... So I then lost enough knights for him to wipe out the rest and run down the characters... Sealing his victory.

I'm pretty sure it was going to be a win for him after he killed my first couple characters, but that also let him get the points for my bsb and lord-level caster.

The one highlight of the game though, was my second trebuchet fighting off (over two turns) a unit of bats. Of course, they then were so scared that their shot against the other mortis engine scattered, hitting (and killing!) my own champion -- and helping his bsb ghoul block on its way to finishing me off.

So, a frustrating end to the tournament, but one that I feel I can improve on. I learned that ghouls are not very effective against 2+ armor. Especially if you can reroll 1s or make them reroll 6s. I was scared of the vamp characters, but what I should have done was use the flaming knights to threaten the crypt horrors, and send the other two blocks into one unit of crypt ghouls. I would have had four characters that could challenge his general (assuming 1 turn to kill a champ in the unit), and my blocks would be somewhat protected by their narrowness. I think I would have gotten enough combat rez to stop the general from totally killing me (although he DID have the other trickster's shard, so I would have been rerolling wards)

I don't think my paint score was as high as Josh's, but 10 more points (assuming a win instead of a loss) would have put me in 25th or 26th place. If I had gotten the full 11 more points, I would have been top 20. Even just winning the WoC game would have put me 10 places higher. So I wasn't out of the running by the 5th game, I just needed to play smarter :D. Next time :D.
Greg2thePerson said Apr 05, 2012 10:18:57
Thanks for the reports, Caleb!

Seems like the Comet in Round 5 was particularly brutal. All in all it looks like you had 5 good games against 5 good opponents, which is the best you can hope for!
The slightly less beautiful host.
KevinSpear said Apr 05, 2012 19:38:37
Really interesting battle reports!

About your Bret Vs Bret report...

If I'm reading this correctly... your unit killed all the grail knights in the unit with 3 characters, correct? If so, the damsel MUST move up immediately after the last was killed in order to maintain unit cohesion. if it was a lance it was 3 wide and must stay 3 wide at all times unless he reforms). He could only have reformed after break tests were taken.

As it stands, I think you played it correctly as it provided both of you with a benefit (he protected his damsel while you were still stubborn).

Just my understanding of the rules however!
CalebEdwards said Apr 05, 2012 21:55:07
Yeah -- 5 good games, and considering they were games 1-5 with that list, and 5-9 with brets in 8th edition, I can't complain too much. It was a good learning experience. New list will drop the peg hero for another unit of pegs, and monkey around with points a bit to get her virtues on a horse-hero, as well as the ruby ring on the L1 for a cheap magic missile.

And yeah -- if I'd noticed that he'd left the damsel in the back before we did the combat, I probably would have argued that he should have moved it up. As it was, I figured us both getting a benefit was pretty even.

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