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Jibba Jabba takes on The Colonial GT!

posted Apr 05, 2012 20:10:44 by noah.nathanson
So we went to the Colonial GT is lovely somewhere in Jersey last weekend. It was a weekend filled with laughs, shouts of "GAMEBREAKING" (mainly by me) and some confusion which ended up with four of us being given a hotel room that already had four sleeping gamers in it!

So I rolled down with Jon and Mike (fellow Unplugged Gamers) in my car and got in a practice game Friday night against Mike's Vampires with a mortis engine. He hadn't really used it before, I'd never fought it before, it was good practice for both of us.

So let's see who was accompanying our resident Jabberslythe on this trip:
Bam-Bam the Beastlord: 4+ armor, 4+ ward, potion of strength, brass cleaver (it let's him go BAM BAM BAM)
Cry-Baby the Great Bray Shaman (how hard is it to cast a spell on 6 dice?): Fencer's Blades, 5+ ward, Earthing Rod, Lvl 4 death
BSB: Heavy Armor, Shield, Gnarled Hide, +1 LD banner
Level 1 Bray Shaman: Additional hand weapon and a bad attitude (dispel scroll)

37 Gors, AHWs, FC
36 Ungors, HW/shield, FC
5 Ungor Raiders
5 Warhounds
Tuskgor Chariot
5 harpies
5 harpies
16ish bestigors, FC, flaming banner
6 minotaurs, FC, blackened plate on the champ

I think that's everybody! The gors tend to go in a horde with the beastlord and bsb in there and often one of the two casters, usually the level 4. If I can keep that unit alive I've usually got a good chunk of my points still around. 3 toughness 5 characters in a unit is often a surprise for people!

Game one was against our very own Caleb Edwards!
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noah.nathanson said Apr 05, 2012 20:11:09
Game 1 vs. Caleb Edwards Brettonians

Caleb’s list looked roughly like this (Caleb can correct me where my count is off):
Lord on Peg, HKB + other stuff
Hero on Peg, awesome in challenges i think
Level 4 heavens, stubborn, dispel item
Level 1 beasts, dispel item (one of these was a scroll, the other the silver mirror)
3 fighty paladins with good saves, one was a BSB
2 units of 3 peg knights
2 lances of 10 Knights of the Realm (ish) 1 of these had the flanming banner
10 knights errant with errantry banner (maybe?)
2 trebuchets.

We were playing a straight battleline game with a couple of bonus objective points. The only terrain that made a big difference was a small piece of impassable on the right side of my deployment zone and a building which counted as impassable near the middle of the table.

Pre game thoughts: How the hell do you fit 7 mounted characters in a list?!?!?! Luckily the army was small so I was hoping to take out the trebuchets quickly. There weren’t many places to hide the jabberslythe so I deided to go balls to the wall forward with it and force him to shoot at it and not my units. The Jabber makes a great target. With 500 points for a win I knew if I kept my minotaurs and main block alive he’d have to work to get those points.

I tried to lay a trap early on the left flank for one unit of Caleb’s Peg knights that would have traded my ungor raiders for his knights. Instead, he charge the knights into the front of my gor block with characters. It took two turns for me to eat those peg knights. On the right flank I put my chariot in a spot where it was looking in towards the center at any units he might move. This left it open for his peg knights but if they went in then they would be sitting and staring at my bestigors who were licking their chops and hoping for pegasus for dinner.

The turning point of this game was our scrum in the middle of the table. We each had a turn or two to position. I moved my gor block up to have it’s flank against the impassable so that he’d have to come into the front of my unit. My ungor block was on the other side of the impassable waiting for a lance to come in so that they could get a sneaky 8th edition charge into their flank. They would need to move almost 2 feet to get into the combat, but they’d only need to roll a 5 or 6 to make it. The minotaurs were on the other flank of my gors. I’d put them in a spot where they were lined up with his flaming unit which I luckily have a 4+ ward against. They were also a 20-21 inch charge for both of his flying characters. If he went into the gors, he’d be getting minotaurs in the flank. I 6 diced mindrazor at the gors to make it less tempting, Caleb used his last scroll on it (I think the first was used against a death snipe on one of his peg characters.)

Caleb decided to charge into the with his general, the flaming knights of the realm, and the knights errant. The general was going to make it automatically, but the knights needed a 7 and a 10. I figured that the odds were in my favor for only one of the units making it in. Unfortunately, swiftstride is dead sexy and all three units came crashing in to my gors. I still wasn’t that worried, I figured I’d lose by 3 or so and be on a rerollable 7. Not the best spot, but if I held for one round I’d be cleaning up afterwards. Also Caleb cast curse of the midnight wind on my gor block! It was going to be a mess of rerolls there.
I fed my champion to whoever challenged ( I think the lord) and ended up taking a bigger stomping than I’d expected. I lost combat by 5 and was on a rerollable 5. I managed to make it on the first roll thankfully. The same time this happened , Caleb took my chariot with his peg knights. It’s worth mentioning that my level 4 (with WS 10, T 5, and a 5+ ward) was on 1 wound left when Caleb charged in and he couldn’t get the last wound off of it!
In my turn my bestigors charged his peg knights who fled but only rolled a 5 and were caught. The minotaurs went in one flank of the knights and the ungors failed to get the 5 they needed to get in the flank of the other knights. I picked up 6 dice in the magic phase and got mindrazor off but not irresistibly. Caleb failed to dispel it. I stopped the game for a minute to feel guilty (I got over it. Throwing 6 dice at spells is a skill, right?) I killed all of the knights from the Realm bus and most of the errants. The errants and general broke, but the stubborn level 4 decided to hold all by herself. The next turn Caleb sent in his other peg hero to try and save her, but they both died.
Meanwhile, one unit of harpies went and got into one treb by turn two. Caleb took 2 shots turn one at the Jabber and scattered off both times. Turn 2 the Jabber was inside the range of the one that could shoot. I got greedy with it, charged some warhounds at the treb (who failed) and then moved the Jabber over to LD bubble into the big combat to try and kill some knights. It didn’t work and it meant that on his turn Caleb could get one last shot at the Jabber. He landed a hit from the Trebuchet directly on it’s scaley back, then rolled a 1 to wound!

This game was an absolute blast and was a great way to start the tournament. I ended up giving up about 125 points or so and getting a little over 1000 I think from Caleb. With bonus points I think we ended up with a 17-8.

Post game thoughts:
Things I could have done better: I could have deployed a bit better. Against Bretonnians without much chaff I could have kept one unit of harpies or the dogs closer to the center. I could have jammed up his charges so that all three of those units couldn’t make it in on one turn. It was a small mistake but came very close to costing me the game.
Thing Caleb might have done: I think he committed with both Peg knight units too early. Those two units flying around could have caused me no end of trouble. Actually, at this event considering the 500 point cap he could have put them in front of my gor block and just kept fleeing while sending his flying characters out to kill the jabberslythe, minotaurs, and the chaff. He would have had to deal with death snipes the entire time though. Also, if Caleb had cast the bubble reroll 1’s buff on himself instead of cursing me, he’d have probably broken me in that combat.
This was a pretty good matchup for my army. The two flyers are scary, as are the trebuchets. Without any chaff I can get to the trebs unless he castles up though. If he did hang back I’d have probably gone after the trebuchets and then try death sniping his characters.
Now I’m sitting on a first game win for the first time at a GT, I’m actually thankful I didn’t get the full 17 points. I’m hoping to get paired up against somebody who is not top tier, maybe a softer list, hoping for nothing too scary for the Jabber. Instead, I get matched up against my fellow Unplugged Gamer Peyton Shipman and his tough as nails Empire army. Oh, I’ve also never beaten Peyton in a game. This will also be our second 2500 point game together ever! We forgot to bet any McChicken’s on it...
noah.nathanson said Apr 05, 2012 20:15:00
Peyton's army list consisted of some artillery, a stank, and a war altar... okay, that wasn't all of it. It looked something like this:

Pope on his ride: Some gear that never had an effect
Level 4 Shadow: I don't cast no stinking spells! Dispel scroll or spellbreaking scroll
Level 2 Fire: other scroll
BSB: may or may not be naked
Engineer: No pigeon bombs
2 big blocks of spearmen (The army list is downstairs, gimme a break!)
- each had a detachment of 5 free company
2 Cannons (Jibba Jabba no like!)
2 units of pistoliers

I think that was it. I'll take a peek and edit it later. Battle report later! If you see this before I post, feel free to make predictions.
CalebEdwards said Apr 05, 2012 22:03:39
Just adding my 2 cents -- it was 11 Knights errant, and 10 each of the KOTR. My revised list is down to 6 mounted characters :D. Actually, I stick them in because they do a decent job of stopping attacks back against the unit. As long as the champ is alive on one side, and the hero on the other, I can block 2 files of attacks on my knights.

And yeah -- I had never tried heavens on brets before (some practice games would help :D). For the rest of the tournament I prioritized the rerolls over the hex -- and the better hex is probably the -1 to hit.

I think my other big failure in the game was to get too greedy with the objectives (which I think were to take out your opponent's most expensive unit). I should have played more cagily, and just tried to take points off you.
noah.nathanson said Apr 05, 2012 23:01:06
Hooookay, so. There were bonus points on this scenario for casting more spells and some other stuff I don't remember. WE were playing on table 14 and I believe the tables were ordered by how well people had done, so there were a ton of people on 18 point wins from game one.

We had an interesting table with a large piece of impassable terrain in the middle of the table. Peyton deployed his war altar and steam tank next to each other back and to the left of this center piece of terrain and I came up with an amazing and tactically genius plan. I deployed back and to the right of this terrain piece and decided to run up behind it and throw purple suns through it and through the stank and popemobile. It's really not much of a multi-point plan. Oh, I hid the Jibba Jabba from one of the cannons but not the one by the engineer.

I moved up first and fail to get purple sun off, Peyton brought up his stank and war altar towards the gor block hiding behind the impassable terrain. On the flanks Peyton's pistoliers will dance around and kill harpies over a couple of turns. The cannon that can see the jabberslythe fires off a shot but misfires. The engineer gives it his reroll... and misfires again! Just can't shoot this turn.

In my turn the Jabber hops over some more terrain to have the stank between one of the cannons to not give it an optimal shot. The hounds charge the stank to hold it up. The gors move up a bit, bestigors are hanging back and to the left of the gors, minotaurs are to the right trying to sneak up the right flank. Looking at it I can still hit both of the big things with Purple Sun so I chuck 6 dice at it and roll up a grand total of... 15 (including my +4.) Peyton takes a shot with the destroy spell scroll and doesn't destroy the spell. His turn, Peyton kills the warhounds, takes a shot at the jabberslythe and just misses.

Turn 3, I see the stank coming down and move my level 4 out of the gor block and run up behind the impassable terrain. The Jabberslythe charges a unit of 5 free company that were blocking it in. Magic, I throw six dice at purple sun again, Peyton scrolls it. I haven't mentioned it, but Peyton has been casting spells from the war altar most turns, so he's up on me for that bonus point. With it's 5 attacks and thunderstomp the Jabberslythe kills 4 free company and the last one holds! Peyton charges the stank into the gors (who hold) and fails a charge from the pope mobile at the bestigors. The peg captain heads towards the bestigors I think.

So, to wind things down the Jabber went into the flank of the war altar. They continued to fight for 4 rounds until the bestigors went into the flank. Eventually there I clued in to the fact that I should stop attacking the arch lector and killed the altar itself. The jabber chased down the arch lector. The besitgors took the peg captain to the face who fluffed and ran off. Peyton moved the fire mage around and got one or two spells off at the level 4. Then he brought the pistoliers over on the last turn but just left the guy on one wound. The bestigors overran into a spear block, killed the fire mage, and broke them even with their steadfast.

I kept casting purple sun every turn and Peyton diced it to stop it until turn 6, got it off without a miscast and killed the steam tank. Amazingly, the gor block, general, and BSB managed to take 7 wounds off the steam tank before that.

Peyton ended up snagging about 300 points off of me and I got enough to squeeze the win. It was 15 to 8/10 (can't remember how many points Peyton got.)

Post game thoughts:
This was probably one of the most ridiculous games of warhammer I'd ever played. We were almost giggling throughout the game. Again, I made a couple of mistakes. I put the jabberslythe where the wrong cannon could fire at it. If I was picking one, it should have been the one without an engineer. There was also no need to take the level four out of the unit the steam tank was charging. It just left it open to being picked out. Also, I wasted quite a bit of time having the jabberslythe attack the arch lector instead of the war altar. Live and learn, I don't get to play Empire opponents often.

For his side... somebody might not handle whatever was inside his water bottle that well ;oP He was playing a much more laid back game then he usually plays, if I hadn't gone to him then it could have been a draw easily.

Now I was sitting on two wins and in some serious trouble!

Next up Josh and his Lizardmen army which managed to have scarier characters than the Bretonnian list you see earlier!
KevinSpear said Apr 07, 2012 00:44:30
Hey now! What would a Bretonnian Army be without its heroic characters? Nothing thats what!

Hah. But, in all seriousness, sounds like the hummies put you through your paces and you came out on top. Well done!
noah.nathanson said Apr 08, 2012 02:44:32
Hahahah I agree, I think the extra characters may add punch and survive-ability in a lot of other situations but I lucked out with the great equalizer... mindrazor. Definitely a highlight for me was looking across the table at nicely painted armies every game. More to come soon.
noah.nathanson said Apr 11, 2012 01:13:07
Okay, I gotta trim these down a bit I think. All the detail is nice to have been remembered but makes for some long reading (and writing!)

So game three was against Josh Walters and his Lizardmen. His list was roughly:
Slaan, loremaster light, +1 dice when casting, screw me outta my 6's when casting
Fighty old blood on carnasaur, sword of anti heroes, ward save, some other stuff
level 2 skink
3 saurus heros on cold ones, all with 1+/2+ armor saves and 4+/5+ ward saves, some with special weapons
4 units of 10 skinks
big block of saurus
2 salamanders
11 cold ones with +d6 on one charge banner

I think that was it. This was actually the first time I've ever checked an opponents list for legality during a tournament. It just seemed like a lot of character power! It was, 625 points on the dot for lords, 623 for heroes.

The scenario this round was dawn attack. I had impassable terrain just inside 18" from either flank. My general's unit ended up coming on the left side (with the Jabberslythe) and I wasn't going to be able to get any more than one unit within range of my general and BSB. I was at a pretty big disadvantage when his army showed up directly in the center looking at my gor block with characters.

He came strong forward with all the fighty heroes in the cold one bus. He went into the bestigors and overran into harpies directly behind them. Then I put the ungors into the flank of the block. I was really happy with this, I set it up so everything was on a rerollable LD 10 for the panic test. I just wanted to tie this up. While it was tied up I wiped up all of the rest of the army. I ended up giving up the Jabberslythe as well to position things that weren't the bus.

I got the minotaurs into the front of the saurus block and my gor herd with characters into the flank. Due to an issue with how my opponents back rank of the bus had an inch gap between them and the front rank this took me an extra turn to do. I noticed only after moving my charging gors which changed their overrun through chaff. Not a big deal, but if I'd noticed it before I moved I'd have pressed for it to be correct and I'd have gotten in with just the gors a turn earlier. This combat went well and the slaan was on rerollable snakeeyes. He made it on the reroll. On the same turn, he beat he finally freed up his cold one bus. I admit, I got thrown off my game a bit by him making that break test! I reformed to put my general on the flank the bus was about to crash in to.

In his turn he was excited to charge in, declared it and pushed the unit in immediately. I should have stopped him and stated that I wanted to pop my potion of strength, but it took me a minute to remember. By that time it was too late and my opponent didn't want to let it in, which was fair because it was too late. The slaan got off every light spell in existence and the bus killed a ton of gors. The slaan made a ton of saves and was still kicking on one wound. I was on snakeeyes myself now! Things had turned around quickly. I did the minotaurs first to keep my reroll and got it for them but broke with my gor block which got chased down by the bus.

In the end on turn 6 his bus was sitting 4 inches in front of my minotaurs. The only other unit on the table was my unit of raiders that could jump between them. I was debating the charge, it was 4 minos who were on 3 extra attacks a piece. With little to no chance of winning the combat, I still went in a) I was down about 800 points which was a loss and b) I failed my frenzy test ;o) With only one mino touching the unit I still managed to kill 4 cav and put three wounds on different characters but didn't cap any points. He took out the unit.

Great game with Josh, I was pumped by how I played. I did almost everything as well as I could and if the slaan hadn't gotten that snake eyes I'd have gotten a massive win out of this game. I made some mistakes after that but hopefully the experience will teach me something.

So at the end of the day I think I was on 40 points, tied with Greg and REALLY REALLY REALLY hoping I wouldn't be playing him in the morning.
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noah.nathanson said Apr 11, 2012 01:31:15
So after dinner, cigars, moonshine, and a whole ton of great gaming chat with a whole mess of great people, I rolled into bed around 1:30 I think. Up at 6:30 the next day I was ready to take a stomping. I was hoping to get a win on day two because I really wanted to make the top half. At the Conflict GT my goals were top half and beat Corey Walizer (the only other beastmen player at most events.) I ended up tied with Corey on the dot for 33rd out of 60. Beating Corey at this event would be really nice as well!

So game 4 I was hoping to play anybody that wasn't Greg. I looked at the pairings and saw our names next to each other... on separate tables! So I was on table 14 (the same table I played Peyton on the day before) against James Hinkle and his Orcs and Goblins. James was super friendly and mentioned that he might have played a game between this weekend and the Colonial the previous year. He said he tried to idiot proof his army as much as possible. His list was roughly:

Grimgor and da immortalz (a lot of them, no clue how many)
Level 4 orc
level 1/2 night goblin
Goblin on spider
Goblin on squig
big ol block of savage orcs
40-50+ night goblins with nets and a fanatic
7 ish spider riders
7-10? squig hoppers
Araknarok spider
2 pump wagons
3 Trolls

I'd never played a game of warhammer as silly as the one I played with Peyton until this one. I set it up so that I could avoid his two orc blocks and the goblin block the whole game if I wanted to. This began what I kept calling "The Rarely Seen Mating Dance" of the Orcs and Beastmen. We spent turn after turn dancing around each other with me trying to death snipe the goblin characters and the araknarok and stop his blocks from coming at me. Long story short I managed to keep debuffing the squig hoppers so he didn't want to charge them in and managed to get everything that wasn't the blocks and trolls while giving up a unit of harpies and warhounds. I put the minotaurs into the front of the trolls on the last turn. 19 attacks and 3 impact hits ended in 6 or 7 wounds of which 2 got through his regen. He did two back and held with the bsb and general nearby. I managed to squeek out the win by around 100 points!

James ended up getting my vote for favorite opponent. He was super friendly, easy going, and when there was a rules question he was happy to be corrected and extremely polity (and firm) when he thought he was correct. I think the last is as important as the rest, right or wrong. When he was right he was gracious and he was the same when he was wrong. Greg ended up playing him in the last round. Apparently James told Greg that it was between Greg or myself for his favorite opponent vote but I was getting it because I yelled a lot more than Greg! I was pretty loud this tournament, but it was because so much that was going on was GAMEBREAKING!

So it was time for the last game. I was on 3 wins and 1 loss and pretty sure I was going to take a bit of a beating in the final round. I ended up getting paired up against dwarfs... uh oh!
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