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Heya all! Not to be repetitive, but am I bthe first Irishman?!

posted Apr 07, 2012 10:42:37 by frostytaz
Hi all at Painting Tabled and her forums! Shane from Ireland here and just getting into the gaming of the hobby after years and years of collecting some nice models (and butchering them with my average paintwork!) I only recently discovered that I had somehow inadvertently collected more Orcs and Gobbos than any other army so have just had my second real warhammer (tutorial) game and am enjoying it as much as I have the paining!
Love the podcast - am a regular listener to yourselves and a few other hammercasts, but really love the dynamic of your particular content and expression. Makes for fun listening while toiling away on the core units I never knew I needed when I just collected for painting! Anyway - thanks for everything and keep up the great work! In the meantime, I might just start milking the forums on how to make a generic unit like Boyz a little more interesting on the painting table!
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Greg2thePerson said Apr 07, 2012 12:10:45
Hi, Shane!

Thanks for joining our community. I believe that forum member "Mr. Saturday" is also from Ireland.

What do you have in your Orcs and Goblins collection?
The slightly less beautiful host.
frostytaz said Apr 07, 2012 15:40:33
Hi Greg! Wow-fast reply! Well, I have a bit of everything really, but not enough of any one group - so it runs as follows:Grimgor Ironhide, Wurrzag, (Just bought) Goblin Warboss on Gigantic Cpider- great model piece this one! 20 Boyz (5 Painted-I'm slow as an arthritic snail getting through similar models!), 20 Savage Boyz, 20 Black Orcs, 20 Goblins, 20 Night Gobbos, 3 Skulkers, 3 Fanatics, 10 Wolf Riders, 20 Spider Riders, 1 Orc Chariot (Another WIP), an Arachnarok, Giant and Rock Lobber!
It sounds like a lot, I know, but as a force, it probably leaves a lot to be desired...or maybe just experience, I'm not sure! Some of that list are quite new as I've been trying to get to the gaming table respectably - not to steamroll, but just be competitive. Having fun with the Arachnarok and Gigantic spider as projects at the moment and all others are on the half-done backburner! I'm not sure what direction to develop the army-am torn between nicely manicured table-candy and effective units to take.
I need some sort of colour scheme for the orcs too, but I find that greenskin is tough to put a match with to make it look more than leather and green ad infinitum!
Listen, thanks for the fast reply, Greg - and for any and all help! will need to give Mr. Sat a shout too to see if he is somewhat local enough for a game!

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