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Number eighteen, the dreaded eighteenth

posted Apr 07, 2012 22:22:28 by TomOnibur
Things of note:
I liked Jen's Corner table song. I think that there should be a corner table song established soon.
I want to see those Mantic orcs! post them up here por favor.
For those of us who didn't know what the heck Peyton was shouting about: Empire are the most game breaking army.

I thought I had something else to say, but i can't think of it. On a Related "orky" note, I *ahem* borrowed some GW orcs from a mutual friend recently and I kinda like them. They have a classic cartoony feel about them. How could you not love those guys?
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Greg2thePerson said Apr 08, 2012 12:53:35
Haha, thanks for posting the link to the "Game Breaking" thread. The pictures of the Orcs are posted underneath the Episode, but I will re-post them here.

As for the GW Orc boyz... the part of me that enjoyed the goofy look of those models died after speed painting 50 of them for Tony's army. :-)

Jen's Mantic Orc WiP

Greg's Mantic Orc

The slightly less beautiful host.
TomOnibur said Apr 08, 2012 17:52:33
I really like their halberds, but not so much their skinny legs. Yours looks like it's going to topple over forwards.Overall, I like them though. They seem more plausible than GW orcs.
ScottMorgan said Apr 08, 2012 20:18:18
Hey there guys - just had a listen to the webcast; thanks for the kind words. It's definitely a pleasure to be able to talk with folks and trade ideas about paint and people's specific armies - I completely admit that I use the experience to find new inspiration of my own. I got back home to Maryland Sunday night with a new drive to get my own VC kicked into gear.

Here's that liner I talked about from Reaper (the brown) - I also use the blue for cool-colored minis. I hope you find it as useful as I do; it's now in my 'must have' toolkit since I discovered it:

I have to give big props to Chris for letting me basically have free reign to run the paint judging however I wanted to. When he first asked me to judge last year, I gave a lot of thought to how *I* would like to be judged at an event and what would be important to me. I'm always looking for feedback so if you guys had any ideas on how it could be improved for next year, please do let me know. So far the best suggestion I have is running a paint judge table instead of moving around the room, which has a lot of appeal so I might incorporate that for 2013.

Anyway, great cast - really enjoyed hearing your group's experience. Definitely let me know if you all come down to the MD area anytime for an event, I'd love to get in a game or do some painting with you.

DylanPurcell said Apr 11, 2012 09:35:21
Wow. Is it me or did the gamebreaking thread sound like the guy in every group who bends rules and bullies everyone in the league so they pretty well just shake hands with him and try not to play him anymore?
Greg2thePerson said Apr 11, 2012 10:10:54
Hey, Scott, thanks for the link to the liner. We'll definitely be picking some of that up. You should post up your VC as you make progress on the army - I'd love to see them!

Dylan, I'm not sure what to make of the author of the game breaking thread. It's clear that his perspective is over-the-top and quite eschewed, which makes it all the more enjoyable to shout "GAME BREAKING" when something big happens in your games. :-)
The slightly less beautiful host.
Ben said Apr 11, 2012 18:08:42
Woo! I got a mention and they used my "rate stuff in swishes" suggestion! I feel all famous.
DylanPurcell said Apr 24, 2012 20:12:44
Well, I played my first game in awhile with my Skaven against goblins, and the only thing breaking the game was my opponent's goblins failing animosity. First three turns, I stood and watched as his army tried to commit suicide. Next time, it's "GAMEBREAKING."
I did point out that for such a friendly game, there was a lot of animosity. No one appreciates a bad pun anymore...
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