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Ben's stumble through VC

posted Apr 10, 2012 05:24:37 by BenThomas
Never done a painting blog before but here seems as good a place to try as ever!

I'm late on the new VC bandwagon but I'm on board anyway. I do not regard myself as a particularly good painter, having always simply got my army to a tebletop standard to get playing, but this time round I'm wanting to make more of an effort with my painting.

So, here it begins:

Necromancer (from the Corpse Cart model)

1st Spirit Host base

2nd Spirit Host base


As far as I'm concerned that counts as having painted 2 units and 2 characters already!
Any advice or criticisms would be appreciated.

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2 replies
gregatron08 said Apr 10, 2012 11:12:18
Hey Ben and welcome to the hordes of the undead! One of us! One of us! One of us!

Really enjoying your work here so far, the Banshee can be an absolute B to paint and i love the distinction between vlesh and cloth you have made, though if i may throw in a constructive observation?

It may pay to get a super light blue (maybe ice) something like spacewolf grey and a white and water them right down then use them as a glaze just to bring up the disntinction on the cloth, with my experience with this model its very easy to find it all just merges together with out smooth transitions and glazing this bad boy(girl) can really help with that :)

Looking forward to seeing the rest of your work :)

Peyton said Apr 10, 2012 14:16:55
You picked a damn hard color to paint if you're not a particularly good painter man! I agree with Greg(atron), the cloth could use some distinction. You could go back and use a watered down grey and put it in the recesses (might not be spelling that right), that will help a lot. How did you paint the white?

If you go from Adeptus Battle Grey, then Fortress Grey, then 1:1 Fortress and Ceramite White (the new white base, it's fantastic!), then highlight with straight Ceramite, i've found the white turns out pretty swank. You just need to leave some Adeptus between the different pieces of cloth/in the recesses.

That skin on the spirit host base also looks like it could use some more highlights, what did you start with?

Just ideas,


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