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Warhammer Quest

posted Apr 10, 2012 22:01:14 by Waaagh_Cast
So, after having owned my WHQ set for better than 10+ years I'm finally getting around to painting it. I decided to hit the nostalgia button and go for the mid 90's color schemes straight from the book. Ah, the 90's... I love this game. If you haven't had a chance to play you really should. I'll have it with me at Adepticon and be running it in the fantasy hallway on Saturday night for anyone interested.

You can click on the pictures to see them a bit bigger.

The Waaagh Cast! - A Warhammer Fantasy Blog / Podcast
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Greg2thePerson said Apr 11, 2012 10:14:41
Wow, those models (not the paint jobs) are GOOFY! That's definitely a good thing, though. I like the painting. It's very clean and bright, which helps play up the "classic" feel.

I've never seen/played Warhammer Quest, though I've heard of it and seen a few of the figures before. Is this the entire contents of one set, or is it multiple sets combined? Also, how does it play?
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Cdlp said Apr 11, 2012 10:49:38
Brilliant, really cool and old school. This takes me back. I never had WHQ myself but I can remember seeing it. Also reminds me of the "Swarm" box you used to be able to buy, I got one of those as a child, still got my Snotlings around here somewhere. As Greg said the paint job is really crisp as well, reminds me very much of the painting style GW used back when these models where out. Really good job! :)
Waaagh_Cast said Apr 11, 2012 11:17:06
This is the contents of the base set box. It was a pretty large box. Had 91 models, 10 plastic doors, a shit ton of map tiles and counters... Oh hell, here: this is a link to a Boardgamegeek List that I put together discussing it and its expansions.

As far as play. It's kind of like Heroquest using a D6 system and the stat chart system from Warhammer. However its also like D&D because as you play you can save money and characters to level up, gain new skills and do a lot of others stuff. You could keep it simple like 1 off games such as Heroquest or you could if you wanted turn it into a full blown Roleplaying game.

The 'eavy metal team back in the 90's painted some outrageous color schemes. These aren't 100% truthful to the book from the game, but they are pretty damned close.
The Waaagh Cast! - A Warhammer Fantasy Blog / Podcast
MichaelJordal said Apr 11, 2012 15:32:21
Nice work Joe. I need to do some work on my Warhammer Quest set someday:)
lordunborn said Aug 24, 2012 13:56:27
Coming Soon for the iOS. I only have Heroquest :( but the cost of WHQ is way too much right now. Maybe if they put out a new version in the next year or two but until then I will have my old bastard step child and the iOS version. Great paint job though. Very authentic to the old style.
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