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Mr. Trummelbach's Empire and other miscellaneous projects blog type thing!

posted Apr 13, 2012 19:09:15 by DavidLorenTrumbo-Godwin
I am building an empire army and this shall be the place in which I giveth myself over to judgment.

I'm not like super skilled or anything but helpful criticism would be super appreciated!

I am a big fan of hobbying in general so I feel like this is a good way to get in touch with the community! Thanks!

Also I apologize if the photos are a might bit lackluster still trying to find a good way to do it in my low light house.

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Gargobot said Apr 15, 2012 14:20:55
Welcome to the fold! ^^
If I may offer you some photography advice: Don't use flash for photos of your minis. It washes out both highlights and shading. The pegasus rider, wizard and marine seem like better set-ups for photos, maybe retake photos of the Hurricanum like this.
The marine looks cool btw. :)
DavidLorenTrumbo-Godwin said Apr 15, 2012 14:35:57
Thanks for the advice. I am an amateur photographer at best and I just moved into this place so its kind of messy at the moment, when I get a chance I will set up an area. I'm reading up on it. But I figured I'd throw them up here just to see what I could get :P they'll be updated within the week.
Greg2thePerson said May 06, 2012 13:27:11
The Hurricanum has a nice color scheme - can't wait to see more pictures!
The slightly less beautiful host.
Peyton said May 06, 2012 18:32:11
It might be the flash, but the metal on the hurricanum looks like it could definitly use a nuln oil wash!
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