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Spear Vs The Mad Mojo - 2400 pts

posted Apr 20, 2012 19:20:17 by KevinSpear
As this week was my spring vacation and one of the only times in the near future I'd have the freedom to play a game of warhammer, Madmojo and I decided to have ourselves a game. Taking up my trustworthy Brets, it would be my first time taking on the newly improved Vampire Counts. Set at 2400 points, we half chose/half rolled for the "Meeting Engagement" Scenario with a simple "Capture the Hill" Objective. A hill was placed in the center of the board, its capture at the end of the game was worth an additional 500 points. Eight other pieces of terrain were scattered evenly about the field. Most played no part in the game, but I did have a building and a tower in my deployment zone that I used to good effect in the early turns. We also modified the scenario by not rolling for reserves and putting units down one at a time.

My List: Bretonnians 2400

Lords: 481 Points Total
260 Bretonnian Lord (Gen):
V. of Confidence (re-roll hits and wounds in duels)
Sword of Lady's Champion (Str is always 1 higher than opponents T)
Charmed Shield (first hit from enemy is discounted on 2+)
Mantle of Damsel Elena (Immune to Poison and Killing Blow)
Gauntlet of the Duel (Opponent cannot decline challenges)
B. Warhorse, HA, Grail Vow (immune to Psych)

221 Bretonnian Lord:
Virtue of Heroism (Heroic Killing Blow)
Heartwood Lance (re-roll failed to wounds)
Dragonhelm (+1 armour and 2+ ward against fire)
Potion of Foolhardiness (+1 Attack and immune to Psych - one use)
B. Warhorse, HA, Knights Vow (immune to panic from peasants)

Heroes: 419 Points Total
121 Paladin (BSB is free upgrade)
Crown of Command (Unit is stubborn)
Shrieking Blade (the bearer causes fear)
B. Warhorse, HA, Shield, Knight's Vow

128 Paladin:
Wyrm Lance (lance with str. 3 breath weapon – one use)
Royal Pegasus, HA, Shield, Knight's Vow

140 Damsel (lvl 2, Life)
Dispel Scroll

240 Knights of the Realm x 9 w/ FC
215 Men-At Arms x 39 w/ SB & musc
181 Knights Errant x 8 w/ FC & Errantry Banner (+1 str on charge, -2 ld on impetus tests)
60 Peasant Bowmen x 10 w/ Stakes
60 Peasant Bowmen x 10 w/ Stakes

175 Pegasus Knights x 3 w/ champ & musc
142 Grail Reliquae x 9 GP

248 Grail Knights x 6 w/ SB
90 Field Trebuchet
90 Field Trebuchet

My Set Up:
I set up my army in a tiered fashion, roughly 8-10 inches behind the deployment line, expanding "No Man's Land" to about 20 inches (I did not want to get first turned charged by undead infantry!). On my left flank (from furthest left to right) was my Paladin on Pegasus, a unit of Men-at-arms and Knights Errant (w/ HKB Lord). In the center (from left to right) was my bus of Knights of the Right (w/ General, BSB, and Damsel), my Grail Reliquae, and Grail knights. On the right flank were the Peg. Knights. In the back were two units of Longbowmen, protecting my Trebuchets (one of which had a great field of vision as it was perched on a tower).

Mojo's Army - Vampires 2400
Vampire Lord (General w. 4+ ward)
Necromancer Lord (lvl 3 w/ item that can save dice for never magic phase)
Necromancer (lvl 2)
Necromancer (lvl 1?)
Cairn Wraith
Cairn Wraith

Skeletons x 35 w/ FC
Skeletons x 35 w/ FC
Zombies X 40?
Dire Wolves x 5
Dire Wolves x 5
Corpse Cart
Black Knights x 10 w. FC and +1 to hit banner
Varghiests x 3
Bat Swarms x 2
Blood Knights x 4

Mojo's Set Up:

Mojo did a very balanced set up on the edge of his deployment zone that nearly spread out across the entirety of his line. It had a strong center filled with undead infantry and supported by elites on each flank. His vargheists, cairn wraiths, a unit of dire wolves, and big block of zombies threatened to overwhelm my left flank with speed and numbers. In the center, Mojo placed his black knights (w. vamp lord), followed by two sets of skeletons (one with the Necromancer lord). Behind these units were the two necromancers and corpse cart. Across from my right flank was the other unit of dire wolves and the blood knights.

I'll finish the report in a bit!
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