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The Red Herd returns!

posted Apr 23, 2012 03:59:58 by C.LaBelle
I've been working here and there on my beastmen since the tournament at Battle Standard. I'm hoping by the end of summer I'll have a decent army to put out there. I picked up some of the new paints and the painting guide and so far they have been pretty helpful. The base Khorne red paint has been nice to use, it seems like it's been pre-watered down, so it's not quite as goopy as some of the foundation paints used to be.

Here is my Beastlord that I've named Garbad in honor of the Diablo character, the Maelstrom Minotaur lord and the Maelstrom Minotaur BsB. The lord has been the easiest, so much armor to paint, I just hit it up with boltgun metal, washed with badab, washed with devlan and then gave a drybrush of boltgun again over all the edges. I plan to do some chainmail highlighting as my next step. These maelstrom models are very high quality resin, and are much easier to handle and deal with than finecast. For some reason they don't feel so flimsy to touch, and you don't get that feeling that if you left them in the sun they would melt.

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Peyton said Apr 23, 2012 20:14:50
That Minotaur Lord model is sweeeeet! Are you running a minotaur bus?

You gotta get those mould lines man! Is it just the picture or is there a huge one going down the beastlord's left arm? And on his horns?


C.LaBelle said Apr 23, 2012 21:56:06
Haha, I'll touch that up soon, he's still a work in progress. I've taken the extra axe out of his hand and I need to touch up some chips where I've dropped him.

After seeing Greg's minotaur bus I was pretty intrigued. I've also been running roughly the same beast list for a year so I figure it's time for a change. So far I have a unit of six painted minos with the bsb and Doombull, but I'd like to get a command group going.
KevinSpear said Apr 23, 2012 21:57:49
I particularly like the Mino whose nearly covered in heavy armour. It just has a nice aged look about it. I think it could get even better by using just a little bit of green shading/ink/wash to add a tint that would contrast nicely with the red skin. Just in the recesses, maybe, though I think this would be a great model to experiment on with painting your metal. Or maybe try a blue-green they more commonly use for brass/copper paints? Like a said, a great model to experiment with!
Greg2thePerson said Apr 24, 2012 09:50:58
Those are some excellent models - keep us posted as you make progress on them!
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