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Ben B's Paintlog of Doom - Now with Extra Swishes

posted May 09, 2012 20:41:26 by Ben
Hi all,

I've been enjoying the podcast and thought I'd post up some of my work. I've posted these in the Carpe Noctem forums already so anyone who hangs out there may have already seen them. Most of my models are old school since I took a pretty long break from the hobby. I really love some of the older models (the zombies, for example), but then some of the new models are great too. And an upfront warning - I like my armies colorful and cartoony, not realistic and gritty! This IS fantasy, after all. So my style may not be for every one, but that's one great thing about painting minis: you're free to paint 'em how you like 'em!

A banshee. They used to call this figure a "wraith champion" or some such.

Zombie unit. I've completed a few more of the decomposers since the photo was taken.

(This one comes with genuine cob webs!)

Skeleton unit

I'll post more later if there's interest.

Constructive comments welcome. Thanks for looking!

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Greg2thePerson said May 10, 2012 00:00:15
Awesome! Your army has a bright, crisp paint job that looks great. The Banshee in particular looks nice - fantastic work on the gem. The only thing I'd say you need to change is the bases - it looks like the models are standing on a soccer (football) field. ;-)

I'd love to see more!
The slightly less beautiful host.
Ben said May 10, 2012 21:53:51
Thanks for the comments! I've never really done much with basing. I'm a real slow painter and when I'm done with a model I feel I don't have any energy left for the base. I also like the look of the sides of the base when they are black. I've seen them painted green or brown, and just like the look of black better. Not very logical, I know. Not at all realistic on the battlefield. I suppose I may get docked some points for the bases if I ever go to tournament. Maybe someday I'll revisit them...

The gems there did come put pretty good, but this is a rare case where the photo actually looks better than real life. How often do you hear that?

Here are a few more:

Old school wraiths. I love these models and feel they fit my painting style.

SpooOOOooky Spirit Host. Lots of people hate these models but I think they're great.

Black Coach

Well, hope everyone enjoys them!

MichaelJordal said May 11, 2012 15:14:33
I like the classic models!
Peyton said May 13, 2012 22:26:09
Those are some wonky old models! The paint jobs on some of those zombies look good, but the super green army base color is making my eyes bleed! I'd definitly reccomend rebasing them.


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