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Chaos Lord on Manticore

posted May 11, 2012 18:26:19 by miedde13
I got the GW Chaso Lord on a Masticore and I want to paint the masticore with colors of a lion. The underbelly would be light and the upperparts would be a dark tan. The mane would be a dark brown. The problem I am having is what GW paints should I use to achieve this. Does anybody have any suggestions? I am a newbie at this. I only have access to GW paints, so any other paints will be hard for me to get.
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ScottMorgan said May 13, 2012 01:05:55
Looking at the new citadel paint line, I'd recommend the following:

Main body: lighter warm tan/brown - Ratskin flesh, wash with Seraphim Sepia, then lighten to the underbody with Kislev Flesh

Mane / Fur: I like to have more contrast to really show off fur, so you either want to go to a much darker shade of brown or use a cool color to make that fur pop. If you go the dark brown route, Dryad Bark or Mournfang Brown might be a good choice. If you want to go a little crazier with the cool contrast, maybe consider Incubi Darkness, Castellan Green or The Fang, depending if you want to trend Purple, Green or Blue (in that order).

I'm working off the color chart in White Dwarf - I've not played with any of the new line personally, but I understand that there's a new podcast with a review of them around here somewhere... :)

As a note, the Manticore is a creature of Chaos - don't be afraid to really use some bold colors on it, or give it patterned skin. There's a lot of opportunity to be very creative with Chaos beasts; especially a centerpiece model like this one.

Good luck!

Peyton said May 13, 2012 22:22:58
I'm not up to snuff on the new color names, but I think I agree with Scott! Khemri brown (ratskin flesh?) is a great liony color if that's what you're going for, check out my demigryph if you want to see an example.

No idea what a masticore is though, some kind of ship monster? :)


miedde13 said May 14, 2012 16:41:57
Thanks for the comments. I will look at those colors and see what I have. I do want the mane to be a bold color. I watched the buypainted video and painting the griffin with tiger stripes. That would be neat to do, but I am not at that skill level yet.

I saw your demigryps, Scott. They look awesome. How did you achieve the color of the body with khemri brown and built it up. I think this is how I want my manitcore to be painted.
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