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Episode 19

posted May 14, 2012 20:07:39 by ScottMorgan
Hi guys - had a chance to listen to the new cast and figured I'd give some comments (hope it's already to start a thread for the ep - I didn't see one here yet).

I definitely agree with the cost/usefulness of the texture paints. While I haven't used them myself, I've done 4 armies now with the Vallejo Black Lava and Pumice Stone tubs and I really like them for ease of use. They also can be used to replicate anything from grass and plains to rust on metal and building aging. They're specifically color-neutral and take paint really well, so honestly it feels like GW is not giving the best value by trying to give you pre-colored options at such a higher price. It sounds like Jen like the application of the medium, so maybe it would be a good small-scale solution for the odd fig or diorama, but as an army solution it seems a bad investment to me. You can also use the Vallejo solutions in layers to build up mass and hills, which I don't think the new GW textures can do well.

I'm curious - it sounds like you use a pretty good mix of GW and Reaper paints; what's your favorite line? Personally, I like GW's foundation and washes but use mostly Vallejo Model Color for my models. A friend of mine got the Vallejo Game Color set and they're WAY too watery for my taste, which makes me think the new layer paints from GW might be the same. I really like having full control of how much I dilute my pigments so having to layer up to a solid tends to frustrate me.

Thanks for a good listen!

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Greg2thePerson said May 15, 2012 00:40:13
Thanks for the feedback, Scott!

I swear by the Vallejo Black Lava and White Pumice... they are so useful. Especially with the GF9 magnetic bases (which PVA will not bond to).

I think Jen and I need to expand our paint ranges. We predominately use Citadel, but have a smattering of Reaper and Vallejo paints as well.
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