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C's best painted stuff

posted May 23, 2012 12:18:26 by cb_rex
Hello, as an avid listener and fan of the show I've decided this would be a great place to post up pictures of the models I think are my best painted, for critque. I'm really keen to try and improve every aspect of my painting and modelling, so please be as honest and harsh as you want.

If there's any part of any of these models that isn't doing it for you please let me know and also ideally how I could do better next time. Conversely; if there's anything you like and want to know how I did just ask, I'd be happy to share.

If you want to see more of the rest of my stuff, check out my other blogs on Da Warpath, archives and Garagehammer forums.

The models are shown in roughly in chronological order.

High Elf Mage - I gave this old model a dispel scroll from plastic bolt thrower kit.

Dwarf Lord on Oathstone - I loved the kinglyness of this model just didn't like that he was a slayer with "baby dragon" paraphernalia, so I cut most of it off. He's now part of my brothers Dwarf army.

High Elf Silver Helm Champion - Leader of my second favourite HE unit, practiced freehand. The hawk shield icon is a transfer, the rune is freehand. I love painting horses. (Core Silver Helms in the next book please!)

High Elf White Lions - My favourite HE unit, (although I don't like the basing), I spent ages on these, yellowy photo, sorry.

Night Goblin Shaman - Learned a lot doing the checks on his hood.

Forest Goblin Warboss on Gigantic Spider - What an awesomely technical metal model to make, pinning all of the legs was quite time consuming!

Squig Hoppers - Boiiing! My favourite O+G unit.

Orc Boss - I randomly gave this model away for free to someone on the internets I've never met. I miss him :(

Orc Boar Chariot with extra crew member - Difficult conversion, I learned quite a bit about working with grenstuff. Inculdes concept "Kiss" inspired eye make up for the boars, I should have sculpted longer tongues. :p

Dwarf Lord with hammer - I had an urge to paint purple with blue and saw this guy cheap on ebay. Inspired by a visit to Warhammer world I wanted to make my models cleaner and brighter. The photos are a little dark, (I need a better camera).

Thats all for now, sorry for such a huge post.
Thanks for looking,
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Gargobot said May 23, 2012 16:47:52
Wow! You have a very vibrant style of painting, while being clear and precise (which is rare). Truly great stuff!
Sadly one thing's missing: Empire minis. :-p
Peyton said May 24, 2012 15:56:55
Some nicely painted models in this thread! Digging the checks on those greenskins, gotta add some dags! Checks and dags! I agree though there need to be more Empire minnies in this thread!


MichaelJordal said May 25, 2012 14:58:08
I like the green scheme on the HE.
Greg2thePerson said May 25, 2012 17:43:12
These models are looking top notch! The only suggestion that immediately comes to mind is adding some shading to the Elven steed, particularly where the body meets the reigns and barding.

Overall, very clean, vibrant miniatures. The Dwarf Lord is definitely my favorite - now you've inspired me to paint mine!
The slightly less beautiful host.
cb_rex said May 28, 2012 10:12:49
Thanks for the comments guys. I'm far too slow a painter to jump on the Empire bandwagon, but I do have some State Troops and a Wizard in my bitz box so I might paint those up someday. I also really like the new plastic Engineer model, so I might get him to paint.

The green on the High Elves is the foundation Knarloc Green, Badab Black washed, then repainted and highlighted upto Goblin Green and beyond.

Greg I see what you mean about Elven Steed, it was painted about 4 years ago and I spent so long black lining the reins and saddle to try and make the ancient sculpt look good I completely neglected shading the horse. I also think the Dwarf Lord is my best paint job as well, which kinda sucks as I don't have a Dwarf army to use him in.

I'm currently working on Gorbad Ironclaw to use as my O+G general (he'll have both checks and dags), then I've got the Gamesday Skaven Warlord with Halberd and Shield to do.
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