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Episode 22

posted Jun 25, 2012 16:16:49 by Miel Vermeulen
Great meeting you guys at BiTS!!! You guys definately had the best head gear between the mohawk and the sun hat. BTW you got my best appearance vote Greg. Your VC are gorgeous!!! Loved Jen's TK too but had to choose.

Great episode. I thought I would share how I build my lists: First I put in the elements that I really want. That could be anything. For example with Empire it is the demigryphs (love those models and not to shabby in effectiveness) and the hurricanum. Then I start building my list around that and while I am building I look at what would be good but fun to play and not OTT (and try to stay away from the internet builds). When I am done with that I have my basic list and I look how all my components synergize with each other and if it all fits my play style (You can take the internet build that big names continuosly win GTs with but if it doesn't fit your play style it won't work). When I am done with that I put the list down for a bit and pick it up later again and look at it again. If it still looks good then I look at the list from a meta game perspective. Mainly this means what can't it deal with. For example in 7th ed the treemen were running rampant and I made sure I had an answer for it. Finally I trim and fit the list to fit within the points and look as eye pleasing as possible. So I prefer full ranks in units and not dude short because I don't have the points any more or 1 over because I have extra points to spend. Sometimes this is hard and I end up having to do it because I don't want to give anything yp (at BiTS I had a detachment of 14 swordmen of 14 because I just couldn't find those last few points). Finally I test the list and tweek. Generally my lists don't change much more than magic item kits on characters or different lores on wizards.

Thanks for the show and keep up the great work!!!!
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Greg2thePerson said Jun 26, 2012 12:41:25
Hi Miel,

It was great to meet you at BitS! Congrats on placing 5th in the tournament and winning "Best Empire". And thank you for the best appearance vote, I appreciate it. :-)

I like your process for constructing a list. I think when you start to look at your list from a meta-game perspective, you're asking yourself how you would deal with Ogres. Ogres are massively popular in the Northeastern US, and from what I saw at BitS they are just as popular (if not more so) in the mid-west.

Jen and I are also bothered by the "uneven" unit sizes. It doesn't mean too much from a gaming perspective, but it just doesn't look right if your last rank is not a complete rank!
The slightly less beautiful host.
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