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Bretonnian vs Beastmen Campaign

posted Jul 10, 2012 14:59:54 by Kevin Spear
Hello Painting Tabled!

It has been awhile since I've posted anything on the forums. A combination of the hecticness of life and the inability of my computer to sign onto my account has left me silent on this great site. Well, no more! Much to the credit of another Painting Tabled regular, The Mad Mojo, I will be posting near weekly updates on a two-player warhammer fantasy campaign between two great factions; the Knights of Bretonnia against the Beastmen of Chaos. This will be a three-game escalation-type series based off GW's Badlands suppliment. Come back and check reguarly for updates! The first game will be taking place this Friday (July 13th) at the Battle Standard, all are welcome to come watch, play, and talk warhammer.

Newly Posted this week:
1. Overview
2. Scenario One: Tainting the Well
3. Army List: Bretonnian
4. Army List: Beastmen
5. Casualty Chart
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Kevin Spear said Jul 10, 2012 15:23:52
Here is the background story...

Summer Escalation: Beastmen vs. Bretonnians

Garbhad rose from his meal of razorgor-entrails when he sensed another presense in his trollhide tent. A tall, looming shape stood over him, holding a gnarled wooden staff that glowed ominously with eldritch light. Garbhad instantly recognized him as a shaman, one who called upon the dark power of their fathers. “Come with me, if you wish to feast on the flesh of men”, it commanded. The wargor replied with a guttural curse and reached for his axe. To Garbhad's surprise, vines rooted his weapon to the floor, making it impossible for him to turn it on the spellcaster. “Wise that would not be, herd-leader, I only wish to serve." The shaman grinned wickedly, sharp fangs jutting from bulbous lips.

“To the east is a well tended by foul man-things. If we were to bless it with our presence you would grow powerful indeed. You could even claim rule of the greatest herd the cloven have ever seen.” Visions of blood, death and carnage began to fill to Garbhad's mind. He could smell the mounds of rotting man-flesh, heaped upon one another like grisly totems, and it filled him with excitement. Rising to his full height, the herd-leader looked into the shaman’s dead eyes and said but three words, “To the well.”


The campaign will take place over three battles:

1. The tainting of the blessed well, guarded by a hermit knight and peasant forces.

2. The sacking of the town of Tarn. Newly crowned as a Beastlord, Garbhad finds this village in his way to conquering the Bretonnian city of Gisoreux. The forces that escaped the fight for the well join with fresh reinforcements as they defend the tiny town.

3. The siege of Gisoreux. Mad with bloodlust, Garbhad lays siege to the city. The fate of eastern Bretonnia hangs in the balance.
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Kevin Spear said Jul 10, 2012 15:27:55
Battle 1: Tainting of the Well

Points limit: 750 pts.

Scenario: Watchtower. Player controlling the well(within 3’’) at the end of 6 turns receives 300 bonus VP. Must be no other enemy units within 6’’ of the well. If no one controls the well at the end of turn 6 then use VP’s to decide the victor.

Beastmen: Your general must be Garbhad, a Wargor. You must also include a Bray Shaman. At this moment, Garbhad is only one minor wargor among many rival bands, he still must prove he is marked for greatness. Your force must contain 100% core choices.

Bretonnians: Your general must be a paladin, the hermit that inhabits the area of the well. You do not need to include a BSB as your force is hastily brought together. You may include a damsel in your army. Your army may only include one unit of cavalry.

Victory / Defeat: Follow the post-war charts on page 19 of the Blood in the Badlands book.

*If Beastmen win they gain a free Monster unit of 275pts or less for the next battle.
*If Bretonnian wins they gain a free unit of Knights Errant for the next battle.

Having tainted the pure waters of the well with the essence of chaos, Garbhad takes a discarded chalice from the dead hands of a man-thing and drinks deep of its waters. Raw power courses through his body, his horns elongate and stretch, tearing at his skull. Talons the color of obsidian sprout from his fingers, a third, and hideous arm bursts from his side. Garbhad stares up at the sky and gives a deafening bray scream. Now it is time to summon a horde.
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Kevin Spear said Jul 10, 2012 15:33:45
Protectors of the Well
750 Points – Bretonnian Army

Heroes – 151/188 Points

151 Gerard de Polay – The Slayer of Beasts
Paladin (Gen): HA, Lance, B. Warhorse, shield
Grail Vow (Immune to Psych)
Shrieking Blade (Bearer causes Fear)
Virtue of Heroism (Heroic Killing Blow)

Core – 427/188 Point Minimum

192 The Well’s Protectors
Knights of the Realm x 6 w/ FC

105 West Gate Keepers
Men-at-Arms x 17 w/ SB & musc

60 Peasant Levy from Polay
Peasant Bowmen x 10 w/ Stakes

70 Roland’s Herrimaults
Peasant Bowman x 10 w/ Skirmish

Special – 172/375 Point Maximum

172 Followers of The Slayer
Grail Reliquae w/ Battle Pilgrims (6)
6 Additional Battle Pilgrims

Total: 750/750 Points

Biography/Special Rules:

Gerard de Polay – The Slayer of Beasts
The hermit-knight protector of the region around his hometown of Polay, Gerard was made famous after slaying Doombull, Gougehorn, nearly 90 years ago. His name strikes fear in many beastmen to this day. Now, in the twilight of his life, Gerard has recognized he is unable to always be able to protect those in need. As such, he has taken on the facade of Roland The Faceless (a leader of outlaws) and uses this group of men, known as herrimaults, to help in the fight against the Beastmen. Although he would never speak of it to another noble, Gerard is exceptionally grateful for their help.

Special Rules:
Aged Beastslayer - Gerard is nearly 150 years old and much of the Lady's strength has left him. If Gerard rolls a "6" when wounding the enemy, the enemy can negate the killing blow by passing an Iniative Test. If the test is passed, the wound is treated as normal.

Noble Disdain - Gerard cannot let on that he is in league with those even worse than peasants, outlaws! Roland's Herrimaults cannot use his inspiring presence at any time during the game, nor can Gerard join this unit.

Roland's Herrimaults
Those who live outside of the proper Bretonnian law are known as outlaws. Many are mere ruffians. There is, however, a unique group of outlaws who fight for justice. These are known as Herrimaults. They are a popular subject of peasant tales, and over the years, these stories have come to be attributed to a single group, led by The Faceless, which acts all over Bretonnia. Roughly 10 years ago, one of these Faceless began to recruit a group of outlaws to fight against the increasing threat of the Beastmen. Today, they act as the eyes and ears of the town and were vital in creating any sort of defense against Garbhad's encroachment.

Special Rules:
Local's Animosity - Many of these outlaws have been hurt by the beastmen in some way; having their homes burnt, families killed, or pigs stolen. Roland's Herrimaults has the Hatred (Beastmen) special rule.
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Kevin Spear said Jul 10, 2012 15:34:42
After each battle the victor as well as the defeated army rolls on their respective charts, either Spoils of War or Ignominious Defeat. If any character is removed as a casualty in a game, roll a D6 on the Character Injury table.

SPOILS OF WAR – For the victorious army (roll a D6)
1. Living in Infamy. Tales of your misdeeds spread among the enemy, fostering a burning hatred at the sight of your banner. For the next battle all of the enemy units gain Hatred.
2. Elite Army. For the next battle the limits on Special or Rare choices are increased to 75% and 50% respectively.
3. Ranks Bolstered. For the next battle you may take an additional D6X50 points.
4. Beneath a Proud Standard. Pick one of your units and name it as a Regiment of Renown. It may add a magic standard worth up to D6X10 points for free. If the standard is ever lost, erase it from your list.
5. Valorous Deeds. Pick one of your units and name it as a Regiment of Renown. Roll a D6 to see what special rule it gains: 1=Devastating Charge, 2=Armour Piercing, 3=Always Strikes First, 4=Immune to Psychology, 5=Stubborn, 6=Fear. If the unit already has one of the traits, roll again.
6. The Glitter of Gold. Pick one of your Lords or Heroes, they may take a magic item worth up to D6X10 points for free. This does not count against their points limit, (but they cannot take two magic weapons, talismans, etc…..). If the character is ever slain in a challenge they lose the magic item.

Ignominious Defeats – The defeated army (roll a D6)
1. A Sound Beating. For the next battle all enemy units cause Fear.
2. Walking Wounded. Pick a unit from the defeated army. It is unavailable to fight in this army’s next battle.
3. Understrength .Pick a unit from the defeated army. It fights at half strength in this army’s next battle.
4. Inexperienced leaders. Pick a unit from the defeated army. It has Stupidity in this army’s next battle.
5. Green Troops. Pick one of your Regiments of Renown that has received Valorous Deeds or Beneath a Proud Standard in the past. It loses this ability or standard.
6. Vengeance will be Ours. For the next battle this army gains Hatred.

Character Injuries – If a hero is removed as a casualty, roll a D6
1. Serious Injury. Roll again. 1=Dead, 2= -1 M, 3= -1 WS, 4= -1 S, 5= -1 T, 6= -1 A
2.Captured. This hero may not deploy with the army in the next game. Instead, roll a D6 at the end of the controlling player’s close combat phase starting Turn 1. On a 6+ the character returns to the army and enters from the controlling player’s table edge, as if they pursued an enemy off the table. Each following turn you add +1 to the roll to determine if the character returns, to a maximum of 1+.
3. Minor Injury. Roll as for a serious injury, except that the result only applies to the next battle. In this case Dead is instead Coma, and the character may not be used in the next battle his army fights.
C.LaBelle said Jul 10, 2012 16:02:51
Even though Mr. Spear took some liberties with my back story here's my list:

Garbhad the Cruel
-Wargor: Great Weapon, Heavy Armour
Stak the Twisted
-Level 1 Bray Shaman
Scavenging Beasts
-5 Chaos Warhounds
Foddah's gang
-5 Ungor Raiders
Tender hoof's gang
-5 Ungor Raiders
Garbhad's Legion
-28 Ungor, FC
Cruelty's fist
-29 Gor, FC
Stave the crazed
-Tuskgor Chariot


Garbhad the Cruel - Was once part of the personal bodyguard Bestigor of the beastlord Deathhorn. After his horde was defeated by a mighty host of Bretonnian knights Garbhad saw an opporunity. Deathhorn lay wounded and crawling towards the forest line. Garbhad placed a single hoof on the back of the great Beastlord's neck and swiftly brought his axe down, claiming his horns as a trophy. He then proceeded to devour what he could of his former leader and slather himself with his blood, soaking as much of the Beastlord's power as he could.

Stak the Twisted - Peering into the entrails of a young Bretonnian maiden, this shaman saw a foreboding image of great red Beastlord at the head of an enormous legion of cloven ones. He immediately began the search for the foretold one. With his aid they could bring wrath and ruin upon the world of men, and bring much favor from the dark fathers.

Garbhad's Legion - When Garbhad slew Deathhron there were not many around to witness it. However, a small group of Ungor happened upon the newly crowned Wargor during their flight from the battlefield. Garbhad brought them under his will and took to the Drakwald, intent on raising a new horde of his own.

Cruelty's Fist - The remaining Gor from Deathhorn's host immediately flocked to Garbhad's banner. There are only thirty of them, but it is a start, and thirty drunken, depraved Gor are nothing to scoff at. They form the twisted bestial fist of Garbhad's emerging war host.
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Greg2thePerson said Jul 11, 2012 10:31:42
Wow, this escalation campaign sounds fantastic! I love how the back story and scenarios and special rules all tie together. Jen and I will plan on going to the Battle Standard Friday to witness the Tainting of the Well. What time do you plan on showing up?
The slightly less beautiful host.
Kevin Spear said Jul 11, 2012 13:22:37
We'll be starting out on his grand endeavour bright and early, 10:30-11:00. As it's only a 750 pt match, it may be over quicker than normal. Would either of you be up for a game after that too?
Greg2thePerson said Jul 11, 2012 17:43:18
I see...

Jen and I are both teaching summer school, so we can't make it terribly early. I get out at 12:15 and can probably make it to Manchester for 12:45. Jen doesn't get out until 3:15.

I'm definitely up for a game! Points?
The slightly less beautiful host.
C.LaBelle said Jul 11, 2012 18:36:17
I have a softball game that night, so I'm going to have to leave Manchester around 4:30ish. But our game shouldn't take all that long, and we'll most likely be planning out the two other games and such, we'll get some games in.
Kevin Spear said Jul 11, 2012 23:30:46
I can stay a little later than that... around 5:15. Perhaps the other beastman player wants to give this scenario a go? And maybe Chris takes control of the Brets? If not, maybe we can have ourselves a crazy 1-v-1-v-1 match!
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Greg2thePerson said Jul 12, 2012 01:13:09
Ahhhhhhh... There is a scenario in the main rule book for "free-for-all" games that I've always wanted to try. Perhaps I can write up a 750 point list and we'll give it a go?
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C.LaBelle said Jul 12, 2012 01:30:19
We've played those scenarios a bunch, but I don't have the BRB on me and I know it's in the way back. Pretty much we just do our phases one after another, so Kevin does movement and the rest of us do ours and etc. It is a pretty fun setup.
Kevin Spear said Jul 12, 2012 01:40:58
Bring it on, beastie boys!
jake_hutton said Jul 16, 2012 04:56:09
Very cool, narrative campaigns bring out the best aspects of warhammer.

If I may point out one thing I feel may be slightly flawed or unnecessary is the aged knight rule. It almost negates the point of heoric killing blow. Also from a fluff perspective i'm not sure if there is any evidence of grail knights becoming weak with age, certainly not after 150 years (isn't the current king already 200 ish?).

Thats just a small observation (perhaps i am a little biased as i'm a bret player so maybe I'm rooting more for the brets :) ). Looking forward to updates.
C.LaBelle said Jul 19, 2012 02:41:20
First game is completed! Kevin will give a full update with pictures. We also did a little editing to the fluff and scenario, so some of the knight's story is different. Thanks for the feedback, stay tuned for more info!
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