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An ADD Painter's Blog

posted Jul 11, 2012 13:58:18 by Kevin Spear
As some of you may know, I'm a bit of what is called an "ADD Painter." I find it extremely hard to stay focused on any singular project. Whether a new model is released or a stroke of conversion inspiration hits me, I always seem to find some way to lose momentum on my current goal. So, I've accepted this rather annoying compulsion and embraced it by posting anything I'm working on at the moment.

Please feel free to comment, give advice, or ask a question.

I apologize for the quality of pictures at this time, I will work hard to take a better quality of picture.
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Kevin Spear said Jul 11, 2012 14:05:26
This is a collection of current and past projects I've painted over the years. I find it interesting to see the subtle changes and growth in my painting skills.

1. Dr. Arkadius (finished him yesterday July 10th)

2. Prince on Griffin (Not completed)

3. Knight Errant (Completed June 12')

4. Chaos Sorcerer (Completed June 10')

5. Dwarf Lord (Completed April 08')

6. Dwarf Runesmith (Completed April 08')

7. Skaven BSB (Completed January 08')

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Greg2thePerson said Jul 11, 2012 17:41:22
All of the models look solid, especially your more recent efforts. Two questions:

Where did you get the leaf scatter? I like it!

Being someone who is woefully unfamiliar with every miniature game aside from Warhammer Fantasy, who/what is Dr. Akadius?
The slightly less beautiful host.
MichaelJordal said Jul 17, 2012 14:26:54
Yeah, they look pretty good, but it is kind of hard to see the colors because of the picture.
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