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The Big Miniatures Debate

posted Jul 31, 2012 23:26:44 by frostytaz
Hey guys - as an avid amateur painter who has bought a lot of figures from armies that I don't play in Warhammer(Have only this year began playing the game proper)- I have a hankering for picking up a few other bits and pieces purely for the joy and challenge of painting. I was thinking that this might be a good topic of discussion-both here on the forum and online - specifically what model ranges/armies are better for side-projects or even as introductions to new systems-something of a favourite model section outside of the ranges of your own armies or current projects.
I don't think this should be a discussion like "who'd win in a fight - a bear or a shark?", but something along the lines of what models are attractive for what reasons - and I come at this from a number of angles:
1. Paintability (I know, I know - but it SHOULD be a word, right?!)Are these models easy or enjoyable to mess or experiment with? What are the awkward models to paint, which ones are simple for beginners and which ones give a veteran something to chew on for a while.
2. Repetition - I'm an Orcs and Goblins player - love them and their incredible wildcard actions; but painting 40 Boyz? Tough to suggest for someone without a cautionary addendum. Same goes for most horde armies, but there must be ranges that have a number of model types to vary it up a nooch? Perhaps recommending a few types that have different limbs/poses etc. When you guys spoke so highly of the Mantic range, it has given me some motivation to vary up my gang of greenskins with a different range - and that break keeps the interest from wanning.
3. Single Model pieces - Most people play a few armies, but I find that I sometimes pick up models just because they are cool enough just to paint on their own merit. Rather than a range - would you recommend a single piece like a Storm of Magic type monster or even some Malifaux or Reaper model - and for what reasons.

This is possibly a very naive topic-but thought I might throw it out there to be hashed out properly, or perhaps make something viable out of a more improved adjustment to the above!

Slan agus go raibh maith agat!
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Greg2thePerson said Aug 02, 2012 12:53:51
This is an excellent topic for discussion!

Personally, I've found that since we've started attending more and more tournaments, my painting time has to be increasingly focused on preparing for the next event. This has helped keep me motivated and expand my collection of Vampire Counts. However, it has also increased my desire to paint one-off miniatures from different armies and slowly pick and choose different projects to tackle, rather than dive headlong into a single unit/army. In fact, that's why I've done a couple of one-off figures for the show (Mantic Orc and Empire Crossbowman).

I have lots of ideas of models to recommend based on the different categories you mentioned, but I think I will keep them to myself for the time being. This would make a great topic for the Corner Tabled, so look for it on Episode 26. :-)

That being said, I'd love to hear what suggestions others have!
The slightly less beautiful host.
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