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Episode 25

posted Aug 07, 2012 02:10:21 by Greg2thePerson
Good news, everyone! On tonight’s show, the Corner Table gets their hands on some Titan-Forge models - will they swing and miss with a single swish, or will our arms ache from extended swishing related injuries? Your Terranscapes Terrain Tip delves further into the subject of weathering powders. And for our main topic, we discuss how to successfully organize and run a Warhammer event.
The slightly less beautiful host.
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JonathanVanase said Aug 08, 2012 12:50:07
We will have to expand that into running a GT someday. Id say its 5000% more work and agony than a small event.

Anyway, i have found tournaments are far easier than campaigns, megabattles or other more hobby type activities. I think the rules for tournaments tend to be more clearcut. Also, getting people to commit and show up reliably can be difficult. Choose your particpants carefully, and make sure you tune the rules to take into account what you really think people will do.

For example, if you run a tale of 4 gamers 500 points per month is probably too aggressive a timeline for most people. Slow the pace, or shrink the size. If people have unreliable schedules dont run a campaign where the rules require everyone to show up each week. Just things ive learned through past failures.

These types of events can work, but need to be planned appropriately.
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