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Episode 24 - Paint Palettes

posted Aug 09, 2012 02:13:45 by FrancoisLeclerc
I'm currently listening to this episode and I want to share my experience with palettes.
First, please don't ever use a scruff pad to clean a plastic palette. Use isopropyl alcohol for any dry paint on a plastic palette. It does clean nicely to almost new.
Using an old CD or DVD is also a good palette choice.
Newspaper as a palette is BAD. If you want to use paper, use wax paper. Another nice cheap palette is an old plate (yep like the one you ate from at your grandma or aunt. These can easily and cheaply bought at a garage sale or thrift sale.
I use a wet palette and I also use a snail plate which is a ceric plate with small "cup" where I can mix my paints before I bring it to my wet palette.
The most accessible palette is probably the dinner or dessert white ceramic plate. Easy to find, easy to clean, and inexpensive.
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Greg2thePerson said Aug 09, 2012 12:41:44
Thanks for the ideas - I hadn't thought of the ceramic plate before.
The slightly less beautiful host.
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