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Reaper Bones Kickstarter

posted Aug 14, 2012 11:23:32 by DonTheDime
You all have probably already heard of the Reaper Miniatures Kickstarter project but as I didn't see a post about it on the forums I thought I would mention it as it has some offerings that might be of interest. Here is the link to the Kickstarter page. Take a look through what is currently available through the project and what is in the future. As Reaper says on their project page,
There's something in Bones for everybody – and there's something in this Kickstarter for everybody!

Not only are Bones miniatures available (and for really good prices), they also have options for two Master Series Paint sets ($18 each) and for a $25 case that can hold 150 miniatures. And you don't have to pledge at the vampire level to get the paints or the case.

Also, here is a website that shows all of the current miniatures available (and in the currently revealed stretch goals) with links for more views/information on each of them.

If this doesn't interest you, just ignore this post. I just thought that there might be some interest here in case anyone hasn't heard of this project.

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Greg2thePerson said Aug 16, 2012 02:07:37
Dang, that stuff is crazy! I continue to be amazed at how well these crowdfunding campaigns are going for miniature companies.
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