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Hello, took a long time getting here.

posted Aug 15, 2012 18:46:29 by drakepoldragon
Hi, Jamie here. I'm over in Norway but love a load of the Warhammer podcasts. I've been listening since episode one and think Jen & Greg do an awesome job. Thanks.

I suck at making progress on my Empire army, but on my blog you can see that I am doing some nice Samurai Grey Knights for 40k and a Kingdom of Britannia fleet for Dystopian Wars.

Chatting wit Jen on twitter today I discovered that the hosts here look nothing like I expected. Weird ay!

Well I'm off to enter a competition, and I will try and be a semi decent member of the forums as well. :)
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Greg2thePerson said Aug 16, 2012 01:59:51
Hey Jamie, thank you for the kind words and for joining the forums - we're glad to have you! I had a very similar experience when I met David and Christopher from Garagehammer. I kept expecting to see a cartoon Dwarf and Dark Elf...

Anywho, what'd the status of your Empire army (as in, how many points are painted)? Is it from a particular province or city-state?
The slightly less beautiful host.
drakepoldragon said Aug 16, 2012 21:07:07
It'll one day be an Altdorf army with a contingent from the Imperial Zoo within the city. I have about 400 points finished I guess, although that is a mix of a couple units, artillery & a character. That's out of a couple of thousand built. I have a ton of Swordsmen almost completely basecoated to complete my first of them and a eight knights ready to be based and look disappointingly small on their little horses. :)

I hope to get something done in decent time, as 8th Edition looks great fun but I still have only played one game. :/
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