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Hey All

posted Aug 17, 2012 12:58:14 by leapin-lizard
Hey everyone,

Been listening to the cast since it started and since I just did the Titan-Forge indiegogo pledge after hearing about from Greg and Jen, I decided it was time to join up on the forum. I got to meet and greet you both at BiTS, and you were kind enough to mention me on your BiTS review cast. I have been playing warhammer for about four and half years now. I started out playing Lizardmen and still enjoy playing them. But in the last two years I've added some other armies that I wanted to try. I currently am playing the Empire which I also took to BiTS this year. On the painting table right now are High Elves, in boxes and in various states of scratch building is Warriors of Chaos, and on the way from mantic/titan-forge is an undead army. I have a few models left to complete for my empire army and then I will be hitting the high elves hard to get a painted army on the table. I know when the undead arrive it will be hard to focus on one project but I'll give it my best.

Good Gaming,

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Greg2thePerson said Aug 21, 2012 20:14:29
Sounds like you have some ambitious army plans! Post some pictures of your High Elves if you like, we'd love to see 'em. :-)
The slightly less beautiful host.
leapin-lizard said Aug 25, 2012 20:00:27
Just got back from the last camping trip of the summer before school (work) starts up next week. Wowzers - to my amazement and surprise while listening to your cast from 8/20 I found out I won the Titan-Forge contest, really really cool. This has been the summer of prizes for me. First I won a Black Library book from Mr. Sherman & company over at ohiohammer, did the kickstarter mantic pledge, titan-forge indiegogo pledge that you two turned me onto to enhance my mantic undead army, won your t-f contest, and joined with my buddy Steve Haver (whom you met at BiTS) for the Reaper kickstarter to get a dragon and two daemons last night. One of the daemons I'm hoping I can use as a T-gheist or V-gheist depending on how big it is and the other daemon will fit in as something I'm sure.

Anyway your right Greg, I do have ambitious army plans. I'm not much for posting pics but I will try to expand into that area of forum posting in the future. When I get going I can do some damage to the pile of grey plastics laying around. Last summer I did over two hundred models but have not had the time this summer so have only done about 35 knights/charc. on horse, witchunter, wulfheart, leopold the black, 6 demigryphs, luminark/huri combo, and now starting the second lumi/huri combo model. The down side to it is I don't paint to a high standard - usually table top quality, but I leave all the awesome looking paint jobs to the gamers who have the talent like you and Jen.

So what I'd like to choose for my model if it's okay with you is the VC wight king. The one holding the sword and wearing the crown. Since I have not started my undead army yet the paint colors can closely follow what GW has done and I will make it work when I get to painting them or if the painter wants artistic freedom to do something different I'm game for that too. If you don't have that model, let me know what you have and I'll pick from the lot.

Keep up the great podcasting and good luck in your future tourneys. You are now on my regular surfing rounds of forums so hope to be posting again soon.

I will email you my address to send the fig to when it is painted, thanks again for this great prize!

Good Gaming,

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