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posted Aug 21, 2012 16:47:14 by MauerLaufer
Hey everyone,
I found my way to your awesome podcast via Ohiohammer and i have to tell you, it's great fun to listen to you! You made me smile =)

So, I'm looking forward to listening to all the content out there while painting my White Lions. Keep up the good work!
Kind regards from the Ruhrgebiet, Germany!

.. and since you were talking about the models you wanted to paint, i did just that - bought the little buggers though they would never be included in any of my armies whatsoever, just because the Models are so fantastic!

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Greg2thePerson said Aug 21, 2012 20:15:55
Hooray for Gnoblar Trappers! Thanks for joining the forums, I'm glad you're enjoying the show so far.
The slightly less beautiful host.
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