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BooZeFienD's attempts at VC battle reports

posted Sep 30, 2012 21:41:54 by BooZeFienD
BooZeFienDs battle report

I have been playing vampire counts/undead for approximately 7-8 years and have been getting into the tournament scene. Lately I've also been playing vampire counts without vampires and each game I've had using vampire models my rolling has been awful. So I've been filming my games recently and trying to make battle reports. We are a local gamin club out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada and although my first couple of battle reports are a little rough I'd love some feed back from people. Also I have some battle reports saved so that I can try and keep it on a weekly release schedule so that if I don't get enough games in a week I have some content to update with
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"Only got 11 power dice."
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BooZeFienD said Sep 30, 2012 22:18:36
Oh and warning there is some foul language since we tend to do Some moderate to heavy drinking
"Only got 11 power dice."
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