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posted Oct 14, 2012 12:47:01 by Greg2thePerson
After years of wreaking havoc on the realms of men in the name of Nurgle, the Plague Father decided to bestow the gift of rotted wings upon his most loyal and pestilent servant. With his new mutation, Gurzak possessed a tremendous power which caused hordes of Beastmen to heed his call to war.

Gurzak (Doombull) – heavy armour, shield, Gnarled Hide, Sword of Swift Slaying, Dragonhelm, Arabyan Carpet
Great Bray-Shaman – Level 3, Lore of Shadow, Dispel Scroll

Gorebull – heavy armour, shield, Battle Standard, Sword of Might, Talisman of Endurance
Bray-Shaman – Level 1, Lore of Shadow, Chalice of Dark Rain

11x Gors – Musician, Standard Bearer, Foe-render, additional hand weapons
10x Gors – Musician, Standard Bearer, Foe-render, additional hand weapons
21x Ungors – Musician, Standard Bearer, Halfhorn
5x Ungor Raiders – Musician
5x Ungor Raiders - Musician
5x Ungor Raiders - Musician
5x Ungor Raiders - Musician
Tuskgor Chariot
Tuskgor Chariot
5x Chaos Warhounds

7x Minotaurs – Musician, Standard Bearer


Total - 2400

How it works:
-It is wicked fast
-The Chalice of Dark Rain can allow me that one pivotal turn to get into position.
-The chaff allows me to get the match-ups I want and to avoid having to fight death star units.
-Miasma turns the Minotaur unit from decent to amazing. Reducing Initiative and/or Weapon Skill means all of those glorious attacks are striking first and hitting on threes.
-The Flying Doombull hits arguably as hard as a Bloodthirster and is fairly easy to protect before he gets into combat.
-3 Ambushing units are actually really good at taking out enemy war machines.

Biggest drawbacks:
-Leadership 8 General
-Frenzy can be a pain
-Nothing to generate extra power/.dispel dice (outside of channeling)

All comments, questions, suggestions, criticisms, etc. are appreciated!
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Greg2thePerson said Oct 14, 2012 23:08:06
So, I got to play a practice game today against my buddy Jeff and his Empire. He was dead set on playing 2500 points, so I added in another Tuskgor Chariot and a Bloodkine and we met on the field of battle.

Jeff was testing out a new list, and it looked like this:

Arch Lector - 1+ re-rollable armour save
Wizard Lord - Level 4, Lore of Heavens

Captain - Battle Standard, 4+ ward save
Wizard - Level 1, Lore of Light, dispel scroll

30x Halberdiers - full command
30x Halberdiers - full command
5x Knights
5x Knights

18x Greatswords - full command, standard of discipline
5x Archers (detachment)
18x Greatswords - full command
5x Outriders
5x Outriders
Great Cannon
Great Cannon

Luminark of Hysh
Celestial Hurricanum

This game was an excellent opportunity for me to try out my army list. Jeff had enough shooting to potentially ruin my day, and lots of S4 and S5 infantry to threaten my units.
The game started out very well for me. My crazy deployment through Jeff for a loop, and I was able to put the Minotaurs in a good location and hide the Jabberslythe and Doombull behind a building. I ambushed all three units and still had more drops than Jeff, helping him to win the first turn.
I easily weathered his first turn of shooting with the big targets hiding out of line of sight. On my turn 1 I rushed forward, committing all of my units. A unit of Ungor Raiders rolled a "6" for ambush and entered play directly behind one of the cannons. The Jabberslythe swooped into charge range of the second. Then in the magic phase I cast Steed of Shadows on the Gorebull BSB and flew him behind the Empire lines to threaten his Luminark and Hurricanum. He was surrounded!
On turn 2 I used the Chalice of Dark Rain, which prevented one cannon from firing and the Outriders from hitting. The other cannon rolled short for the bounce and whiffed.
After that I was able to wipe out the cannons, and then dance around him to get into favorable combats and take out his units one at a time.
Result: 1700 Victory Points for the Beastmen and 100 Victory Points for the Empire!

What I learned:
Aura of Madness on the Jabberslythe is actually somewhat useful. I hit the unit of 5 Outriders with it 2 turns in a row and removed them from the table.
Steed of Shadows is very powerful with this army, allowing me to surround the enemy with my choppy units.
All of my chaff dies very easily, but gives up few points and is safe to sacrifice as long as I stay >6" away from friendly units. I failed a couple panic tests during the game and it could have gone a lot worse had I not been careful with my deployment and movement.
I'd like to make the Bray-Shaman a Level 2 wizard to get an extra spell from the Lore of Shadow, but am having trouble figuring out where to cut the points. Thoughts?
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Peyton said Oct 15, 2012 10:27:41
1000 vps for the empire, you didn't stomp him that good!
Greg2thePerson said Oct 15, 2012 14:56:08
Whoops, that was an error on my part! Should be another zero in there..
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jake_hutton said Oct 22, 2012 22:30:22
List looks like fun. Different from the norm which is always nice. One question why the full command on the 10 ish man gor blocks? Doesn't that just make your gor blocks worth another 25 VPs? Is this for scenario purposes?

I'm not familiar with the chalice what does it do?

I like the jabberslythe I think with the right match ups it can be awesome. the flying doombull sounds like a ton of fun!

Looks like you do really well if you get a few key units stuck in fast. One weakness I see is if you get stuck in a deep unit, steadfast could really steal momentum from your flying crazyness. Any idea how you would deal with this?
Greg2thePerson said Oct 22, 2012 23:03:54

Good question about full command. I like it on the Ambushing unit because it gives them the benefit of +1 attack, +1 combat resolution, and swift reform/rallying purposes. The unit that deploys on the table only really needs a musician, I suppose. That should save me a few points that I could spend elsewhere!

The Chalice of Dark Rain is one-use only. You can activate it at the beginning of any enemy shooting phase. For the duration of the phase all shooting is at -1 to hit. Anything that doesn't roll to hit may only fire on the roll of a 4+. This item is awesome, and helps to ensure that my fragile units make it into close combat.

With the exception of something like 50+ Skaven slaves, I actually prefer getting stuck in with my Minos and/or Doombull on the unbreakable/stubborn/steadfast units. The "blood greed" special rule means I only pursue a single d6", so unless I get a chariot or something into the fight I am unlikely to actually catch my opponent.

I played some more games with the list and continue to enjoy the list. I'll be talking about it on an upcoming episode, I think.
The slightly less beautiful host.
jake_hutton said Oct 23, 2012 03:14:09
ahhh the commands oh the ambushers makes sense then.

Chalice of Dark Rain is amazing! I really helps solidify how your list can get stuck in without just being shot up.

I see what you are saying with being stuck in potentially working better with the minos. I think the theory does run the risk of them not necessarily gaining back their points, but I guess if they smash some stuff and survive its proly a victory since you proly only then lost some chaff.

One thing I was wondering, can't you take harpies? Since you can why did you elect to use other chaff units?

The more I look at the list though the more I think it looks like a ton of fun to play and play against. Your main stuff zooms around smashing up stuff. If your doombull gets a few easy kills early on if I am not mistaken this gives him an additional attack each time which then makes him scarier. Meanwhile gaining points from you seems like it would actually be quite hard as everything holding points if for the most part is hard to pin down, or in the case of the minos quite killy.

The only really problem I could see you facing is if an opponent had a really solid plan to get to you ungor (which I presume will have your wizards ?). Scouting units and skirmishing units like shades, skinks, gutter runners ect could really pose a problem. they would proly pick apart your bunker and chaff until scoring your wizards. I'm guessing you are hoping your chaff can handle these units?
Greg2thePerson said Oct 24, 2012 01:32:58
I CAN take harpies, but don't have any models for them. I'm looking into potentially converting some out of plaguebearers or nurglings with rotted wings, but haven't quite figured it out yet (my army has a Nurgle theme).

I have a lot of units to dip and dodge with my wizards, so I haven't run into any serious problems yet. They usually start the game in a unit cowering behind the Minotaurs, and it's not easy to chew through them!
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jake_hutton said Oct 25, 2012 04:32:51
Ah I understand about the harpies (current models are meh).

And yeah I guess thats the benefit of having so many small units you can usually keep moving your casters around. Looking forward to hearing about this army :).
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