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Ideas for Bret Unit Fillers

posted Oct 22, 2012 05:33:26 by jake_hutton
Hi everyone,

So I have been working slowly on a Bret army. After many weeks of working on a small unit of Knights of the Realm I really need a break from bright clean colors and heraldry, so naturally i'm ready to paint some peasants :).

The problem is I think the Bret peasant models, specifically the men at arms are pretty static. To make my units more interesting I would like to add some unit fillers, but I am having trouble thinking of some. Does anyone have some suggestions?

Now before throwing suggestions out there my bret army is going to have a very specific look and theme in mind. Normally brets focus completely on the heroism on their knights, making them champions of men ect. My knights will be painted in very bright clean colors emphasizing this view; however, I want many peasants which will be painted dirty (and hopefully have conversions) to emphasize their horrible poverty and grossness. I think this will have a really interesting effect in which my force contrasts really well with each other.

I want my unit fillers to help emphasize this idea of peasants being down trodden on, dirty, ect. My army is based in a rocky mountainous area if that helps for unit filler ideas. Also if anyone knows any good alternate models that could work for bret peasants please post links, because even different models could go a long way to show case the fact that bret peasants are conscript poor soldiers.

Looking forward to some ideas :).
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Greg2thePerson said Oct 22, 2012 20:36:51
I think playing up the fact that the peasants are poor farmers could lead to some nice unit fillers. Ideas include:
-Pushing carts or wheelbarrows
-Herding livestock (you'd need to look for some alternate minis)
-Swapping weapons for scythes, shovels, etc.
-Small sheds
The slightly less beautiful host.
redmanphill said Oct 22, 2012 21:27:34
I like the fence idea a lot though I don't like unit fillers that are more akin to terrain elements. Maybe doing them more like mantlets would be cool. Also defensive wagons were a common enough element in medieval armies so I think something like that could be done easily enough. One or two overturned wagons would be interesting.
jake_hutton said Oct 22, 2012 22:15:54
Hmmm The wheel Barrow idea is intriguing I like that. think I have some Gw zombie sprues which I believe have scythes on them so thats another great idea :).

I'm torn about fences and sheds. Sometimes it works really well, Greg you tower underneath the Terragiest (I proly splled that wrong :X) is an example of it looking awesome. I also see what Redmanphill is saying though as terrain elements in units can be meh. I will proly play around with it a bit and see how it looks.

Livestock in the unit could be awesome. I'll have to search through reaper some (i'm sure they have some). And since peasants I guess would see to their own rations this would be appropriate.

What about swapping some halberds for spears to give it a more random look? Its a small change but one that could make a bit of a difference.

Thanks for the ideas and keep them coming :). For bowmen I was debating putting some hunting dogs in the units. How does that sound?
CalebEdwards said Oct 23, 2012 11:52:24
If you have some extra squier (sp?) models, you could have one or two guys on horses running through the middle of the unit -- it would make them look more like a rabble.

The other option would be bits from the cemetary set painted to look like a Bretonnian chapel?
redmanphill said Oct 23, 2012 14:01:40
Some gambions might be a nice and realistic way to break up the regiment a little. A few across the front of the regiment would make them look like they are in a semi mobile entrenched position. It would be especially good with a horde regiment that is spread out wide as these wouldn't dominate the front then.

A Hussite styled war wagon would also be excellent and realisitic for your peasants. They are commercially available here. I am quite tempted to get some myself!
jake_hutton said Oct 23, 2012 16:09:32
Caleb I thought about throwing some squires in (I think I have one), thats a decent idea. Not a huge fan of the Bret chapel in the peasant unit as it makes them look religious which isn't quite the angle i'm trying to push.

Red- the gambions look pretty great! At the moment I am not using any horde men at arm blocks, but if I do I will keep those in mind. I'm not as big a fan of the war wagon, it looks to much like something wealthy people would own if that makes sense.

I went through reaper and found a few potential models that would look nice.
redmanphill said Oct 23, 2012 17:58:46
The war wagons were used by peasant armies generally. There is a short description on wikipedia. They are essentially farm carts with some extra wood on the side!
jake_hutton said Oct 25, 2012 04:30:27
Yeah I understand the historic use, but for the Bret Peasants at least in my mind doesn't feel quite right. I bought a massive collection of old dnd and Citadel miniatures off of a craiglist seller, and found this neat little old woman model. So my Bret army is going to have an old woman in one unit (not sure which). I'm pretty excited about her lol!

I found a few neat peasant models from reaper in the store also so once I get some money they will be ordered. some great models with torches, which I figure can help show Bowmen flaming attacks.
Gargobot said Oct 30, 2012 00:19:29
I've seen a peasant unit on a tourney that had the Mordheim and Orion dogs thrown in with appropriately converted handlers. The unit also had a lot of torches from the flagellants kit, all in all really made them look like a mob of dirty and quite angry villagers. Dunno if that helps, I'm pretty sure the dude had a log on the German Warhammer forum, if I find it I'll post a link to it.
jake_hutton said Nov 04, 2012 18:44:22
hey thanks for the tips. I like the idea of using torches from flagellants especially in the bowmen units (since they have flaming attacks). The two dog models from gw are worth looking into as well thanks :).
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