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High Elves for Da Boyz

posted Nov 04, 2012 22:52:52 by JonathanVanase
I'll be taking this list to Da Bozy. It's similar to my Xroads list, but I had to bring it down from 2500 to 2400 points.

How do you think I'll do?

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Greg2thePerson said Nov 05, 2012 20:39:25
Well, there is no denying that your list is small (you have more characters than units)! However, it looks pretty solid. The only "easy" points you have is the Lion Chariot, which can hit pretty hard if it makes it into combat. Your character selection is nice, and you should be able to chop things up in combat or blast them with magic missiles as needed.

I think the real test of the list will be to see how it fares in a rematch against the Flying Doombull! Let's meet on Table 1 during Round 5, shall we? ;-)
The slightly less beautiful host.
JonathanVanase said Nov 05, 2012 20:42:03
A wonderful idea! Ill see you there. :p
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