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Norton's Lizardmen.

posted Nov 08, 2012 14:43:50 by MikeNorton
Been prepping for the DaBoyz GT that is quickly coming upon us. Painted us a new Slann, (primarily while listening to Painting Tabled podcast!) so I thought I'd share the fruit of my labors here. Far from the best quality image wise and I hope to get some better pics of the re-painted army this weekend and will share those as well.

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Peyton said Nov 08, 2012 16:03:24
You love that vibrant blue don't you, it's in all of your armies! :)

Looks good man
MikeNorton said Nov 08, 2012 21:01:28
It paints well! I'll be SOL when I run out of Hawk Turquoise though...
Greg2thePerson said Nov 08, 2012 22:45:22
I'm really digging your paint job on the Lord Croak model - great work! How did you paint the bone?
The slightly less beautiful host.
jake_hutton said Nov 10, 2012 22:03:58
That looks awesome! Only minor comments I have is do you feel the bandage color and the throne color are too similar which leads to the model blending together? Or is that more the picture and not the paint job. Either way really cool stuff, haven't seen the lord croak model before except in white dwarf.
Gargobot said Nov 12, 2012 14:45:55
I think it looks good with the bandages and throne color being a bit similar, really sets a good frame for the bright orange mask and that blue thingy.
Now I'm not sure if that's the model, or if you painted that on, but from this angle it looks like Croak is snarling - very cool! :D
MichaelJordal said Nov 12, 2012 19:02:53
Nice! I have that model and really need to get it painted!
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